Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The following post to the BV has been held because it makes no sense - or does it?  "Here is a scoop, Judge Elia Cornejo to step down as District Judge to become BISD Interim Counsel.'

My initial reaction was, why would she give up a good paying job for a temporary interim job?  Think about it - it makes no sense - so I thought just another BS rumor - but is it?

Wasn't Saldana a solo practitioner before being hired by Walsh Anderson?  This is what we should watch for - has a deal been cut for Oliveira's office to immediately hire Cornejo for $250,000.00, a year?

The fact Oliveira was willing to make himself party to this mess to begin with tells me he is dumb enough to make himself party to a deal wherein an interim attorney is hired who has already agreed to accept employment with Oliveira.

There are two choices here - Judge Cornejo is the victim of a stupid rumor or a party to a con job.  If it is the latter, she will find herself squarely in the middle of a criminal investigation. 

Presas-Garcia has called a special meeting for Thursday to hire interim-counsel.

A key player in getting rid of Armando Villalobos is Ed Stapleton. In fact according to court documents Ed Stapleton is one of the lawyers allegedly on Villalobos alleged retaliation list.

Why would Wood and Hinojosa hire a lawyer who is a political enemy of their marinero Villalobos. The second Villalobos called in the Texas Rangers he became a nonplayer. The decision to hire Ed Stapleton was very deliberate - it was to send a message to Villalobos - you can be replaced. Everyone knows I dislike Villalobos - but I hate this type politics more.

Well in advance when Escobedo was forced to admit he had already decided to bring in Oliveira's law firm I told my readers to pay attention to the Oliveira conection. Pay attention people - Villalobos the marinero has now been told he is a persona non grata in Captain Hinojosa's chambers. At a minimum it was a warning shot.

Tomorrow another BISD back door deal - maybe - we need to pay attention


A final vote by Commissioners Court has Carlos Cascos as the winner of the County Judge election. Wood is refusing to concede the election. One would hope that the Democratic Party leadership in Austin would finally step up to the plate and say enough is enough and pull the credentials from the Cameron County Democratic Party. They will not - why? - they are not Democrats - they are Republicans who have high jacked the party to insure the Republican Party remains in control of Texas.

This aside, a highly qualified lawyer needs to announce for DA as a Republican - in this limited case we should ignore the label and see it as a necessary evil to replacing a corrupt DA incapable of doing his job.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Some 30 years ago the United States Supreme Court in the case of John Anderson made clear elections belong to the people, not the candidates. The hopelessly corrupt Democrats of South Texas beg to differ.

The Herald seems determined to never do its job - the corrupt politicians in this town rely on the combined incompetence of its reporters and terror journalism of Daniel Cavasos to endlessly cheat the people.

Last week I posted my confusion over these missing votes for Cascos. The Herald's article only ads further confusion to the count. Were these votes counted last week or not? I have no idea and the Herald chose to send a reporter incapable of first doing research as to what the law says, and then asking the necessary questions which would have allowed for a coherent story.

The section of the Election Code cited by the Herald is as follows:

"(d) The canvassing authority may compare the precinct returns with the corresponding tally list. If a discrepancy is discovered between the vote totals shown on the returns and those shown on the tally list for a precinct, the presiding judge of the precinct shall examine the returns and tally list and make the necessary corrections on the returns."

What is clear from this section is, the tally sheets govern the outcome. I am not sure what is being said by Cascos in the article because he is made to look like a babbling idiot. The problem is not Cascos, but the reporter.  She is the babbling idiot.

In the end the votes are the votes. The all Republican Supreme Court will not tolerate South Texas Democrats stealing the election. If Wood manages to get the votes he needs on Commissioner's Court to steal the election, I am 100% confident the all Republican Texas Supreme Court will handle it in a way which finally takes down the Democrats of South Texas once and for all. It will be used as an example as to why the Democrats cannot be trusted with government in Texas. Hinojosa and Wood will be showing the Texas Democratic Party that they do not give a rat's ass what happens to the Party statewide. Maybe Austin will finally get it - there is no Texas Democratic Party in South Texas - just a criminal enterprise which steals elections using stolen mail-ballots, fraud and the ever present cemetery vote.

As to Ed Stapleton, people will finally see the truth - He stands for nothing except himself. He is living proof that all of the education in the world does not make you educated or competent.

He along with Ben Neece represented Rubio in his ballot access case for TSC Trustee. Neither cared enough about their client to check the case law or for that matter the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure. TRAP expressly states that ballot access cases are appealed via mandamus, and not a regular appeal. Because neither gives a rat's ass about the law they winged it and in the end screwed their client and allowed his case to linger on appeal - an appeal which was not the proper remedy under Texas law.

I am certain Ed Stapleton put as much legal research into Wood's legal issues as he did for Rubio. Ed Stapleton will bill his client because his client will pay. Ed Stapleton will lose the issue - but win on the billing. Lawyers do not have a licence to use their name and signature to steal elections. There is actually a line of moral decency where an ethical lawyer says no - that line clearly lies at the point of trying to steal an election.  Ed Stapletn is apparently oblivious to that line.

I am going to try and attend the meeting at 8 a.m. - I will report more at that time.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Sorry BV has been down - my fatigue is real bad and I just needed several days in bed. As the teaser shows Monday will excite.


Here is the lawsuit allegedly filed by Rosie Lehmann against Jerry McHale.


I say allegedly because it is inconceivable to me that a teacher could have signed this.  If Rosie Lehmann did sign this, her credentials as a teacher are seriously in question.  I am not saying the actual teaching certificate, but the quality of her education.   The lawsuit is incoherent and reflects the writing of someone with very limited skills in the English language. 

The intent of the lawsuit reflects the mentality of a bully - it reflects an extension of the terror journalism carried out by Pat Lehmann and his cohorts in crime Juan Montoya and Jerry McHale themselves.  You would think someone who has been to college would know how to use the internet to look up key terms to insure they are using them correctly - not Rosie Lehmann.  If the quality of professionalism which went into the drafting of this lawsuit is the same level of professionalism used by Rosie Lehmann in the classroom she should be fired for incompetence.  She is a bully, assuming she actually signed this lawsuit.  She lacks the minimal professionalism needed to be a teacher.  Our children deserve teachers who do not use or participate in bullying tactics to get what they want. 

Was Rosie Lehmann used by Pat Lehmann and Carlos Quintanilla as a pawn?  Maybe - there are only two options here - Rosie Lehmann did this on her own and wrote this lawsuit on her own, or Pat Lehmann and Carlos Quintanilla orchestrated the lawsuit without concern for its impact on Rosie Lehmann's reputation.  If it is the former she should be fired from BISD as incompetent and believing in bullying tactics to get what she wants.  If it is the latter, she should hire a good divorce attorney and divorce Pat Lehmann while going very public with how she was used by Pat Lehmann and Carlos Quintanilla.

What people may not know is something happened between Pat Lehmann, Carlos Quintanilla and Jerry McHale after Juan Montoya went to jail.  Jerry was their only hope to continue with the conspiracy of lies - Jerry instead attacked the Lehmanns.  Carlos Quintanilla and Pat Lehmann could not tolerate this so they worked together to sue Jerry.

The lawsuit itself is going nowhere - they sued to have google shut Jerry down - just read the lawsuit.  This lawsuit is about political terrorists (does not include violence) Carlos Quintanilla and Pat Lehmann - sending a message to Jerry McHale - "we will not  tolerate dissent."  For sure it is poetic justice on Jerry - he is getting a good dose of his own medicine.

