Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Editor’s Note: I promise to return to Peru tomorrow. Sorry for the late post, but my internet has been down all morning - for the most part. I have to wait for it to come back up. The tv just came on - let’s see if RR is next.)


THE NEW BISD MAJORITY IS: Aguilar, Colunga, Pe a and Saavadra.

On October 11, 2010, I called the election for the PAC candidates when I noted Zayas/Cortes folded.

It was clear by October 11th they had no one advising them as to the mood of the country, and the effectiveness of out right lies. Even after Daniel Cavasos willfully mislead the people in a cowardly blind oped piece by not informing the people of Brownsville why they sued Quintanilla, Zayas and Cortez were still clueless as to the battle they faced. They were oblivious to the fact the Herald ran cover for Gonzales and Rendon. They were clueless just how far Daniel Cavasos was willing to go to punish them over the Gonzales and Rendon dismissals.

When you have a local newspaper publisher in bed with pathological liars and a convicted felon, not even Joshua (Jesus) could win a local election. This is what cost them the election, and anyone understanding the mood of the country knew by October 11, 2010, the election for BISD was over.

This post came just 4 days before I got on a plane for Peru. I knew by October 11th that my decision to leave the country during a good part of the final election cycle was a good decision. For the record, people who are working for a candidate do not declare them the looser three weeks before the election, and then leave the country for nearly two weeks on vacation.

I defy anyone and I mean anyone to link to any post wherein I ever said this BISD board was doing a good job. I have gone after Springston and Jimenez repeatedly. I am not going to change my position now - it would be a good thing to see both sent packing. That has been my position in the past and is my position now.

When Rendon failed the special needs children - I successfully got two TEA findings against BISD for his conduct. Technically, Jimenez was the cause for the second finding. The failed acts were under Rendon, but the TEA findings occurred because Jimenez who refused to attend the mediation and then rejected the mediated settlement.

I will continue to be an advocate for the disabled children in Brownsville and the disabled in general. That is who I am and always will be - I will not be stopped because Montoya thinks falsely accusing me of being HIV+, a child molester, and performing sex in public gyms is going to silence me. It got me $60,000.00 conditioned on me releasing Montoya from the lawsuit. McHale calls this a victory for Montoya. For the record both Sanchez and Montoya denied being the one who approved the comments. They actually blamed some private company computer guy who they claimed had access to the password needed to see the posts. Someone committed perjury - honorable character at its best.


The new majority is Aguilar, Colunga, Pe a and Saavadra. I will begin with Saavadra - she is Rick Zayas’ cousin. The two have no negative history. Saavadra refused to take a position on the Healthsmart lawsuit because she needed to continue with her deception of the PAC. She played them and played them well. Regardless of the fact the PAC was played, deception is always a poor character trait.

Saavadra is incredibly well educated. She is not going to buy into the criminal conduct and lies. Such as Pe a she is fully aware the BISD is cooperating with the FBI on the Healthsmart issue. She is not going to vote to dismiss the lawsuit against Healthsmart.

She knows the sweetheart deal Escobedo cut with Antonio Juarez, Art Rendon, and Pat Lehmann will be the object of a federal investigation. She is not going to vote to settle the lawsuits with Antonio Juarez and Art Rendon while an investigation is pending.

She is not going to vote to get rid of Springston because she knows that will lead to even more protracted litigation which is not what the BISD Board needs at this time.

So what did the PAC accomplish in terms their agenda with the election of Saavadra - nothing - she is now part of a new majority which includes Aguilar, Colunga and Pena.

As to Minerva Pena, early on, on these key issues she switched sides. She knows Gonzales cost the district a fortune and lost. She knows Rendon’s initial lawsuit cost the district money and he lost in state court. She knows the money has already been spent and the district is simply waiting for the federal court of appeals to dismiss Antonio Juarez’s lawsuit. She is not going to act to protect any of these people.

