Tuesday, November 9, 2010


UPDATE:  Based on a review of the court documents I have confirmed this is Juan Montoya the blogger.   I discovered things which make this a huge story.  I am rejecting comments by his supporters - the same supporters who pushed his lies when he lied about Charlie Cabler - the same supporters who yelled corruption when De Leon's son got a sweetheart deal.  Now they want silence - tomorrow a story which can only be told in the hopelessly corrupt Cameron County.)

I am not going to say this is the same Juan Montoya who runs that blog where lies come faster than a speeding bullet - but maybe it is. I cannot see detail. It looks like him - but I am not going to say it is 100%.


If it is him, I would say to Arg Miller - remember what the Bible says about liars - your time is about to come - karma is a bitch.

The Herald shows another DWI from 1991. 


Again I will not say this is one and the same Juan Montoya - I cannot see detail in anyone's  face.  We have met, but this person seems younger.  Anyway if anyone knows let me know.  My source who called me said with 100% certainty they are one and the same.  The arrest shows on the 4th, but his blog continued to post on the 6th.  He could have been out on bail when his attorney told him to take a quick plea bargain.


Anonymous said...

It is him...

Anonymous said...

Oh, Bobby we all are victims of the hungers of the flesh. Be it illegal substances or alcohol. When we find ourselves under the control of these substances we tend to make poor choices.

Do not be so quick to judge, that many of us have been guilty of making poor choices.

Sometimes the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak and we end up giving in to our addictions.

Just another victim of the temptations out there, but trying to abstain from them, one day at a time.

BobbyWC said...

I have known about the previous history for a long time and stayed away from it - in fact I have stayed away from numerous issues related to Montoya - I argue the merits - Montoya argues lies and distractions -

but here he has been sentenced on reckless driving - so the charge sheet says -

the story changes on reckless driving charges - would your position be the same had he killed someone - and again this may not be Montoya the blogger

guys until I get solid confirmation this is in fact the blogger - I will not publish statements alleging same. he has a son who I am sure is hurting big time if this is in fact the blogger.

The newsworthiness is in part when cabler was allegedly accused of the same thing, Montoya the blogger just outright posted lies about a conspiracy by Cabler to change his insurance.

the BV does not play that game - I am off to court to pull the arrest affidavits to get the full story.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

He got sentenced to 6mo, as the release date says on the cc jail site. The judge was Laura Betancourt. As you can see, they run concurrent. He'll be out in a bit more than 3 months.

BobbyWC said...

you are correct - according to the county jail web page I posted it is jan 3, 2011. texas allows for 1/3rd of sentence- the only time this does not apply if you misbehave and then you can be sentenced to the full time. It is rare someone gets in such trouble in county jail that they are not released after 1/3rd of teh sentence

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I've known Juan Montoya for 25+ years; I consider him a friend.
That being said, I do not agree with most of his political writings, especially when he resorts to the low standards set by other area bloggers. McHale, a bully of the worst kind, didn't wait long to "use" Juan's situation to bash BWC and the Brownsville Voice. Some friend!
Bottom line is Juan is in jail not because of his political affiliations or because of Brownsville Voice. He is in jail because of his drinking problem.
His friends wish that wasn't so.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, do the right thing, move on.

Attack the causes that create alcohol,the beer companies, the ones who pervert our barrios and ruin our families. How many friends do you not have that have been torn apart by alcohol and drugs. This is a great opportunity for you to use the power of the pen to get help not only for Montoya but for the many who have the same problems and whose picture is not on your blog.

BobbyWC said...

I have not been clearing these type comments because I am not sure what a drinking problem is - but the term "drinking problem" is at least softer than the other terms being used.

I got hit with a nasty comment that I should use my skills for good for once in my life (I hate idiots) and go after the the beer companies. The beer companies are not the problem - a lack of personal responsibility is the problem.

We choose our life - rehab does not work - I have seen many a friend and former clients spend thousands sending family members to rehab -

Until the person hits bottom they will not admit they have a problem. A person can simply have a couple of drinks once a month and have a problem - this is why I reject the concept of alcoholism - or that being his problem - I have no proof of this and would not suggest same.

But you see Juan prefers enemies than friends - this I know for sure - no one and I mean no one would ever consider McHale a friend - McHale encourages the behavior which is bad - he lives for it - it allows him to feel better about his own demons if he encourages people to be controlled by their demons.

No one is without demons. I live a quiet life with a handful of friends because that allows me to live a more responsible life. I love my Makers Mark - but stay away because I love it -

So long as Juan embraces wrong he will have demons controlling his life - so long as he gives McHale the time of day - he will be unhappy - this is what friends will tell him - but he will always listen to only those who encourage the wrong

the afflication is not the beer - it is bad friends

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

So long as Montoya associates with people like Mchale and Quintanilla and Art Miller and pat Lehmann he will have a problem - the beer is not the problem - it is how he uses the beer to deal with his guilt and failures.

I have never met anyone who cured themselves in rehab or by blaming anyone but themselves - blaming the beer companies is total bullshit and typical American liberalism which seeks to avoid all personal responsibility.

Rehab begins and ends in the heart - admitting you are the problem and stop blaming others.

My nephew was in and out of many rehabs - he never dealt with his demons - he hung himself in jail - he finally had peace - rehab every time was a complete and total waste of money - he was never taught to embrace himself for who and what he was -

those who push rehab were as much responsible for his death as his parents, and himself.

"if you cannot be yourself, who can you be." I do not drink because I know I like to drink.

The fastest way to not be my friend is to provide me with excuses for my mistakes. My long term friends know one thing about me which matters most - they can and should call me on the table when I mess up.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"those who push rehab were as much responsible for his death as his parents, and himself"
Blanket judgemental statements like this make you look like a bigot. I started out to say why i thought so but decided you are smart enough to figure it out.
You do not do favor yourself with such statements.

Anonymous said...

Aunque este in jail,,,,,,,le duela a quien le duela .MR.MONTOYA,good men.!