Tuesday, November 9, 2010



The BHA authority has reinstated the housing voucher of the woman who lost it after Art Rendon and Pat Lehmann became BHA board members.  To remind you, while Rendon was at BISD she (technically the father of her children) successfully filed two TEA complaints related to Art Rendon's failure as the Director over Special Services.  The lawsuit was ready to be filed.  The majority of the Board voted to reinstate her voucher.  If my readers remember they had no evidence to support their claims and in fact found themselves of having to accuse the Social Security Administration of being part of a conspiracy to defraud the BHA. 

The City of Brownsville has handed Antonio Juarez's aguacates to people.  He now stands in the mirror with an empty sack asking himself "do I go to the FBI now or say later I was too afraid I would lose my job."  The COB has already declared Antonio Juarez persona non grata.  Hey Antonio, you better make sure Mina  does not go to the FBI first.

Antonio Juarez the consummate "I know nothing about budgets and responsible spending" demanded the COB give him 1 million dollars to create a a program for high school dropouts.  The COB is begging the PUB for money to balance its budget and Antonio Juarez is asking for a million dollar to do BISD's job.  Needless to say the COB told him "see a doctor, you're nuts."

Then there is the 3 million dollar boondoggle with HUD.  Depending on who you speak to the blame is with Ben Medina or Antonio Juarez or both.   I will not lay the blame until I see the documents.  I am doing both an Open Records request and FOIA request.  The Herald's story on the issue is half-ass and incomplete - there is a shocker. 


What I do know for sure is, if the COB does not work this out with HUD it will be another 3 million dollars in the hole in terms of the budget.  This is a big story.  Why has no one been fired?  Answer, Charlie Cabler exists to protect the incompetent.  This is one reason I do not believe the city commission did a good job with the budget.  3 million dollars is a big deal - someone should have been fired.  This city commission simply refuses to do the right thing.  It is time they clean house and that house cleaning begins with Charlie Cabler.


He stands in the mirror with an empty sack facing him as his reality.  A two bit con artist convicted felon.  Why is he refusing to have me served with his bogus lawsuit?  Is it that Lucy Longoria's husband is pissed for how he used his wife as a sexual ploy-toy to con people?  I think so.  Carlito - they are very unhappy with you in Chicago.


I am old enough to remember the political controversy the above commercial faced when it played on TV.  The commercial was attacked by the same morons and corporatist lemmings who attack environmental issues today.

I do not know what is causing global warming.  But I know it is real.  The morons appear to be claiming all of the satellite images of the glaciers melting is a communist conspiracy.  The pictures are fakes, they profess.  I rarely agree with Bill O'Reilly, but on this one we both appear to be taking the same approach. 

Exactly how is a clean environment a bad thing?  Whether we are the cause for global warming or the natural course of earth's cycles, a cleaner environment is a good thing.  And if we are partly responsible for global warming, it will help to have a cleaner environment.

Every year the American people spend billions on healthcare related to environmental allergies either directly or indirectly through lost income.  Corporate America loses income when its employees are home sick because a red ozone day leaves them in bed.  I remember in Dallas I could not get out the door or do anything on red ozone days.  I was just too sick.  The news actually warns parents to keep their children in doors and for seniors to not go outdoors unless necessary.

Some people may think the movement to ban plastic bags is another case of environmental extremists going nuts.  It is not.  The people have chosen to pollute our beaches with these bags without regard for its impact on the environment or the wildlife.  Do you know the best way to avoid a nanny state, which I agree is bad, grow up and act responsibly.

Look, I like everyone else am getting use to the idea.  I keep six reusable bags on my front seat so as to not forget to bring them into the store with me - yea that plan is not working as it should - about 75% of the time I forget.  I think I need to hang at least one on the steering wheel.

This last part if for the idiots.  If your reusable bag gets dirty - do not cry you will die from some type bacterial infection - here it comes - wait - a miracle found in the Bible - wait - wait - wait - wash it you idiot.

here is another alternative - go to Sams today and buy several boxes of plastic bags.  This way you can still use them when you go Walmart.  here is another idea - instead of throwing them out - save them for another day of use.  Idiots.


Anonymous said...

Out of touch you are, they love Quintanila in Chicago, in Dallas, in Brownsville. Go Quintanilla and thank you for getting rid of the slime.

BobbyWC said...

makes sense to me - they indicted him and threw him in jail - I guess this is love.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I admit to being confused by the comment that Quitanilla got rid of the slime. How many times did he vote? Can he even vote down here? Slime or not, he didn't get rid of anyone, the people who voted did. I guess though that in the future, if he decides he must continue to tell us what to think I won't need to vote at all. Little Carlos will do it all for me.
And Bobby, in regards to your remark about love being a prison term, love was what he got after he entered prison.

BobbyWC said...

I always love your comments - but mostly when you take me to task -

Bobby WC