Saturday, November 13, 2010


Some notes, I promised a special post on Escobedo -  I am holding same until Monday to combine with the complaint to HUD, the FBI and the TEA.  This story I hope the Herald runs with by Tuesday contains key evidence which I believe proves a deal has been cut with a new law firm to pay them millions of dollars in services in exchange for recommending BISD settle with Art Rendon, Antonio Juarez, and rehire Gonzales.  the law firm will be included in the complaint for purposes of investigation.

Tomorrow, in addition to my recipes, I will be doing a post on the Pan Am rededication ceremony.  It was an amazing moment in Brownsville's history, nearly marred by a power drunk Pat Almighty.  His conduct had the audience looking around in disbelief.  Further, my story on Pan Am will provide the world the information Pan Am was trying to get out to the public and corporate America.  It should shock no one the Herald gets yet another "F" in its coverage of such an important event.

Pat Almighty was not scheduled to speak - being the consummate victim he grabbed the micro-phone at a time Melissa Zamora was to read a proclamation from the city.  Melissa was  a professional at all times.  He used the time to promote himself.  There were numerous public officials at  the event and only the drunk with power and ego Pat Almighty forced the spectators to shake his hand.  No one else acted to distract from the event to themselves.

He spent about 15 minutes informing the audience that he is the father and we are his children - for the first time in my life I considered abortion having merit.  He went on about how he is the hero of Brownsville and how the event was a culmination of his years of service going back to his first term as mayor.  He went on to play the martyr which compels him to be a constant moving target to avoid his critics.

While it is true many people are responsible for Pan Am coming back to Brownsville, the two primary heroes of the day were Larry Brown and Robert Hendrick.  You would not know that by the words of Pat Almighty - while disrespecting Larry Brown Pat Almighy actually demanded the spectators give Charlie Cabler special praise - no such praise lavished on Larry Brown.  If you remember Larry Brown was a key witness against Pat Almighty in the check cashing scandal.

Then there was the case of Charlie Atkinson - no one can accuse me of being one of his supporters - but  Pat Almighty's disrespect of Charlie Atkinson was beyond surreal and proof this shit head cares not one bit about Brownsville.  The airport is in Charlie's district.  He was present.  He just kept on making it a point that he would repeatedly mention public figures while never mentioning Charlie's presence.

To the credit of Melissa Zamora, after Pat Almighty finally gave up the mic he was never asked to take because he was not on the agenda, Melissa invited Charlie Atkinson to stand beside her as she read the proclamation.  This was classy.  Out city leaders can kill each other for all I care, but when you are out in public representing the city you better act in unity and in a professional manner.

It never ceases to amaze that one human being can be such a shit head.


Anonymous said...

Well written Bobby, well written!!! I, even though you might think i like to hear myself talk, would rather stay as the undercurrent that get justification as a silent majority. If i was greedy or wanted attention, i would be running for Mayor. I like where I am and fighting for the people who need me there that get overshadowed by special interests and the well to do.

Commissioner Atkinson

Anonymous said...

I remember back in the 1990's there was a major freight airline called Evergreen International Airlines Inc. that was interested in beginning operations at the Brownsville airport but they needed an extended runway to land cargo jets. Their whole idea was to open up the United States, Mexico, Central America and South America to the Global economy. I think Evergreen decided not to come to Brownsville because it didnt have a long enough runway to land Cargo planes.
Back then,Cargo fliers, Emery Worldwide and Burlington left Brownsville because the runways weren't long enough to land cargo planes. They moved to Harlingen.

Will Pan American Airways have the same problems because of the runways at the airport not being long enough? What is the status of the Airport runway extension to 10,ooo feet? I think for Pan American Airways to take full advantage of business and to land bigger planes with cargo, its going to require that the airport extend its main runway to 10,ooo feet. The airport needs to get on the fast track and extend the runway, or run the risk of loosing Pan American Airways to another city.

ToxicMale said...

Is Brownsville subsidizing Pan Am? I remember something in the news mentioning subsidizing Continental Airlines to fly out of Brownsville.