Thursday, November 25, 2010


Historians will never agree on why the English settlers in what is now the US were more independent minded and less willing to be controlled by the British crown, than were the Spanish settlers. For whatever reason, that sense of independence and rebellion, not from authority, but from the British Crown brought us prosperity. One just need know the history of Rhode Island and Maryland to know the intolerance for religious freedom the original settlers had for anyone who was not like them in faith.

Somehow through divine providence the seeds of a new experiment in social governance was allowed to take hold in what is today the US. My question is, do we as US citizens understand that miracle of chance and how it has provided for us? Do we truly demonstrate gratitude for that miracle? I say no.

I do not necessarily believe it is a bad thing the US is lagging in human rights when compared to other countries. In time it will force the US people to look at themselves more closely and decide - are we truly the leaders of the free world? I think not. When Muslim countries can elect women as their head of state before the US, one must question whether or not the people of the US are truly grateful for their freedoms.

A blessing, a miracle, or happenstance allowed for the creation of the US, and personal economic opportunity unlike anywhere in the world. I will go so far as to say those who do not move forward are as much a victim of American liberalism as bigotry. The former tells people they are being held back by the latter, and the latter actually hold people back. People smart enough to ignore both groups tend to move forward.

But, we have forgotten how we came into being - in fact we assume our existence is somehow a divine right thereby not needing an expression of gratitude.

Our existence is not a divine right - it is something which we can only protect if we demonstrate on a daily basis our gratitude for our blessings.

I believe we are a nation at war with itself because we have forgotten the need to be grateful. At my Thanksgiving table I ask people to say one simple thing for which they are grateful. Thanksgiving is about more than gluttony and football.

We will not find peace within ourselves or as a nation so long as we fail to demonstrate true gratitude for our blessings. I will not presume to tell anyone how to demonstrate that gratitude. It is something you yourself must find in your heart.

I hope you can find Peace through Thanksgiving

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Anonymous said...

Peace, Bobby!
I'm saving your line in my "Quotes" folder: "Our existence is not a divine right - it is something which we can only protect if we demonstrate on a daily basis our gratitude for our blessings."