Tuesday, November 30, 2010


A final vote by Commissioners Court has Carlos Cascos as the winner of the County Judge election. Wood is refusing to concede the election. One would hope that the Democratic Party leadership in Austin would finally step up to the plate and say enough is enough and pull the credentials from the Cameron County Democratic Party. They will not - why? - they are not Democrats - they are Republicans who have high jacked the party to insure the Republican Party remains in control of Texas.

This aside, a highly qualified lawyer needs to announce for DA as a Republican - in this limited case we should ignore the label and see it as a necessary evil to replacing a corrupt DA incapable of doing his job.


Anonymous said...

create a pac dumpvillalobospac

BobbyWC said...

sorry guy, I will not allow for comments which accuse people of having movidas - if you have proof of the connection you are claiming I will print it - you need to email me the proof - but anyone with a score to settle can post anony that so and so is so and so's movida - I do not play that game

there is no going backwards once the claim is made - people will beliive it true or false

BobbyWC said...

and to be clear - ther reason I held the post by anony for a day by is because it appeared ot be a BS rumor - it makes no sense - but independent of Judge Cornejo-Lopez - what does make sense is Escobedo pushing an interim counsel who has already agreed to be hired by Oliveira - we need to watch for this - there is a reason the trustees are being denied access to the names of the applicants

Anonymous said...

So much for Wood who is a Christian Man. If God wanted him to be the next county judge nothing and I mean NOTHING would have stopped that from happening. Do you think Mr. John Wood that God has spared you from being manipulated by some friends of yours who do not fear God. I know you are a believer; now let God guide your next step and not your so called friends. God Bless