Now what people also do not know is Carlos Quintanilla provided Pat Lehmann with the name of the process server to have Jerry served with the lawsuit.  The source of the incoherent lawsuit form is Carlos Quintanilla. 

Let's also look to one of the bogus allegations. Did McHale accuse Rosie of drowning children?  No - it was clear satire, unless you are a poorly educated twit who never attended college or even high school for that matter, and learned about satire.  You will note she never quotes the claim.  Sound familiar? - when I accused Lucy Longoria of being in bed with Juan Montoya and Carlos Quintanilla, Carlos Quintanilla never used the quote because the quote shows the context.. 

We have the same incoherent lawsuit form, same process server, same misuse of language to form a bogus lawsuit - Carlos Quintanilla and Pat Lehmann - boinking away in advance of their future together.

Go to paragraph 4.2 a b c d - I  defy anyone to tell me what is being alleged.  Rosie Lehmann is so poorly educated and has such a poor command of the English language that she cannot even read what she is saying to see it says nothing.  Or did she even participate in this lawsuit beyond her husband's command that she sign on the dotted line?

Okay Rosie, there is this wonderful invention called a dictionary.  It is a tool used to find the proper spelling of words and their meaning.  I am certain if you ask one of your students they will show you what one looks like and how to use it. 

What is clear to me is, Carlos Quintanilla and Pat Lehmann as an extension of their political terror on Brownsville threw Rosie Lehmann and Jerry McHale under the bus.  If Rosie has an ounce of self respect she will hire a  divorce attorney - like yesterday - her failure to do so makes her a willing participant in the political terror and bullying being imposed on Brownsville by Carlos Quintanilla and Pat Lehmann.  If this be true, as a parent I would get a restraining order against BISD allowing her to teach my children before I allowed her any where near my children.  How she proceeds will tell Brownsville, BISD, and the parents of her students if she is a victim or a willing participant.    Only she knows. 

I have zero tolerance for bullies - BISD needs to investigate whether or not Rosie Lehmann is a willing participant in these bullying tactics and if she is take the appropriate action.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Historians will never agree on why the English settlers in what is now the US were more independent minded and less willing to be controlled by the British crown, than were the Spanish settlers. For whatever reason, that sense of independence and rebellion, not from authority, but from the British Crown brought us prosperity. One just need know the history of Rhode Island and Maryland to know the intolerance for religious freedom the original settlers had for anyone who was not like them in faith.

Somehow through divine providence the seeds of a new experiment in social governance was allowed to take hold in what is today the US. My question is, do we as US citizens understand that miracle of chance and how it has provided for us? Do we truly demonstrate gratitude for that miracle? I say no.

I do not necessarily believe it is a bad thing the US is lagging in human rights when compared to other countries. In time it will force the US people to look at themselves more closely and decide - are we truly the leaders of the free world? I think not. When Muslim countries can elect women as their head of state before the US, one must question whether or not the people of the US are truly grateful for their freedoms.

A blessing, a miracle, or happenstance allowed for the creation of the US, and personal economic opportunity unlike anywhere in the world. I will go so far as to say those who do not move forward are as much a victim of American liberalism as bigotry. The former tells people they are being held back by the latter, and the latter actually hold people back. People smart enough to ignore both groups tend to move forward.

But, we have forgotten how we came into being - in fact we assume our existence is somehow a divine right thereby not needing an expression of gratitude.

Our existence is not a divine right - it is something which we can only protect if we demonstrate on a daily basis our gratitude for our blessings.

I believe we are a nation at war with itself because we have forgotten the need to be grateful. At my Thanksgiving table I ask people to say one simple thing for which they are grateful. Thanksgiving is about more than gluttony and football.

We will not find peace within ourselves or as a nation so long as we fail to demonstrate true gratitude for our blessings. I will not presume to tell anyone how to demonstrate that gratitude. It is something you yourself must find in your heart.

I hope you can find Peace through Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This story is significant because it shows just how corrupt the Republican Party is in Texas, and that given the evidence Texas will prosecute - assuming the story makes the press.

There are important legal issues in this case which go to the BISD election, which in my mind raises hope for formal criminal investigations beyond what I have already discussed.


It is important to note, the 100% Republican Texas Court of Criminal Appeals refused to dismiss the charges in a previous appeal.


For a toddler who will be 14 mos by Christmas I bought this Rock and Scoot Zebra. Here is the link.


I like it because it removes from the rocker and can become a scooter - 2 in 1 is always good.

The other day, not to my surprise, children's glasses were recalled for lead content - country of origin, China.

I get toys from China are cheaper - but they are not - not if they can cause your child harm. We hear this garbage all of the time about recalls involving Chinese products. It amazes me because in China the executives responsible for this problem are being arrested and put in jail - and they still keep doing it. The 2007 recall apparently was neither a wake-up call for parents or the Chinese government.


As I reported the other day, our reusable grocery bags are being recalled because of Chinese lead.

You do not have to go nuts shopping on Friday - in fact I say do not shop at all Friday - I learned last year just days after I bought a very good computer at a very good price on Black Friday after spending all night outside Office Depot, it went on sale for the same price.

Cyber Monday can be a good day. If you are buying for small children do your research - do not buy made in China - do not buy junk.

How did I find this Zebra - I googled non-toxic toys, educational toys, and toys made in the US. It had to meet all three variables in order for me to buy it -

Good luck with your shopping - and do not forget to give to a country of your choosing at altgifts.org

I love this program because it always allows me to buy something which sustains people beyond a few days.  In years past I have bought chickens for chicken farms - for example - I think last year it was the supplies  for fuel efficient stoves made by a local women's cooperative.


What is really interesting about the Nicaraguan gift, it goes back to Mayan ways.  The tree not only helps to save the jungle and soil, it produces food and feed.  I hope you can  find it in your heart to give.  The best way to stop illegal immigration from Central America is to help them find jobs in their own country.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


UPDATE:  I just read the Herald's numbers and it is any one's guess what the final numbers are - the 299 v. 366 appear correct, what appears to be all over the place are the numbers before the recount of Precinct 54 - even with the recount Cascos could be the winner - it is simply any one's guess.

Precinct 54 has Wood up by 67 votes - 299 v. 366. Given yesterday's numbers this would put Wood up by 3 votes. This is not ending soon - with the claims in the affidavits Cascos is certainly entitled to an election contest.

What I have not seen is the final numbers for the mail ballots - remember some mail ballots were originally listed as early voting. I would like to see the difference between Wood and Cascos on the real numbers. It is highly likely that Cascos can pick up at least 4 fraudulent mail ballots. But then is it possible that Wood can pick up at least 4 fraudulent mail-ballots based on the wrongful conduct of Cascos' people.

This may come down to an election contest over mail-ballots - which in the end will make the Democrats the loser as the full extent of this fraud is exposed.

Cavaet - based on everything we know at this time - these numbers may have changed while I am typing this - so do not hold me to anything - hence the graphic



If you read what I am about to say in the context of the church and molesting priests you are missing the point.  It is the corruption and inability to get people to look at facts and reality that keeps this problem alive.  The Dallas Morning News to its credit some 9-10 years ago covered extensively the part played by the criminal enterprise known as the State Bar of Texas and its lawyers.  Darryl Jordon was a key player in the Tower Meeting wherein my former client Frank Sharpe as the whistle blower exposed the conspiracy to void the $119 million dollar judgment against the Dallas Diocese. [you can go to DallasNews.com and do an archive search on Tower Meeting.  Several years later Brooks Egerton the reporter did an interview with a journalism magazine maybe at NYU and spoke candidly about how the Editor tried to shut him down as he got too close to very powerful people.]  Did anything change - no - because the people who want to believe it is all lies and the priests are innocent will never allow reality to get in the way.  The majority of parishioners within the Catholic church do not want to hear it or demand the Vatican take responsibility for its cover-up.

