Monday, November 15, 2010


I am posting this because it supports my position in my post to my previous post that federal judges can order investigations related to matters in their court.

"Two sources tell NPR the long investigation will end soon without any criminal referrals. The Justice Department walked away from its 2008 criminal conviction of former Senator Ted Stevens because of problems with how the prosecutors shared evidence.

The trial judge, Emmet Sullivan, became so upset with the prosecutors, he ordered an investigation into whether they violated the law themselves.[ my note - federal judges can order an investigation into any law firm hired by Presas-Garcia and Escobedo who makes themselves party to this con.]
Now NPR has learned that investigation will end without any criminal referrals.

Two sources say that a separate internal investigation by the Justice Department has uncovered some alleged misconduct by an FBI agent and several line prosecutors but those findings will result in ethics referrals, not any criminal trouble.

Stevens died this year and prosecutor Nicholas Marsh committed suicide as the investigation neared an end"

Last night in my dreams, GOD came to me to warn me he did not tell Arg Miller she is immune from judgment because she is going after a faggot, that in fact he told her to stop lying in the name of his son Joshua. In fact he told her that he will smite her if she continues to tell Saavadra and Longoria that Joshua will protect them. GOD proclaimed all lies.

Coca tea gives me great dreams.

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