Pena on the ethics rules showed her ability to reason. The BV was the only blog which covered her on this issue and congratulated her for exposing the flaw in the proposed rules. I have high hopes for Pena.

She voted to sue Healthsmart, and with Ted Parker already paying out in Lubbock she is not going to change her position.

I will go so far as to say if Saldana does his job and advises them they have a fiduciary duty to hire an investigator to investigate whether or not Escobedo has compromised their position in the litigation, the new four will agree to open the investigation. For sure Escobedo and Presas-Garcia will vote no. I have no idea what Longoria will do - all anyone can tell me is her husband is a good man. Hopefully this is true and he can sway her to do the right thing.

In the end I hope this new Board can calm things down. The new majority has the ability to do the right thing. Remember the new majority of Aguilar, Colunga, Saavadra, and Pe a are not on a vendetta ride. They are either very well educated and/or understand the dangers of being in bed with Escobedo and Presas-Garcia. All the PAC did was create a new majority against the PAC.


The values I hold dear as a left leaning person will never come to Texas so long as the corruption rules South Texas. I have been a very strong critic the Texas Democrats and their support not only for corruption in South Texas, but all of Texas.. I take great pride in the letter in the Herald written by Barbara Radnofsky attacking me for pointing out the corruption. She wrote the letter as the Democratic Senate nominee. She wrote the letter after I exposed the fact she and the party chair violated the rules when he endorsed her in the primary. This is Texas Democrats at their best.

The good news is, with Ortiz losing the Texas Democrats may finally see the light about south Texas. If I were Rene Oliveira and Eddie Lucio Jr. I would be real worried about my future. This is good. Only once we clean the trash out of the house will we finally have a Texas Democratic Party which values the community. The only way the Dems will run a viable candidate against Eddie Lucio Jr., in the future, is if the Republicans begin now to find a candidate to run against Eddie Lucio Jr.

In the end Cascos’ win in Cameron County (I hope it holds) is good for Cameron County because he has been willing to go after a corrupt DA while making the hard decisions on the budget. This is what the people want.
For the record, and not that the record will ever matter to a homophobic nut-job salivating at the mouth while writing - the BV took the lead on going after Wood. The BV used a real picture which proved Wood was campaigning for County Judge before January 1, 2010, which as the BV noted, this, effectively, under the law was his resignation from office. The BV did not use endless diatribes to attack Wood - it used evidence - pictures - the law.


The PAC will be in protracted litigation for some time to come. Judge Wittig in Brownsville will be making Quintanilla regret the day Ted Parker brought him to Brownsville. When you lie to a judge you will be punished. You see Quintanilla told Judge Wittig he no longer lives in Brownsville and that it was a hardship for him to come to Brownsville for the hearings and depositions. He then told the Dallas Judge he lives in Brownsville. Yea - lying in court papers is never a good thing.

Freedom Communications already hired Haynes and Boone - while Montoya believes everyone is as unethical as he is along with Ben Neece and Peter Zavaletta, they are not. There will be no vexatious litigant motion from Freedom - it did not work last time and will not work this time. They know it and will not be doing it.

The depositions of the PAC should start in a few weeks. Quintanilla has assured that with the Dallas lawsuit. I have every right to depose all of the key players as part of my defense in Quintanilla’s lawsuit against me and Zayas. The judge in Dallas will acknowledge that venue is in Brownsville and that under the rules the Brownsville lawsuits has dominant jurisdiction. Which for the record dominant jurisdiction is what Sorola should be claiming as a way to abate the lawsuit in Austin.

Not that reality matters


Anonymous said...

No need to apologize. Internet has been going in and out all day for me too. It's not your fault. Senator Lucio will run for congress depending on redistricting. Do you have a link to the letter Barbara Radnofsky wrote? Did you vote for her as AG? You forgot about Bill White. I remember you going after him about the corruption. Last question, which one of your many detractors is this homophobic nut-job?