This is politics real - no matter what happens in the County Judge race the other side will never believe the results to be honest and fair.  You will not be able to show them evidence - even a guarantee from GOD will not change their minds.  They must believe what they need to believe. 

I do know this, Roger Ortiz messed up big time - was there a  criminal conspiracy, or just a lot of arm twisting and an Elections Administrator too cowardly to stand-up to both sides? I  suspect the latter.  The Herald as is always the case has mislead the people into a frenzy that only the Dems are guilty of wrongdoing - yea not true - but because of my bias against the local Democrats I am inclined to believe they are the more guilty party.  This is not how rational minds decide issues. 

The corruption continues because both sides know they can get their supporters all crazy to believe anything - the only hope for this race and this county is for both sides to sit down and look at all of the ballots and agree on a number which results in a  clear winner. 

The lesson in this post is not molesting priests - the lesson is the inability of the people to deal in reality and  facts and how that inability results in continued abuses. 

Beyond Roger Ortiz messing this election up royally - I know nothing and trust no one - both sides are playing the people for fools, and my bias against the local Democrats is not a basis to form a final opinion one way or the other.

Neither side has acted in a way which shows me they care about true and meaningful transparency.  The election belongs to the people and not the candidates.  All that matters to me is the will of the people wins out - this being Cameron County I suspect what I want is only a pipe dream.


Most of my brothers and sisters are basically on the same page when it comes to the indigenous people of our lands. We are however aware, to the victor go the spoils of war - sort of - being victorious does not mean being immoral.

We saw this mentality of immorality in how Daniel Cavasos celebrated his terror journalist victory with convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla, Pat Lehmann, Enrique Escobedo, and Caty Presas-Garcia. They each saw the improper use of taxpayer money as a right because they were able to use a terror journalist like Daniel Cavasos to mislead the people. Well it is not.

When a victor uses the victory to justify immoral conduct the victory will be short lived - We saw this last week in Escobedo's and Presas-Garcia's failure in executing what was clearly a criminal conspiracy to use taxpayer money to pay off political debts and in fact a million dollar contract given to Escobedo's brother by Antonio Juarez, Art Rendon,and Pat Lehmann.

This all relates - be patient.

The other day I was reading that Yale University and the government of Peru finally negotiated an end to their dispute over who owns the artifacts taken from Machu Picchu and other Inca ruins. Everything is finally going back to Peru.

I get that in war the victor gets the land - but why do they also get to steal the history and culture of the indigenous people. For the record I do not buy into the notion that the Aztec or Inca were innocent in this war. In both cases the Spaniards won because tribes tired of being dominated by the Aztec and Inca joined forces with the Spaniards to defeat the Aztec and Inca.

My issue is their history and culture. I could never be president because for a variety of reasons I would end all US government relations with the Vatican - hell I would have called for the indictment of the Pope over the child molestation cover-up conspiracy which still goes all the way to the Vatican.

Many people are unaware that within the walls of the Vatican are parts of the Mayan library. The Vatican is, such as is its history, GOD has looked down upon its tyrannical leaders and empowered them to steal and pillage at will with GOD's blessing.

Before I get an earful, the Vatican is not the church, the people are the church. This is not an indictment on the tenets of Catholicism, but an indictment of the Vatican and those within the church who remain silent over this and other acts of immorality.

The history of the Vatican is one of sheer terror on the children of GOD - of judgment - of political corruption - of selling places in heaven in exchange for extreme bloodshed on innocent Muslim women and children, of conquest, slavery and turning a blind eye to the holocaust, of the worst political corruption known to man. If there is an anti-Christ it is the Vatican.

Again this is not a judgment on catholics or an indictment of the tenets of Catholicism. It is an indictment of the Vatican which does not represent its parishioners.

The Vatican will always be seen in this light because it truly believes it defines morality as the so called victor. Somethings are just immoral - such as protecting child molesting priests - or using taxpayer money to settle old political scores.

The Vatican will never save its own soul so long as its walls act as a safe house for everything it has stolen from humanity, including the innocence of children.

The Vatican can begin down its path of redemption by returning to the Mayan people their library and artifacts, while publicly asking for forgiveness for its sins against humanity.

But then the one catholic practice I find most offensive and to be a big part of its endless need for sin, confession, will remain to continue as a weapon of sin against humanity.

Monday, November 22, 2010



Anything less than the immediate firing of Roger Ortiz is unacceptable. Cameron County has been humiliated - I hope a criminal investigation follows to include DA Villalobo's cover-up


I have no idea who is lying or telling the truth. I was not there. I know the entire County Judge race is a mess. I know Rodger Ortiz mismanaged the process and should be fired. Beyond that, I know nothing.

Channel 23 is doing another story with the other side now speaking. In the same way DA Villalobos ran to defend the Democrats - Daniel Cavasos of the Herald has run to destroy the Democrats. Why did the Herald not give equal time to the other side? Are you telling me the Herald could not find the people claiming everything was done on the up and up.


Does this story mean that the Dems have not tried to steal the election? No - not at all - it is just journalism - covering both sides of the story.

In fact in the story the example wherein the voter filled in the blank for Cascos, but the vote went for Wood in my mind is a clear example of bias for Wood - the voter could have just as easily put the "X" first and then decided that was not the right way to vote and then filled in the oval. I would have given the vote to Cascos, or neither

I will say this - if Wood looses and does not file an election contest he will be admitting guilt - this is a soap opera not going away any time soon.


I was debating what to do this morning - bad weekend for cooking - first the blueberry pie was bad again, then the sweet potato pie was bad - then for the first time my fajitas failed - they were so tough - then the dishwater started to flood the kitchen - I surrendered and went to bed.


People who want to do the right thing act on real facts - they can see through the distractions which actually help those who are corrupt. I do not give a rats ass who is sleeping with whom in politics - this entire thing of sexual affairs in the election fiasco is why nothing ever gets fixed. People on the fence will hear garbage like this and say “they have nothing if this is what they are talking about.”

The affidavits are clear. Most of what is inside the affidavits can be verified with little effort. Which such strong possible evidence to prove the case, why go with distractions? Answer - that is the flaw in your brain. However, I am not trusting the story in Sunday’s Herald - I know enough about these terror journalists that if they have evidence against Cascos and his people they will not print it to the fullest.

Daniel Cavasos was a willing participant in misleading the people in the BISD election so that he could say “payback is a bitch.” This is how this unethical terror journalist thinks. It should surprise no one. Cavasos, Montoya, and McHale all cut their teeth at the Herald where ethics and journalism play no part in how stories are developed.

If you saw Sunday’s oped by Cavasos he made a slight reference to the threatening letter Ruben Cortez’s wife got sent to her by someone in the PAC. No where in his oped does he even mention Ruben Cortez’s wife. How is that journalism. How is calling a threat on someone’s job as political payback “cute,” ethical or even remotely close to being journalism.

I am now convinced the letter written by Arg Miller falsely accusing the mayor of supporting the use of PUB money to balance the budget, the letter written by Mary Rey, [who is equally illiterate to the level of Arg Miller], which falsely put the blame on Springston for the acts of Gonzales and Art Rendon, and this anonymous letter threatening Ruben Cortez’s wife were in substance and form written by Daniel Cavasos. Maybe he did not literally pen the letters, but the letters reflect his intent to mislead and punish.

