Wednesday, November 10, 2010


With Juan Montoya, Jerry McHale, and the Brownsville Herald, Brownsville is under siege with terror journalism - you submit to their cons and lies or be trashed with lies, deceit, and racist homophobic diatribes from a man who goes off the deep end every time his terror journalism is challenged.

They endlessly attack with lies and deception and then attack anyone who points out the lies and deception.  They want to hang public officials who refuse to submit to their terror journalism, while demanding anonymity for themselves and their demons.

The story of Juan Montoya's DWI by itself is not a story.  I rejected the story several times.  I do not need distractions to call out Montoya - I just need reality.  He spews lies like a speeding bullet without an ounce of integrity or concern for ethics. 

So why did I decide to finally do the story?  When I read the list of charges on the Cameron County jail web page, I smelled a rat.  In Dallas Montoya's charges would have been eventually bumped up to felony charges, assuming the DA could secure a conviction on each separate DWI.  I agree maybe a big assumption. Had the DA failed to secure a conviction for either the 2008 or 2009 charges, then a felony charge would not have been possible.  Something was wrong. 

The story is not Juan Montoya's DWI.  The story is the corruption in the system and it begins with Ben Neece.  We must go back to the revelation made by Juan Montoya himself that Ben Neece advised him in both the lawsuits filed against him by Colunga and myself.  When a sitting judge chooses to advice a person in a legal matter, they cannot then oversee a case wherein that same person is being charged with a crime.


On December 11, 2008, Montoya was arrested and charged with DWI.  Ben Neece set his bail at $2,000.00 - on a personal bond - this means get out of jail free card.  This was a DWI second - based on Montoya's 1991 arrest.

While the above DWI was pending, Ben Neece on December 11, 2009 set bail for yet another DWI at $2,500.00 - on a personal bond - this means get out of jail free card.  this is now Montoya's 3rd DWI - with one pending.

On December 11. 2009, Ben Neece also set bail at $1,000.00 for reckless driving.  The court documents state during the course of the reckless driving an accident was almost caused.  This charge is confusing to me because there is a codefendent whose case has yet to plea out.  Again the bail was a get out of jail free card.

Then on January 3, 2010, just about three weeks after the previous DWI charge, Montoya is charged yet again.  Ben Neece gives him yet another get out of jail free card with another $2,000.00 personal bond.

Now, Ben Neece knows Montoya so it is not like he does not remember this is his third pending DWI charge.  In any normal court bail would have been denied to give the DA time to file a motion to revoke the previous bonds.  This last DWI made three in a little more than a year and a 4th in total.

Here is a good summary of Texas DWI laws.

Why was a breathalyzer not imposed?  Three DWI  charges in a bit more than a year with two pending at the time of the third and Montoya gets a get out of jail free card?


In Dallas if you have a pending DWI and are arrested again on the same charge the DA will file a motion to revoke  your bond.  Not our esteemed DA Villalobos - you walk free even after a 3rd DWI charge in a bit more than a year.  In Villalobos' mind the people are served by allowing an accused criminal to walk out of court three times without having to post one penny in bond money.  It is okay to keep on getting arrested for DWI - no one in his office is going to seek a real bond or seek to revoke the effectively non-existent bond issued by Ben Neece.

Then there is the judge, Laura Betancourt who considers reckless driving by someone charged with 3 DWI's in a bit more than a year, to be no big deal.  With the early release program he got 10 days.  Laura Bentacourt's motto is "not until they kill someone will I care."

Now we all know had this been someone on the target list of these terror journalists, Montoya and McHale would be calling for public execution.  But this time the combination of corruption and incompetence worked to their advantage so it is not newsworthy - in fact in the tradition of their terror journalism I will be attacked for reporting the corruption. 

The Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct is going to have a good time with this one, as combined with the previous complaint. Will the COB suspend Ben Neece or demand an explanation - nope - nothing - they need him around to insure their get out of jail free card.

And where is MADD - no where to be found.  If this were Dallas, MADD would be demanding Villalobos, Neece, and Betancourt resign immediately.

If Villalobos does his job he will appeal the sentence.  This was a con on the people.  How Villalobos reacts will tell the people of Cameron County whether or not their safety matters. 

And yes I expect the attacks against me to be fast and furious.  Montoya's lemmings who support his terror journalism methods are already posting nasty comments demanding I not cover this story or else.  One actually stated, how would you like Montoya to talk about you?  Really as the media person for DefearZayasCortezPowerspac, he helped to orchestrate a defamatory ad against me in the Herald. 

These people are dangerous - they will use terror journalism to silence anyone who challenges their lies.  It will not work with me.  Even after the defamatory ad Montoya helped to orchestrate against me, I did not go public with what I knew about his DWI history and the fact he had a pending case.  What I did not know was how many pending cases there were, and how  far the  corruption went.  This is why the case is newsworthy - the corruption behind the case and the contempt these four turkeys have  for the people and their safety.

Of course the Herald will claim nothing newsworthy in this case. 

Why did all of this come down on the 4th of November - the DA and court agreed to allow him to plea on the fourth and be detained in court before being escorted over to the jail.

Oh and the best part - no fines imposed - and we the people paid for his lawyer because he claimed indigence.  And because this is Cameron county there is no written record of Montoya swearing under oath he was unable to afford an attorney, or what his income is so that the court could make that assessment.

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Judge Ben Neece should be remove from COB. I am very disappointed with him. The City needs to remove him ASAP.