Thursday, November 4, 2010


Change is never good nor bad in and of itself - it depends on who is leading. I am confident that Pena and Saavadra will work with Colunga and Aguilar to move BISD forward and not backwards by settling old scores. If they take the old scores path they will see a very short term tenure on the BISD Board.


The economy has not recovered because the politics of the day make meaningful reform impossible. I get why the people voted change - they saw a complete and total mess in the economy and politics. What they did not see or understand is, change by itself is not enough - it must be a change which recognizes the needs of the community and country.

I have said before there are only two ways to fund government - taxes and profits from businesses. The Republicans oppose both. I will never understand why the American people or the people of Texas have to give the oil profits to the oil companies. There is no reason why the people cannot manage their own natural resources and use the profits to fund government. But that would be socialism - actually it is not - but ignorance governs the day on this issue so we will not have the government making money as a way to fund government any time soon.

I get that the people are tired of the taxes - but the people seem to not understand how much it costs to run government. I also get when you have cowardly City of Brownsville city commissioners, it is hard to make the people understand we have a leadership willing to make the difficult calls. They should have laid people off and created a one day monthly furlough before going to the PUB and raising fees. It is easier for the people to understand the hard times if they see the elected officials making the hard decisions.

In the end you cannot fund the wars the right wanted, (I will not use the word conservative - conservatism is dead in the US and the corporatists and radical right killed it) and expect to not have to raise taxes. What happened after the Bush tax cuts? The deficit went up.

The Republicans will not allow for the wealthiest of the American people to pay a bit more in taxes, and they will not allow for the government to run businesses so that the profits can be used to fund government.

What have they proposed? They proposed cutting $100 billion from the budget. This is chump change and nothing more. What about the $700 billion which can go into the budget by not renewing the tax cuts for the wealthiest of the American people? $700 billion is more than chump change.

I know the American people - they want Congress to cut everything but what they want. The American people want everything. There is no meaningful cutting of the budget without being on the receiving end of a real mad electorate.

I have said lets cut 20% from the VA budget - you can do this by creating more community clinics and ending the federal subsidy to the state medical schools. I can promise you there is not one Republican Senator who would vote for this. It is not about veterans - it is about subsidies to the states. President Obama cut $500 billion from medicare and the Republicans used it as a scare tactic. You can cut while delivering more services. This was a courageous move on Obama’s part and the Republicans used it as a weapon.
The Republicans are not going to cut the defense budget. For this to happen it will take President Obama going public with the corruption on the issue. Long ago Congress figured out that you protect worthless projects by making sure as many congressional districts have a part of the pie as possible. It is sad when the generals say "no,.we do not need this new weapon system, " and Congress begs to differ.

So here is my question - come early Spring what will the Republicans do when faced with a vote to raise the US debt ceiling? They will either vote to raise the debt ceiling or shut down the government. If they vote to raise the debt ceiling the Tea Party people will go nuts. If they shut down the government the people will go nuts when they do not get their services.

This mess is what happens when dishonesty defines politics. The people have been made to believe in all of these snake oil remedies - now the Republicans will pay the price. In 2012, we will see another reversal in who controls the House. Maybe after a couple of such cycles the Congress and American people will come to realize snake oil remedies do not work.

You will note - I have not said Obama did any better.  He failed to lead - he failed to understand the mood in the country - he failed to define a change which will save the country from itself.


Anonymous said...

Move On Bobby, work for the future of Brownsville and it's Children, use your skills to make it a better place.

BobbyWC said...

I am confused - on BISD I said the new majority will move BISD forward - is this a bad thing?

As ot the children - no one in the PAC or Quintanilla has ever done anything for the children - I have successfully twice forced BISD to meet learning disabled children's needs through TEA complaints.

Is this not helpin the children - it took me along with a lot of parents 2 years to get BISD to put text books in the library - was this not for the children.

I will continue to work for the children - I fully expect I will be praising the new BISD majority for moving forward.

So I am just very confused by the comment.

I will continue to fight for the learning disabled with real complaints which result in real solutions and will continue to be attacked for it because it exposes the incompetence of many of the administrators.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Keep on keeping on, Bobby. Some of us do hear, and more importantly, understand what you are saying.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, please don't predict the future. Instead, convince yourself that "the entire team" will work together from now on. Everyone has seen what voters can do when they feel they are being fooled, so maybe everyone will take that to heart. We must encourage all 7 to work hand in hand in supporting our superintendent as BISD goes back to work for the children. Use your blog to encourage ALL the board members and if you see on go astray, comfront them personally and set them straight.

Fred Drew said...

Taxation and spending are the places where politicos make money, their salary has no interest.
I like the concept of a flat rate tax for the Fed and remove their tentacles from doing dtuff not specifically provided for in the Constitution. Add in the requirement that Congresspersons must all vote yes or no to military use the gov will spend much less. No Amtrac, No TVA, No Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. etc etc