There is still nothing in the Herald about Cavasos and the new BISD board’s attempt to complete the payback. He wrote Sunday’s post in advance of the failure of this criminal victory he made himself party too. He was sending a clear message to Ruben Cortez’s wife a message - “you’re next.”

Why does Cavasos not report what happened at the BISD meeting and how the criminal conspiracy failed - a conspiracy wherein through his control of the Herald he made Freedom Communications a willing participant.

If you still subscribe to the Herald you are the problem. I know people - Bill Hudson is people - he is bitching this morning that someone might see his winky if he has to go through the full body scan at the airport - He asks what he should tell his 9 year old about why this conduct is legal for the TSA while when done by someone else it is illegal.

This is what you tell you tell your child Billy boy, “daddy sat silent while the US used the CIA to train tyrants in how to torture their people so as to insure the free flow of oil to the US. Now the people who were tortured are mad at us and want to kill us. ‘

Bill Hudson will be the first, like so many people, to demand the resignation of President Obama if we have another attack on our air system. You know Billy boy, I am not embarrassed by the size of my winky - take all the pictures you want if it makes me safer. You then have the people saying we need to use the Israeli system - then they will tell you to cut budget. The US pays for the Israeli system - it is a system which works in a small country where few people are needed to make the system work. Exactly who much do these idiots like Bill Hudson think the Israeli system will cost the American taxpayer?

I am sorry I got distracted with the Bill Hudson story, but it depicts why nothing is ever fixed.

I do not doubt some TSA agents have crossed the line - they should be fired - but we need the full body scans or pat downs. The terrorists are not going away. All we can do is create defenses and in fact an offense.

We need an offensive against terror journalists Daniel Cavasos and Marci Carltabiano. You begin by cancelling your subscription.

I will tell you what I would do if someone sent my wife a threatening letter such as was sent to Ruben Cortez’s wife - I would pay for a commercial and run it during the news hour on all three local news stations with a simple question - “why is the Herald covering it up?” Answer - terror journalism. But then she married Ruben who still has no idea how Daniel Cavasos first screwed him and now seeks to screw his wife. When someone plays with my wife, I take no prisoners.

I will end with this - to the Herald and its team of terror journalists.


We do not stop playing because we grow old;

We grow old because we stop playing.

Never Be The First To Get Old!!!! !
If you see someone without a smile, give him yours.

Have a GREAT Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Note: No recipe Sunday - I just threw out my 3rd blueberry pie - the first was awesome - the next three are all water - I have increased the amount of cornstarch by 3 tablespoons with no luck - I'm done - maybe by late afternoon I will have the sweet potato pie tested


The Herald has the affidavits of the witnesses alleging wrongdoing by Democratic Party Chair Hinojosa. If true they are astounding. There must be a quick investigation of Rodger Ortiz to determine if they are true and correct. Ortiz needs to admit to his role in the abuses or face criminal prosecution if the allegations are determined to be true.

When you read these affidavits you know for sure Villalobos tried to cover the entire think up. He will live with that decision. It was a rush to clear Ortiz and Hinojosa. He is now caught.


In my original post election night or the day after I noted the mail ballots were close enough that an investigation on that issue would not matter. Now I am not so sure.

I think the true number of mail ballots was intentionally withheld from the people to hide mail-ballot fraud. They figured they did not want anyone to investigate to see if the law had been broken. Remember even the Judge in the Pena/Hernandez election contest found the law had been violated, but Villalobos found nothing to investigate. Really? there was enough testimony in that trial to indict at least one politiquera and Villalobos found nothing to investigate.


He now needs to pull all of the mail ballots which favor Wood and compare names to those who violated the law in the Pena/Hernandez case. I am certain this will bring this matter to an end.



Key to any community's freedom and integrity in politics is the moral character of the publisher and editor of its local newspaper.  Danel Cavasos and Marci Caltabianco are immoral unethical terror journalists who are key players in the corruption which is Brownsville and Cameron County.

In the last week we have seen what happens to a community when its leaders know the publisher and editor of the local newspaper are immoral unethical terror journalists.  Yesterday, in almost an after thought post they told the people that BISD was going to review pending lawsuits.  Where was the back story?  Where was the story that Escobedo and Presas-Garcia were seeking to use taxpayer money to pay off Antonio Juarez and Art Rendon because the insurance company and the lawyer hired by the insurance company were unwilling to settle?  What is the point of the taxpayers paying for insurance if elected officials can simply then use taxpayer money to pay settlements?

Where is today's story about the result?  Where is the story that Antonio Juarez, Art Rendon, and Pat Lehmann orchestrated a million dollar contract for Jaime Escobedo, brother to BISD trustee Enrique Escobedo, whereupon 15 days later Enrique voted to reinstate Art Rendon to BISD?  Where is the story that Escobedo had a duty to recuse himself from the vote, and chose not to?

The Herald allowed a PAC to repeatedly lie in its ads to influence an election. Why? Daniel Cavasos and Marci Caltabiano needed to send a message that our elected officials better do as they are told or else.  This is terror journalism.  Elected officials represent the people and not terror journalists.


It does not end there - This with the country judge's race exists because Hinojosa, Wood, and Villalobos know the Herald cannot be trusted to report the full story.

First Villalobos declares in a faster than a speeding bullet investigation he investigated the office of Roger Ortiz and how the recount was handled, and nothing was to be found.  The local TV stations exposed the story.  Where was the Herald?  No where to be found.

Even today the Herald refuses to report the entire story.  Why did Villalobos call in the Texas Rangers?  Is he hoping Hinojosa will spare him one testicle by not doing the investigation himself?

A first year law student can conduct this investigation, so why call in the Texas Rangers?  Villalobos is sucking up to Hinojosa - plain and simple.

Here is the scoop - the affidavits are quite specific - all Villalobos has to do is look at the ballots and decide if the facts alleged in the affidavits is supported by the ballots.  This can be done in a few hours - yet another cover-up by Villalobos and the Herald is nowhere to be found on the story of Villalobos refusing to that which can be completed in a few hours.  Meanwhile, while we wait 6 months to a year for the Texas Ranges to give a rats ass, guess who gets sworn in as county judge? - Wood.

Villalobos needs to stop this nonsense of trying to be a Congressman.  Cameron county will not get a new district.  A decision has already been made to make the 27th a safer district for the Republicans by putting the northern end of Hinojosas' district in Farenthold's district, and then putting Cameron county in Hinojosa's district.  The deal is done.  [This is not the same Hinojosa of the Cameron county Democrats]


While I am glad the majority of 4 kept Rendon on as the leader, I am not happy with some of the comments by the board.  One of them noted that UTB and TSC is like Siamese twins sharing vital organs - I had been using a similar statement but instead of vital organs I said brain.  You can transplant a liver, but you cannot transplant brain.

UTB without TSC does not exist. The brain is on the TSC side of the twins. It is time the TSC board realize they have total control and sue UT for the $10 million owed to the people of Brownsville and then for equal funding under a claim of racial discrimination.  This board with a little courage can restore TSC while securing a fully funded UT campus.  The only question is, will they blink?  The decision to renew discussions concerns me that they are blinking - this is not leadership - this is being a coward.

Friday, November 19, 2010


It is amazing to me that after this long the movie is still fresh and new. Althought I have read all of the books, I forgot most of the events in this book.

In this book the lead characters are no longer in Hogwarts, but on the run in search of parts of Voldemort's soul.

The audience loved the movie. The breaking point is perfect. For fans you already know they are breaking up the last book into two parts.

This is a must see film, even if you are not a fan.

