Monday, November 29, 2010


Some 30 years ago the United States Supreme Court in the case of John Anderson made clear elections belong to the people, not the candidates. The hopelessly corrupt Democrats of South Texas beg to differ.

The Herald seems determined to never do its job - the corrupt politicians in this town rely on the combined incompetence of its reporters and terror journalism of Daniel Cavasos to endlessly cheat the people.

Last week I posted my confusion over these missing votes for Cascos. The Herald's article only ads further confusion to the count. Were these votes counted last week or not? I have no idea and the Herald chose to send a reporter incapable of first doing research as to what the law says, and then asking the necessary questions which would have allowed for a coherent story.

The section of the Election Code cited by the Herald is as follows:

"(d) The canvassing authority may compare the precinct returns with the corresponding tally list. If a discrepancy is discovered between the vote totals shown on the returns and those shown on the tally list for a precinct, the presiding judge of the precinct shall examine the returns and tally list and make the necessary corrections on the returns."

What is clear from this section is, the tally sheets govern the outcome. I am not sure what is being said by Cascos in the article because he is made to look like a babbling idiot. The problem is not Cascos, but the reporter.  She is the babbling idiot.

In the end the votes are the votes. The all Republican Supreme Court will not tolerate South Texas Democrats stealing the election. If Wood manages to get the votes he needs on Commissioner's Court to steal the election, I am 100% confident the all Republican Texas Supreme Court will handle it in a way which finally takes down the Democrats of South Texas once and for all. It will be used as an example as to why the Democrats cannot be trusted with government in Texas. Hinojosa and Wood will be showing the Texas Democratic Party that they do not give a rat's ass what happens to the Party statewide. Maybe Austin will finally get it - there is no Texas Democratic Party in South Texas - just a criminal enterprise which steals elections using stolen mail-ballots, fraud and the ever present cemetery vote.

As to Ed Stapleton, people will finally see the truth - He stands for nothing except himself. He is living proof that all of the education in the world does not make you educated or competent.

He along with Ben Neece represented Rubio in his ballot access case for TSC Trustee. Neither cared enough about their client to check the case law or for that matter the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure. TRAP expressly states that ballot access cases are appealed via mandamus, and not a regular appeal. Because neither gives a rat's ass about the law they winged it and in the end screwed their client and allowed his case to linger on appeal - an appeal which was not the proper remedy under Texas law.

I am certain Ed Stapleton put as much legal research into Wood's legal issues as he did for Rubio. Ed Stapleton will bill his client because his client will pay. Ed Stapleton will lose the issue - but win on the billing. Lawyers do not have a licence to use their name and signature to steal elections. There is actually a line of moral decency where an ethical lawyer says no - that line clearly lies at the point of trying to steal an election.  Ed Stapletn is apparently oblivious to that line.

I am going to try and attend the meeting at 8 a.m. - I will report more at that time.


Anonymous said...

Here is a scoop, Judge Elia Cornejo to step down as District Judge to become BISD Interim Counsel.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, wasn't there supposed to be a decision in the Rendon lawsuit about a week ago? If so, what happened?

Anonymous said...

The ignorance of most citizens and the apathy by others allows unethical characters like Gilberto Hinojosa, Ed Stapleton and now John Wood to survive in local politics. John Wood has never had an original thought...and that's why Hinojosa and Stapleton support Wood can carry their water, politically. John Wood is very much like Conrado Cantu...but Wood can't sing....or talk.