Monday, November 1, 2010


BUT FIRST - FASHION SUCKS: I have discussed in the past this young lady who dropped out of school after having her baby, but decided to go back. If you remember the principal at Hanna gave her hell and made it clear she was not welcome. One of the great myths about welfare is you get to sit home and do nothing - lies - all lies. She is 19, going to school, has a baby and the system has her working with the Texas Work Force Commission to get a job. This is good. They are working hard to place her in the right job and insure she has the training she may need. This is good.

Unlike the morons at Health and Human Services which demands she misses school every week to go see them and accomplish nothing, the Texas Work Force Commission works around her school schedule.

Anyway this young lady has no clothes - so we went shopping - Nearly $200.00 later we had two great work shoes - conservative but stylish flats. The clothes were another question. Young ladies need a designer who design clothes not made to make them look like whores. It was terrible - I had no idea. At Old Navy we finally found two blouses good for school - conservative but fashionable. At Melrose we found two nice blouses which are very good for work in a conservative setting and fashionable.

I was shocked how hard it is to shop for a 19 year old young lady. The fashion industry desperately needs a designer who designs for young ladies without the intent of making them look like whores. She is now ready for her job interviews. A solid investment - if I do not say so myself. It is better she is paying taxes than living off of the system. It is also a question of dignity.


Carlos Cascos is the only one who emailed me in response to my concerns over the PAC and their lies about Brett Spingston. On Saturday someone told me that he never would have attended the Tea Party debate had he known of their use of the term “Reconquista” and hate towards Muslims. Who knows?


This morning Daniel Cavasos decides new bathrooms at the airport in Harlingen is more newsworthy than Pan Am returning to Brownsville. This man has a hate for Brownsville which is almost surreal.

Tomorrow is the election and Daniel Cavasos has declared a sitting judge, namely Ben Neece, calling the cousin of a litigant in his court into his chambers and demanding that her organization work against Zayas and Cortez not newsworthy.

Tomorrow is the election and Daniel Cavasos has declared Antonio Juarez recommending the contract, and Art Rendon and Pat Lehmann voting the contract in favor of Enrique Escobedo’s brother and then 15 days later Enrique Escobedo voting to reinstate Art Rendon to BISD not newsworthy.

Tomorrow is the election and Daniel Cavasos has declared Ted Parker of Healthsmart agreeing to pay the city of Lubbock $850,000.00 in an abuse of process lawsuit, is not newsworthy. At the same time he continues to allow the convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla as recruited by Ted Parker to manipulate the process with lies and misleading ads.

Daniel Cavasos ordered a coverup of Hector Gonzales’ and Art Rendon’s incompetence. Every time I send the Herald findings by the Texas Education Agency against BISD when Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon were in charge, Daniel Cavasos declared not newsworthy.

Because of a Banana Republic mentality towards journalism that all news or dissent which exposes Daniel Cavasos as the unethical journalist he is, is censored while he constantly misleads the people into support of his tyranny.

Remember he approved a blind oped against Zayas and Cortez for suing the convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla - At no time did Cavasos tell the people that Quintanilla had a history of being recruited by Ted Parker to disrupt local politics when politicians vote to end their contract with Ted Parker - at no time did he tell the readers why Zayas and Cortez were suing - they were falsely accused of contract rigging.

Daniel Cavasos seeks to destroy Brownsville in retaliation for refusing to accept his dictatorship through Banana Republic journalism.

If after your subscription to the Brownsville Herald expires you renew it, you are the reason Brownsville will never move forward and corrupt politics rule the day.

Brownsville will not move forward until it has a new newspaper. If I had the money to hire three reporters I would turn the BV into an online newspaper - but I do not have the money. I would have one rule to newsworthy - “don’t give a crap where the axe falls.”

Think about this - Pan Am is coming back to Brownsville - this is a potentially big job maker for Brownsville and the surrounding cities including SPI.

Daniel Cavasos decides new bathrooms at the Harlingen airport is more newsworthy.

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