The Christian Right did everything it could to kill this book and film franchise. As is always the case with the ignorant they had no idea what the central theme of the book is all about.  Evil can be beat when good people work together. 

Harry Potter never does anything by himself - he succeeds from book one on the help and reasoned thought of his friends and professors. This is still very true in book 7.


Apaprently criminal investigators must have a tight lip on everyone because no one is talking. What I know for sure is no action was taken.

By implication but I do not know this for sure, they must not have had the votes. It seems to me if they had the votes they would have completed the criminal conspiracy.

Next, by implication who folded? Longoria or Saavedra? I have no hopes of Longoria ever doing the right thing. This is my opinion and my opinion only - Saavedra may have seen the light that she needs to be guided by facts and law. I hope I am right. If she is the one who refused to allow for the vote, I hope the reason is she did the right thing because it was the right thing and not out of fear. I hope I am right. If I am right, BISD has hope.

This is not about going backwards. Zayas and Cortez are not coming back. It is about making sure everything is done on the up and up - this is what the anti-Zayas, Cortez - Powers people were saying - well they lied.

I truly hope I am right that Saavedra is the one who refused to go along, and she made that decision based on reasoned analysis and integrity, and not fear. Fear is never a good motivation.

A removal action against Escobedo and Presas-Garcia is inevitable. If anyone ever talks, and it turns out Longoria did want to vote to complete the criminal conspiracy then she also needs to be removed.

I am not asking Saavedra to be anyone's lap dog - just look to the facts - take the time to understand the issues - do not rush to a vote until you are sure you understand what needs to get done and you are not being plaved.  I do believe if Pena and Saavedra align, they will be a powerhouse which can control the board for the benefit of the children and district.

Oh, I appear to have made a mistake - Saavedra I am told has an  ED. Also on the question of any evidence Zayas or Cortez ever did anything to line their pockers - I have never seen anything but lies unsupported by evidence - but this is how terror journalism and terror blogging work. You can always get idiots to believe the worst about anyone with lies.

Oh, I cannot resist - Lehmann, I would ask how does it feel to now officially be my bitch, but I will not because my standards are not that low. As to Carlos Quintanilla who just saw his con job go down, I will not even ponder the question - I could not begin to go that low.  Oh, Quintanilla did you know it is a crime to claim you are a non-profit and induce people to donate based on such a lie?  Victory is Ours - the sad part is, we will learn who folded because Presas-Garcia will tell and then we can expect Quintanilla and his freak show to attack that person.

Also Quintanilla if you attempt to carry out your intimidation tactic of taking my picture, I will have you arrested for criminal trespass along with your goon.  You are warned - stay off my property.  Any process server knows taking my picture will not only cost them their authority to serve papers, but also sued.


EDITOR'S NOTE:  I chose this graphic because it aligns Longoria, Saavedra, Presas-Garcia with this mentality of Arg Miller that GOD has given them permission to carry out this criminal conspiracy. 

The Herald thing morning simply states the new BISD will review lawsuits and act on them. What they continue to refuse to tell the people about is the million dollar contract Antonio Juarez, Art Rendon, and Pat Lehmann voted to give Enrique Escobedo’s brother in exchange for Enrique voting 15 days later to reinstate Rendon.

What they do not tell you is that law enforcement is fully aware that Wednesday, after the little con trying to put Rene Oliveira’s law firm in charge of BISD’s legal matters failed, Escobedo and Lehmann ran to meet at Carino’s to hash out a new strategy. Daniel Cavasos knows all of this and says - not newsworthy.

These cases are covered by insurance. BISD really has no say in settlement if they want the insurance company to pay the settlement. So here is what happening, Escobedo, Presas-Garcia, Longoria, and Saavedra who husband appears more enamored with Pat Lehmann than her, are going vote some $300 to $400 thousand dollars in taxpayer money to pay off Rendon and Juarez, while bypassing the recommendation of their trial counsel and Walsh Anderson.

Longoria and Saavedra who have zero training in the law are defending their vote by stating a week on the board is enough time to study all of the legal issues and make an informed decision. They are both aware the FBI is all over this and have declared - Arg Miller tells us GOD is with us. Longoria and Saavedra have made know to their supporters that the legal recommendations of their own attorney hired by the insurance company cannot be trusted and should be ignored - because we all know the experts in the law they are.

In a perfect world were intelligence and honesty rain, Pean, Longoria, and Saavedra would form an alliance for the betterment of the district, and then go to the other two alliances of 2 when needed to get the fourth vote. My sources are telling me Longoria is so incredibly ignorant to reality that she has made known she will not even consider the advice of her friends and family if it means not completing this criminal conspiracy. I am getting mixed signals on Saavedra - I am told she is so bitter over Pena’s brother in law running against her she cannot see the arrest warrant in front of her eyes. We have to hope someone can reason with her. Her husband I am told is all buddy buddy with Lehmann - so I do not have hope Saavedra will avoid indictment.

In federal court, the judge can stop any settlement and in fact enjoin payment. On Monday morning the federal court of appeals will have the documents and statements which prove this criminal conspiracy. Judge Hanen might as well just resign today if he ignores the evidence and does not stop the payment pending clearance from the FBI, which in not coming.


Court house sources are saying Villalobos is ready to move on a dime after the vote. I do not believe this. He rushed the investigation into the Cascos Wood mess while ignoring witnesses whose statements merited further investigation. You cannot indict Escobedo, Presas-Garcia, Longoria, and Saavedra without indicting Rene Oliveira.

Gilberto Hinojosa will cut Villalobos throat and end his political career if he so much as says boo. If Villalobos moves forward it will mean a nuclear war between Hinojosa and Villalobos. There will only be one man standing and it will not be Villalobos. When he was so willing to run cover for Wood and Hinojosa in the election mess, why would he throw himself under the bus and open an investigation into a matter which will certainly mean the end of Oliveira’s political career? What is more likely to happen is,

Villalobos telling Hinojosa that Rene Oliveira has to stand down in the new US Congressional race in favor of Villalobos, or he will investigate the BISD matter. It should concern Villalobos that based on his previous actions people would think of him this way - but it does not.

Thursday, November 18, 2010



Gary Long of the Herald once again proves that the Herald will not cover BISD based on reality or facts. Pena twice went on record that she changed her vote to abstain on the issue of removal of Walsh Anderson - is it that Gary Long simply has no sense of ethics?

Second why does the article not mention that Presas-Garcia set for Friday at 1 p.m. settlement of the lawsuits? More cover-up by the Herald for sure.

Why does Gary Long not even mention the reason given for releasing Walsh Anderson - the non-compliance issue - which to anyone born alive with a brain was bogus. You cannot fire a vender because BISD administration paid a bill without the Board approval. Daniel Cavasos with his cabin-boy Gary Long in-tow continues with the terror journalism on Brownsville - every lie needed to mislead the people and keep the corruption at BISD covered up.

I also believe on the issue of the lawsuits it was said insurance is paying for the defense up to $50,000.00 so the representation that it was because of Gonzales’ lawsuits is partly false. Also why not tell the readers that Walsh Anderson won and Gonzales lost - again when it comes to Gary Long a lie is always better if he expects to keep his job as Daniel Cavasos' cabin-boy.


Texas is expected to gain between 2-3 new members of the House of Representatives. This redistricting cycle represents the best opportunity for deep south Texas to get its own House District.

The Republicans will control the process. They will feel a legal need to create a Latino district for the one lost to Farenthold. If they keep Farenthold’s district as is, 2012 could see a viable Democrat winning the district back. The best thing to do is to move the district north to more moderate and conservative areas. This means opening Cameron and Hidalgo counties to a new district.