BobbyWC said...

here is the letter - she sent the letter to the Herald after I pointed out she broke the rules won a long time ago in Chicago.

I did not vote for any Dems other than the Texas Supreme Court.

I did not vote for any Republicans - I left all statewide options empty and did not vote for Cascos - over the Tea Party incident - although I did post after I voted that his friend claimed he never would have attended the debate had he known about their bigotry.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You forgot one.

Anonymous said...

How much does anyone want to bet that Rendon will be back with BISD?

Anonymous said...

Rendon was moved around from one job he couldn't do to another for about 15 years. He was able to keep his job because he had friends on the board and in high places. Those friends are no longer around so he doesn't have a prayer.

BobbyWC said...

This board with the FBI adn HUD IG complaint in their hands are never going to vote to reinstate or settle with Juarez or Rendon -

Juarez knows this and this is why he continues to refuse to release the names of the 3 Board Members who failed to show at the last BHA meeting.

Hey Tony - now is the time to go to the FBI and make it clear the would have fired you had you not cooperated.

Look Saavadra will never join Escobedo and Presas-Garcia - she see this as her retirement time to continue in education - she does not want to be part of all this dirty politics - although she was willing to play dirty politics in playing the PAC.

Pena is done with Escobedo and Presas-Garcia - she is former law enforcement - she knows the consequences of joining forces with Escobedo - Juarez, Rendon and Lehmann

Bobby WC

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

the person who just posted with the combo info on Quintanilla and Gonzalez - email me - for reason I cannot say I cannot post through you comment -

But please email me and include the gist of your comment so I know it is you.

As to your comment a week or so ago I predicted your same blood bath - then I got confirmation that Saavadra is not going with Escobedo and Presas-Garcia - this is why I know the new 4 is as I said.

Anonymous said...

Tell me why you post that the new 4 are Aguilar, Colunga, Pena and Saavadra? Why do you give the minority a heads up? Why do YOU INSIST on starting a problem? You know that Presas-Garcia is a very mean, to the core, spirit.. Why get her started even before the swearing-in of new elected board members occur? Come on Bobby give the good people a fighting chance. I do not believe Presas-Garcia cares about anyone but herself. The entire community knows that. Some people fear her like they fear the DEVIL and she thinks they fear her out of respect for her. She is clueless when it comes to what a hateful, vendictive, evil spirit she is in her heart and sole. I guess she believes she can go to confession on Sundays and just start over sinning on Monday thru Saturday. She has NO CLUE what a good christian person is! She fights for people who hurt people. WHY??? IS she getting money or favors from them? Please someone find out. There has to be more to a person than just caring, when they fight for people who in fact are mean to other people. She fights for companies who take lots of money from the poor and she is able to sleep at night. She pretends she does not know, so she can sleep at night. How can she be SO BLIND to the distruction she causes to her community. Come on can anyone out there tell her without loosing their friendship to her. I GUESS NOT!!!!!!! GOD HELP HER BECAUSE NO ONE IN BROWNSVILLE CAN. She will NOT listen to anyone in the city of Brownsville, unless they feed her and give her cash.. We just have to wait and have patience for GOD to get her on the right track, because GOD knows people have tried. God help us and especially BISD.

BobbyWC said...

the new majority is no great secret - anyone who watches the meetings know Pena already moved away from Escobedo and Presas-garcia

As to Presas-garcia - I do not believe she is taking money - she is one of the people just like you say - sin monday - saturday and then confession on Sunday.

She is determined to settle scores over Hector - this is who she is and she will destroy every one she has to to settle that score .

I have a post on Hector which will put the truth out there on him - no school district in their right mind would hire him once they know the truth

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Are you SURE Caty has never taken money from anyone? I am not so sure, she fights to hard for companies and law firms that she should not fight for. What is in it for her? Again, ARE YOU SURE Caty is not taking cash?

BobbyWC said...

I have seen no evidence of this - she is just vindictive and does not care how much it costs the taxpayers

Bobby WC