Sunday, November 14, 2010


Left to right is Robert Hedrick, President of Pan American Airways, and Larry Brown, Airport Director. The map is one of two maps Pan American wanted the people to study. It shows the prospective routes for cargo.

With Brownsville there are now three major points of entry for cargo from Latin America. Miami, Brownsville, and Los Angeles. As you can imagine the other airports are backed-up and cannot service perishables as fast as Brownsville. This is what Pan American is counting on.

I am told they are already flying cargo in leased planes. They expect to be flying more cargo by the 1st quarter of 2011.

The game plan is to allow the cargo business to help develop the passenger business. The next time you buy gladiolas at Walmart see where they are from - in all likelihood they are from somewhere south of the border.

The Free Trade Agreements, such the US Andean Free Trade Agreement make for jobs in places like Brownsville. It is because of the Andean Free Trade Agreement that people in Brownsville will get good paying jobs at Pan American Airways. It is never as simple as opponents of free trade want us to believe.

As news develops I will keep Brownsville informed. My long term readers know I consider the airport key to economic development. This is a great start.

Larry Brown also want the people to know Brownsville is a 24/7 customs center. They are currently working on getting Mexico to clear US products in Brownsville so that they can be distributed faster in Mexico.

My hats off to Robert Hedrick and Larry Brown. Many people helped to bring this about, but if two have to be named it is these two.

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