The map on page 7 shows major growth in Cameron and Hidalgo counties.


The other option is, which would be tragic, they move Hinojosas’ district south-east to include Cameron County. If they do this a court challenge under the Voting Rights Act could correct the problem, unless they create a new Latino district elsewhere. This would mean Cameron county does not get a Congressman until 2014.

If you are a Democrat, now is the time to start your campaign. It may seem early but it is not. Hopefully we can find new blood with new ideas to seek office. I will say this, any candidate unwilling to denounce the corruption of the Cameron County Democratic Party should just hang it up now. We are looking for a fresh voice willing to stand up against the corruption.

Today is short - you have done enough reading over the last two days

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Part two of this post is coming - I had a very difficult night. I woke up at 4:30 in horrific pain, took an additional 800 mg of gabapentin for some mild relief and fell back to sleep until about 10 a.m. I should have part 2 before noon.

EDITOR'S NOTE:  We all know at this point the Herald has declared last night's events not newsworthy.  People will not know the truth if you do not tell them.  I hit a record readership last night.  I expect to hit another record today.  If you believe this story is important please send it to your friends and tell them to call and cancel their subscription to the Herald in protest.

We can get to the truth if people know what is happening.  Until the Herald feels it in the purse it will not stop its terror journalism on Brownsville.  It is up to my readers to forward this post and part one to at least 5 people.  Thanks.


With the Escobedo/Presas-Garcia con job exposed, what will Saavedra and Longoria do? What they need to do is call Presas-Garcia and tell her that if she fails to cancel Friday’s special meeting to settle law suits, they will boycott the meeting. If you combine this with Pena. Aguilar and Colunga refusing to attend, you will have Presas-Garcia and Escobedo sitting there alone.

A removable action of Escobedo and Presas-Garcia seems inevitable. They failed to realize that Walsh was entitled to a 30 day out for transition. Presas-Garcia and Escobedo were so convinced that Oliveira’s law firm was going to walk away with the interim position that she scheduled a special meeting for Friday to settle the lawsuits involving Rendon, Juarez, and Healthsmart.

We know Springston is a coward and will never do his job, but his job right now is to put on the agenda a legal issue of whether or not the Board has a legal duty to file motions to have Rendon’s and Juarez’s lawsuits dismissed as a sanction for the conspiracy hatched between Escobedo, Rendon, Juarez, and Lehmann with the full support of Presas-Garcia? Of course the Board Members can also put the issue on the agenda. The insurance companies involved can also demand that the issue is put before the board or face loss of coverage. This was and remains also an attempt to defraud the insurance companies involved.

It will shock me if they try and settle these lawsuits at this point - well not Presas-Garcia and Escobedo - they are going to move forward. The question is will Longoria and Saavedra make themselves party to the con, which will be reviewed by the court before granted. For his roll in the mess Rene Oliveira needs to be indicted. His indictment is certainly part of my FBI request.


The audit shows that since Rendon was removed the district has saved a ton on attorneys fees, but they will settle with Rendon anyway ignoring the audit, but then they use the audit in a bogus way to get rid of Walsh - get it - sociopaths are running BISD - the people should demand Springston resign for sitting there and saying nothing as this conspiracy played out. He needs to call in the TEA for a take over. He will not - he does not give a rats ass about BISD or the people.

The audit is clear on the Rendon issue, since his removal BISD has saved a fortune - so why do Presas-Garcia and Escobedo want to pay him money in a settlement? They are corrupt sociopaths and Escobedo’s brother got a million dollar contract from Rendon.


The issue of non-compliance is not complex. There is no claim of over billing. The issue is Walsh had some $300,000 plus in billing which did not have board approval. The rule says if the bill is over $25,000 for part of the time frame or $50,000 for the other part of the time frame the board must approve the bill. There were two problems in Presas-Garcia’s criminal con job on the people. She presented no proof that any of Walsh’s bills exceeded $25,000.00. To con the people and the idiots Longoria and Saavedra she just lumped it all together. Again there was no proof Walsh ever submitted a bill which was paid which exceed the amounts provided for in the local rule.

Second, Walsh did not have authority to write checks to themselves. The checks were written by and approved by Administration. Walsh was fired for billing BISD, and then accepting the check issued by BISD. The moronic lemmings of Presas-Garcia and Escobedo, Longoria and Saavedra fell for it.

How in hell is Walsh liable for BISD paying its bills. Walsh did its job - it signed a contract which said it could bill BISD for services rendered. BISD went to Walsh for services and Walsh billed for those services. The administration paid those bills. If there is an issue of compliance with local rules, the problem is with the administration in paying bills without the consent of the board.

I hope Walsh sues BISD, Escobedo, Presas-Garcia, and Oliviera and his law firm.

What we learned last night for sure is, Longoria and Saavedra are lemmings in a criminal enterprise headed up by Escobedo, Presas-Garcia and Rene Oliveira. Yes I said criminal - I can prove it so if they want to sue me lets have at it - they can call me and I will meet them in the court house to accept the lawsuit. The only question which remains is, did Longoria and Saavedra learn their lesson?

People are claiming, in rejected posts, that Walsh billed $4 million dollars which could have gone to the children. Presas-Garcia because she is a sociopath kept on pushing the issue while lecturing Pena - all lies. How about Presas-Garcia tell the people how much of that billing was because of Art Rendon - then lets minus the amount incurred by the taxpayers every time she called the lawyers to push her own corrupt agenda. Presas-Garcia lies because the part of the brain which informs her of right from wrong is not there.


The new management appears to want to distance itself from Ted Parker. The case with BISD will settle for millions of dollars. Remember it was Cortez and Zayas who pushed this issue and Presas-Garcia and Escobedo who sought to run cover for Ted Parker - of course it is no great secret Ted Parker gave Escobedo money for his campaign. Now you have Escobedo and Presas-Garcia wanting to settle for chump change.

Saavedra and Longoria need to stop the nonsense and remember they are there for the people and not to pursue the corruption demanded of them by Escobedo, Presas-Garcia and the convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla.

Here is a statement from Healthsmart in the Lubbock case which proves once they can review BISD’s evidence we have a good chance at a multi-million dollar settlement.

“Regarding the settlement of the suit against City employees Lee Ann Dumbauld, Leisa Hutcheson, Scott Snider, and former Mayor David Miller, HealthSmart said, “We regret that former management filed this suit. We believe that all disputes between our companies and the City of Lubbock should have been and should be resolved in the context of the arbitration in Lubbock. We steadfastly maintain that we did nothing wrong in relation to the Lubbock arbitration issues.” Ted Parker is no longer involved in the day-to-day management of the company.

As for comment on the settlement, Dumbauld, Hutcheson, Snider and Miller each said, “We are thankful the City continued to defend us as we have maintained throughout this ordeal we did nothing wrong.” The City will receive the benefit of the recovery to defray the costs of the lawsuit. The City employees, former Mayor, and HealthSmart all expressed that they are pleased an audit can now be completed.”



In the case of Antonio Juarez the legal fees have already been spent on the appeal. The Board needs to simply sit tight and allow the court of appeals to rule. If they deny the appeal then the matter may be open to a settlement. You weight costs of trial versus settlement. This is standard practice. But if the court of appeals dismisses his case, the case is over and BISD pays nothing. Why the rush when the case has already been briefed and submitted to the court of appeals.

