Wednesday, November 24, 2010


For a toddler who will be 14 mos by Christmas I bought this Rock and Scoot Zebra. Here is the link.

I like it because it removes from the rocker and can become a scooter - 2 in 1 is always good.

The other day, not to my surprise, children's glasses were recalled for lead content - country of origin, China.

I get toys from China are cheaper - but they are not - not if they can cause your child harm. We hear this garbage all of the time about recalls involving Chinese products. It amazes me because in China the executives responsible for this problem are being arrested and put in jail - and they still keep doing it. The 2007 recall apparently was neither a wake-up call for parents or the Chinese government.

As I reported the other day, our reusable grocery bags are being recalled because of Chinese lead.

You do not have to go nuts shopping on Friday - in fact I say do not shop at all Friday - I learned last year just days after I bought a very good computer at a very good price on Black Friday after spending all night outside Office Depot, it went on sale for the same price.

Cyber Monday can be a good day. If you are buying for small children do your research - do not buy made in China - do not buy junk.

How did I find this Zebra - I googled non-toxic toys, educational toys, and toys made in the US. It had to meet all three variables in order for me to buy it -

Good luck with your shopping - and do not forget to give to a country of your choosing at

I love this program because it always allows me to buy something which sustains people beyond a few days.  In years past I have bought chickens for chicken farms - for example - I think last year it was the supplies  for fuel efficient stoves made by a local women's cooperative.

What is really interesting about the Nicaraguan gift, it goes back to Mayan ways.  The tree not only helps to save the jungle and soil, it produces food and feed.  I hope you can  find it in your heart to give.  The best way to stop illegal immigration from Central America is to help them find jobs in their own country.

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(Black Friday after spending all night outside Office Depot, it went on sale for the same price.)

Thanks Bobby. Now I'm waiting till Monday. After allowing the turkey and a what not, to do it's eveeel.