Friday, November 5, 2010


Sorry for late post - just one of those mornings

I want to clear up some confusion - I am assuming this new board will move forward and not backwards. All we can do now is sit back and see what happens and judge them based on their actions. If a majority forms to settle vendettas and reinstate Juarez, Rendon, or Gonzales, there will be even more protracted litigation distracting the board from the business of the children. I am taking some of the new board members at their word - lets see if they move forward for the children. Having said same - we cannot allow possible criminal conduct to go unpunished. Within two weeks I will have news on the PAC, and the Escobedo brothers .and the BHA. I am not going to play my hand in advanced. As I prepare the criminal complaints I will let my readers know what is going on.

As to the board - we just need to allow them to move forward. With the exception of Escobedo I will not be working against any board members at this time. If anyone chooses to be part of his scam with Art Rendon, Antonio Juarez, and Pat Lehmann, I think it is fair to say their votes will be part of the investigation. By Tuesday morning each board member will have a copy of the HUD and FBI complaint.


There are 7 high schools 7 board members. The nature of the beast forces board members to spent too much time on the budget. They remain disconnected from teachers and parents. Starting with an open meeting for parents and teachers every month the board members need to rotate which high school they go to and have an open house for teachers and parents. When necessary they need to agree to meet with a parent or teacher in private. No administrators should be allowed at these meetings. There may be months where it is best they only meet with teachers or parents. But the new board must set up this rotating open house at the high schools and do it now. It is the only way they will learn there is more to the process than budgets. It informs them whether or not the principals and teachers are doing their jobs - good and bad - and whether or not Springston is addressing the problems.

The last board in my view made the mistake of judging administrators based on budgets and lawsuits. In my view Springston is not connected to the parents and teachers and until he is, he will not move the school district forward.

In terms of what he can do immediately is - meet with the area superintendents and instruct them to meet with their principals ordering them to device a plan for bringing critical thinking back to the high schools. There has to be a clear directive - teaching through handouts and using multiple choice exams created by the publishers of the text books will not cut it. The teachers will change or be fired.

I am hoping NCLB is not renewed when it expires next Fall. It has been a complete disaster. Children are still being left behind. School districts had to abandon teaching in favor of teaching to the test.

Texas is already moving to end of year exams. This is a good start. This will not work if the exams are not based on critical thinking. The only way to force the school districts and teachers to teach critical thinking and get the kids ready for college is to insure the end of year tests are geared towards critical thinking and college level testing techniques.

This is a start. If the board and Springston do these simple things - things can and will get better.


Anonymous said...

It is pay back for the PAC. They ran on a slate. Pick Three. Within the next 40 days their true colors will come out in the open.

BobbyWC said...

They do not have the 4- Saavadra is not going to play - if she gets involved in pay back and rehiring anyone it will lead to litigation - also with the FBI and HUD looking into the escobedo brothers and Rendon, juarez and Lehmann saavadra is not going to throw her hat into that mess - they just need to move forward as i suggested

This is what teh people want - they want all of this nonsense behind them - but payback will get litigation.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I hope you are right. Carlos Q. Pat L. and Hector G. show up the the BISD building for the results. Rendon and Lehmann put all their marbles with them.

Anonymous said...

Pat L. and Hector G. show up at the board room after the election?