On Rendon, this attorneys fees audit which Presas-Garcia wants to make out as the Bible shows BISD has saved a fortune since Rendon was removed from his position in Special Services. The audit proves BISD was justified in not renewing his contract. Rendon has no valid lawsuit. If his lawyer had a half of brain, which he does not, he would withdraw from the case. My FBI complaint includes investigating Rendon’s lawyer for his roll in the Escobedo brothers payoff in exchange for Escobedo voting to reinstate Rendon. He will not withdraw - he is unethical and knows the lawsuit is bogus. If he does not know the lawsuit is bogus he is then an idiot. BISD needs to take him to task and file a counterclaim for filing a frivolous lawsuit. BISD has a legal duty to the taxpayers to file a motion to dismiss the lawsuit based on the deal he cut with Escobedo. If the Board fails to demand same, then the board needs to resign.

I am including Rendon’s lawyer in the investigation request, which also includes the State Bar and the federal courts. Fraud on the court is a serious matter. Any lawyer willing to be party to such conduct should be banned from practicing in the federal courts.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010



If you saw the BISD Board Meeting tonight, you saw a new hero and protector of the children of the school district. Her name is Minerva Pena.


You can skip down to "The School Board" and avoid my personal stuff - sorry but this has a purpose.

Sorry to do this, but something about me so you know what will happen in the next few days - the VA has told all valley veterans that they cannot be seen by their doctors in San Antonio. I have adhesions on my spine which require a caudal raz procedure every six months or so. In December I was to have 2 procedures. I cannot even get the pain management clinic to take my calls. Valley residents are no longer entitled to services in San Antonio. Harlingen has no pain management doctor.

My doctor who I trust has her walk-in clinic on Thursdays. I will be in Harlingen all day Thursday. If she cannot get SA to take me on an emergency basis, I am getting on a plane to DC and suing the Secretary of the Veterans Administration for an emergency order to compel them to hire a pain management doctor and pay for an emergency procedure or have me transported to SA by plane for the procedure.

I have reached the maximum dosage of the medication they use to control the pain and burning sensations. I am at the point that in the morning I feel like I am in the middle of a stroke. I have had to reduce the medication. This means I am waking up with a sensation of a branding iron on my legs, hips, and arms. I am waiting for my neighbor to call the police thinking I am being murdered the pain is so bad.

Why do I tell you this - because I may be delayed in getting things filed in court to remove the new 4 member majority. I do have a meeting on the issue with someone on Friday. I am looking at hiring a law firm. I will have everything filed with the FBI for sure. That I will do Wednesday. Sorry for the personal stuff - but I do not want anyone thinking I am not working as hard as I can on this mess - I am -

I can assure you I am not working with Zayas or Cortez - they never responded to my emails when I would file complaints for parents - only Presas-Garcia and Pena would take the time to respond. I will tell you we have communicated since Quintanilla filed his lawsuit, but it was always the same - a lot of bogus claims and then a refusal to respond when I asked for evidence. So I am on my own - they no longer have power so Brownsville can go screw themselves as far as they are concerned. I guess they got tired of me asking for evidence of their claims.


More tomorrow but for now here we go - Pena and Colunga abstained on the vote to remove Walsh as their law firm. Pena originally voted yea, but changed her vote upon realizing Presas-Garcia was trying to hide the fact they wanted to hire Roerig, Oliveira & Fisher, L.L.P. An independent source is telling me that Roerig is the one who was actually to be hired.  The same source is telling me that Roerig is prepared to recommend settlement on the Juarez, Rendon, and Healthsmart lawsuit.  Roerig needs hire a good criminal defense attorney if my source is  correct.  The FBI will not have a problem securing phone and email records between Escobedo and Oliveira and Roerig.

Pena pushed real hard on this issue of no secret deals.  Escobedo finally played his cards, out of shear frustration. He revealed he had already met with Roerig, Oliveira & Fisher, L.L.P.  He then made a motion and then withdrew it.  Saldana kept on egging Escobedo to renew his motion - he knew what he was doing.  Escobedo took the bait and hung himself.  The Board then threw him under the bus and refused to second.  Not even his corruption whore, Presas-Garcia would make herself party to such an open deal of back door dealing and corruption.  They all knew I was taking this Escobedo/ Roerig, Oliveira & Fisher, L.L.P., deal to the FBI.  They threw him under the bus.  The FBI is still going to look at the phone records and emails of Longoria, Saavedra, and Presas-Garcia.

Remember I said follow the money - a million dollar contract to Escobedo's brother and then he votes to reinstate Rendon.  A $1,000.00 from Rene Oliviera and he votes to give them the contract, a contract which would have made Roerig, Oliveira & Fisher, L.L.P., potentially millions.

Escobedo failed to realize that Walsh has a 30 day out.  He along with Presas-Garcia thinking Roerig, Oliveira & Fisher, L.L.P., would be on board by Wednesday morning set for Friday settlement of the Rendon, Juares and Healthsmart lawsuit. 


Saldana will be the lawyer - he will not recommend settlement - I will have a complete copy of all documents along with Oliviera's pay off to Escobedo on Friday morning.  I am asking the federal court of appeals to investigate Oliveira and Escobedo before they approve anything.  I am asking the State Bar to take action against Oliveira and Roerig.

More tomorrow - there is a lot more - the firing of Walsh was bogus - I will explain tomorrow.  Saldana set Escobedo up by forcing him to  disclose Oliviera's firm - now it is public record and Walsh can sue Oliviera without an allegation he learned it in  executive session.  It was brilliant - Saldana shoved a baseball bat up his arse and all Escobedo did was say "nice." 

I am demanding the FBI immediately secure all emails between Escobedo, Longoria, Saavedra and Presas-Garcia.  These people are stupid and will try and settle these lawsuits without regard it could land them in federal prison.

To be continued . .Wednesday morning


My readership has hit record numbers. It seems today has every major law firm in Cameron and Hidalgo county downloading my post. The logs show members of congress reading the BISD story, along with government agencies.

The Herald will always stand against Brownsville. Daniel Cavasos cannot stand the fact people do not read the Herald in the numbers he wants. We can beat the corruption with an honest newspaper.

Things will not change unless you email my post to everyone you know.

Again thanks.



The first question anyone must ask is, why did Cortez not use this information along with the TEC sanction as evidence that Escobedo cannot be trusted even with his own money? Answer, Cortez was out to sea when it came to the election and what moves the community. He had no idea how much the people hate the misuse of money. If you read the sanction, key is the misuse of BISD campaign money for his county commissioner race. His coconspirators, the law firm of Royston Rayzor, and James Hunter. As the check shows, Hunter did not pay for the ad, Escobedo did through his BISD campaign money. This was the first sign Escobedo is unethical and cannot be trusted. These documents along with many others are part of the package to the FBI and HUD. This scum of the earth has no limits to how far he will go.


See pages 3-4 for key findings

This morning the Herald has deemed not newsworthy Caty Presas-Garcia’s decision to put on the BISD agenda the firing of Saldana’s law firm. This is the first step in what will be many acts which will cost BISD a fortune. This is the beginning of the blood-bath to settle scores at any cost. This will cost BISD - I will get to this and plenty more on Escobedo.

Here is the other story. I do no play games and do not like being played. When you play me, I will go public. According to Ruben Cortez his wife received a threatening letter at her school. The return on the letter was the Herald. The Herald denies involvement. The letter was turned over to the BISD police. It is my understanding an appointment with the FBI was in the works.

I will tell you this, if this were my wife I would be yelling about it from roof tops and not allow the Herald to bury the story.  If I had to I would take out a tv ad accusing the Herald of covering for the new corrupt BISD board.  I would not play politics and withhold the letter from the public.  I would be protecting my wife with every penny at my disposal.  This is how you protect your wife. No politics - no prisoners.

The letter is important because it goes to the firing of Saldana’s law firm. Basically the letter claims Cortez wife will get hers the same way Gonzales, and Rendon got theirs. The letter makes clear that with the new board the courts will take care of things for Rendon, Juarez, and Gonzales. Under the statute and case law this is a black and white case of mail fraud. The FBI certainly has jurisdiction over the matter. The Herald is a victim in this matter, but yet Daniel Cavasos calls it not-newsworthy. Also not newsworthy the removal of Saldana’s law firm. Daniel Cavasos since day one has used the Herald to join this enterprise to defraud the people of Brownsville and destroy BISD.

If these two stories were in today’s Herald, the people would be up in arms and demand something be done about the new BISD Board - this is why Cavasos has declared the stories not newsworthy.

With the Chief of Police for BISD knowing Escobedo, Presas-Garcia, Longoria, and Saavedra are part of this political terrorist organization (does not include violence) known as the PAC run in part by a convicted felon by the name of Carlos Quintanilla, what are the odds he will investigate? He needs to go to the FBI and demand immediate assistance. This letter will go back to Escobedo, Presas-Garcia, Longoria, and Saavedra. It is key in the evidence that a decision was made by these four to take down BISD and settle all scores, which included the sweet heart deal for Escobedo’s brother Jaime in excess of $1 million dollars.


This begins with the sweet heart deal Enrique Escobedo got for his brother Jaime at the Brownsville Housing authority.

On April 6, 2010, Enrique Escobedo voted against non-renewal of Art Rendon’s contract.


He did this just 15 days after the BHA authority voted a $1,057,156.90, contract to Jaime Escobedo’s company Valley American Contractors. In the attached documents who seconded the motion to approve the contract? Art Rendon. Both Enrique Escobedo and Jaime Escobedo claim 55 Galonsky as a business address.

Here are the BHA documents.


The Herald continues to call this story not newsworthy. When you combine this with the letter to Ruben Cortez’s wife, you have a clear picture a deal has been cut in advance that if there is a new board they would vote taxpayer money to pay off Rendon, Juarez, and Gonzales. We already have the evidence that Escobedo voted the payoff to Rendon just 15 days after Rendon, Lehmann and Juarez gave his problem a contract for $1,057,156.90.

The picture speaks a million words - Escobedo, Lehmann, and convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla.


The new board is going to say an audit proves Saldana’s law firm over billed the district and they should be fired. This is not how it works - every major corporation and insurance company submits an independent audit to the major law firms they hire every year wherein the corporations and insurance companies are challenging the billing. This is a standard business practice. No one gets fired. The parties look to the discrepancies and work it out. This is standard business practices.

Independent of the above here is the con - if they fire Saldana’s law firm in the middle of the meeting, he is free to walk out. They will have no lawyer present. This is not how it is done. If you want to fire the law firm you put them on a month or two notice so that you can advertise for a new firm. There is a reason for this.

The so called interim firm is going to come in and bill $50 - $100 thousand to go over all pending litigation and legal matters so that they can give their independent advice on the issues. When they hire the permanent firm that firm is going to do the same thing. This is why you provide for a rational transition.

Unless board members were already negotiating with this interim law firm in advance, how do they know who it is going to be. Escobedo and Presas-Garcia went behind Springston’s back and negotiated a deal. This is not their job. Longoria and Saavedra are already on board with this back door deal. Pena, Aguilar, and Colunga need to call them out at the meeting on violation of the rules, in addition to calling for an investigation.

Fine, if they want to switch law firms do it - but do not do it in a way which will not cost the district upwards of $200 thousand dollars.

This was a done deal in advance. I am asking for a formal investigation against the interim law firm. The state needs to take action to include disbarring any lawyer who is a willing participant in this scam. The goal is clear - reward Rendon and Juarez for the million dollar contract to Jaime Escobedo. They need a law firm willing to make the recommendation. What does the law firm get - a multimillion dollar contract with BISD.


FROM THE HERALDAccording to the press reports - Escobedo was a player in the La Pampa Affair wherein a walking quorum nearly formed at a meeting being financed by a vendor. Otis Powers is the one who reported Escobedo’s conduct to the BISD lawyer. Now we have board members meeting well in advance with an interim law firm to represent them. We have a major problem and it should surprise no one Esobedo is up to his old tricks.

According to the Herald the La Pampa Affair was about a possible vendor seeking to influence Escobedo, Galvan, and Lehmann on contracts related to the new schools. Escobedo messed up when he invited Powers at the last minute.

Violations of the act are misdemeanors and can carry jail sentences between one month and six months.

Arthur C. Reyna Jr., a former Democratic state representative and now a lobbyist for a variety of companies, picked up the check for the group.

Reyna was in town representing Vitetta, an architectural firm that specializes in school design."
Rene Oliveira is in the middle of the BISD mess - he did not give Escobedo a $1,000 in exchange for nothing. Rene has several interests - which is going to get rewarded for that $1,000 is yet to be discovered. In the La Pampa Affair, Escobedo took money from the vendor before voting them the contract.

"However, in addition to the dinner, Escobedo and former board member Eliceo Mu oz received $500 each in campaign donations from Alan P. Hoffman, president of Vitetta. "


Why is an interim law firm being brought in without any bidding process and based on back door deal making by Escobedo and Presas-Garcia with the full support of Longoria and Saavedra? The Herald claims this is not newsworthy. The TEA will certainly be investigating.

History will judge Escobedo, Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra the most unethical and diabolical school board trustees in BISD’s history. They are getting away with it because Daniel Cavasos of the Herald is party to the deal making through his silence and use of terror journalism.

Where are Zayas and Cortez - missing in action - it was never about BISD - they are now out of power so the people can just be screwed. Now that it does not serve his political ends, Cortez is not even willing to defend his wife. Long before this election I called for the removal of the entire board. I have no problem with the removal of Zayas and Cortez, my problem is with their replacements.

Now, because I do not want to give Escobedo heads up on everything I am not copying the board members with the HUD and FBI complaints. There is more to this, but I have to wait and allow them to hang themselves.

No one is going to influence or change what this Board is about to do. Saavedra has made known that although the overwhelming majority did not vote for her - 10,376 people voted against Saavedra - only 6229 voted for her she has a mandate. Because she is so poorly educated she interprets this as support from the people. It just goes to prove a PhD in education is about a valuable as dirty ass wipes.

Two last things before I end with another coca tea induced dream. Saldana’s law firm needs to sue this interim law firm for tortious interference with business interests. They clearly negotiated a deal behind closed doors with board members and by-passed Springston. Springston would have had no business looking for an interim law firm unless he was told in advance of these back door dealings. If it turns out he is party to this he needs to be removed.

With these latest revelations if you still subscribe to the Herald you are the problem - you need to call and cancel your subscription. 956-542-4301

You can also email their general counsel and express your dismay with the terror journalism they are using on Brownsville. rsagan@freedom.com

In the end today’s vote will go forward. Longoria and Saavedra know of Escobedo’s long history of unethical conduct and that with the exception of the TEC sanctions he has gotten away with it, so far. They are relying on the fact the FBI is missing in action in Brownsville, so they will get away with it. They will not. But I know you cannot reason with people devoid of a conscience.

GOD is telling me Arg Miller led Presas-Garcia. Longoria and Saavedra in "hand to hand" reflection and prayer. GOD is telling me that the prayer ended in the climaxical epiphany that justice and morality have no place in Brownsville and they will succeed in their ways. Upon the climaxical epiphany all four were all smiles.