Thursday, October 14, 2010


I sent this ad to the Herald. I sent supporting documents for each allegation. Why are they refusing the ad.? Daniel Cavasos as its publisher has manipulated the stories related to BISD, and in fact approved a blind oped against Zayas and Cortez for suing Quintanilla. No where in the blind oped did he tell the readers why Zayas and Cortez were suing Quintanilla - namely false accusations of contract fixing.

In yesterday’s ad, Escobedo and Longoria’s supporters point blank lied about what Judge Hanan said about the alleged contract fixing. I defy anyone to find in this opinion where Judge Hanan made these findings. It never happened. Daniel Cavasos knew this and did not care.

When I have talked about this I include the opinion so that my readers can see for themselves. As to what Quintanilla said about Luci Longoria being part of his organization - I put his testimony in quotes. On this issue such as the issue as to Judge Hanan’s findings Daniel Cavasos knew the claims were false. He made Rick Zayas provide him the deposition testimony. So when Daniel Cavasos approved yesterday’s ad he knew it was misleading, and in fact false This is malice. I hope Rick Zayas has what it takes to sue the Herald for defamation per se.

Here is the opinion

I defy anyone to find in this opinion the claims Daniel Cavasos approved on the contract rigging. It is not there and Cavasos knew it. He knew the claims about me disrespecting a Latina were false. All I did was quote the testimony of Quintanilla.

I have never disrespected women, and especially Latinas. Ed Bradley did a 20 minute spot on my free representation of a Latina. I gave 6 years of my life representing a Latina for mostly free in an election contest. I carry my mother’s name because she raised us after daddy died - this is respect.

It is Carlos Quintanilla and Arg Miller playing this disrespect game. They disrespect my mother, a Latina, by not using her name when they refer to me. This is my legal name. It is by court order, after the Texas Supreme Court played a game for political gain claiming that because I never officially had it put on government documents they would not recognize it. I then went to court and officially added my mother’s name. Women do not have to do this, why do men?

It is Carlos Quintanilla who has repeatedly done press releases to McHale who sexualizes Latina women as toys for his perverted writings. I have repeatedly denounced this. Quintanilla continues to work with McHale.

Here is my ad.


This year I was paid $60,000.00, for the defamatory acts of one the cast of characters in this DefeatZayasCortezPowersPAC mess. I am a reporter for an on line newspaper, the Brownsville Voice. I report. Unlike the Herald, I have only been sued once for defamation, and that just happened. I have been sued in Dallas along with Rick Zayas, because I published a news report that Luci Longoria is in bed politically with convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla, and Juan Montoya. I saw this with my own eyes in the court room, and verified it later in a deposition given by Carlos Quintanilla. I am not worried about the lawsuit. Quintanilla is claiming it means they were having sex.

There is a claim that Rick Zayas gave me Quintanilla’s deposition. We are co-defendants because Quintanilla sued us. By law and only by law Rick Zayas under rules had to give me a copy of Quintanilla’s deposition. There is no conspiracy here. In fact anyone can go to the Brownsville Voice and use the internal search and find there are no kind words for any board member including Rick Zayas.

THIS YEAR TWO INSURANCE COMPANIES PAID ME $60,000.00, to release Juan Montoya and his coconspirators from a lawsuit wherein they were sued for falsely implying I am HIV+ and cannot be trusted around children. Juan Montoya had no proof to defend his accusations, so the insurance companies paid. And they will pay again.

They attacked back then because for a family with disabled children I successfully prepared two complaints to the TEA which resulted in the agency making findings against BISD. The person who failed these children - Art Rendon - who was subsequently let go from BISD. This is how they act. The mother of these children lost her public housing after Art Rendon was appointed to the Brownsville Housing Authority. She will be suing the BHA for retaliation. I am stuck having to help her pay her rent.

DefeatZayasCortezPAC is in part Carlos Quintanilla’s brain child. Remember he is a convicted felon. They produced a tv ad attacking me claiming a court found I filed fraudulent documents with the court and that I received a dishonorable discharge from the military. Both claims are false and defamation per se. Arg Miller along with Carlos Quintanilla will be paying damages. No one would run the tv commercial. I appeared before Willaim Jorn of NBC 23 with my discharge papers to show they lied. I cannot and will not defend against every lie they publish about be. I cannot afford it.

My work in the field of civil rights is so well documented. Ed Bradley then with “Street Stories”, formally of 60 Minutes, did a 20 minute spot on my civil rights work for the Latino community. And yes, I am in protracted litigation with the State Bar of Texas. It is complex, but I stand on my decision to defend a whistleblower who according to the Dallas Morning New exposed a conspiracy to have a $119 million dollar judgment against the Dallas Diocese voided. I stood with the boys victimized by the priests and I am proud of my decision. You can check their archives by running the “Tower Meeting.”
WHY ARE THEY ATTACKING ME - simple - I exposed that Luci Longoria is part of the Quintinalla organization - Quintanilla testified to this. I successfully got Enrique Escobedo sanctioned by the Texas Ethics Commission for lying about who paid for an ad he placed in the Herald.

I reported and filed criminal charges on Enrique Escobedo over the La Pampa affair wherein he nearly created a walking quorum of the board members in violation of state law. He then took money from the vendor who paid for his drinks and meal before voting that vendor a contract. All documented in the Herald.

I reported that Antonio Juarez and Art Rendon, both suing BISD, recommended and then voted a contract worth $1,057,156.90, to Jaime Escobedo, Enrique’s brother. 15 days later Enrique Escobedo voted to give Art Rendon his job back at BISD.

I reported that Pery Ramirez of Organizacion Choferes Unidos, while in Municipal court was called into Ben Neece’s office and told “he wanted our organization to go after Zayas and Cortez.” The State Commission on Judicial Conduct will be investigating.

The latest ad is sufficiently false that I will be pursing litigation. They know I am a disabled vet. It is on my truck plates. I have reported on the endless abuses by the VA in San Antonio towards LRGV veterans. I have worked directly with William Gunn, General Counsel for the VA to secure veteran’s rights.

It is complex but the VA has not been able to fix a hormone deficiency. I no longer work - I am too fatigued. The $60,000.00, I already got because of the previous defamation per se is holding me over.

It is sad how much money I am having to pay the Herald to defend myself - someone who is not even a candidate. A reporter who reports the truth. Let there be no mistake the Herald would have rejected the ad had their reporter been attacked in such a vicious and malicious way.


BobbyWC said...

I just rejected a post wherein someone is alleging one of the case of character has hired a meth addict - this would be a distraction, and without a court order it could possible raise to the level of defamation.

I do not post these type comments

Sorry - but to the source - I got your email and forwarded on to the right people

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

put it in the bargain book

Anonymous said...

It's a little misleading to claim that you are a reporter when you are a blogger. Maybe that's why the Herald refused your ad. Why should they be forced to give ad space to a competitor if you are claiming to be an "online newspaper"? This is a blog and not a "online newspaper".

Anonymous said...


On behalf of every student, teacher, parent, employee and the entire city of Brownsville that benefits from the many services and quality education BISD provides, THANK YOU for not running.

You seem to forget that BISD is about a community of people not a board of 8. Its the collective body of our community: students, parents, teachers, business and citizens of Brownsville that is the soul of BISD. Regardless of some of the mistakes our boards have made, noone can say that we as city have not prospered through the heroic efforts of teachers over the many decades BISD has been in place. Yet you want to have it dismantled. Your feeble brain must be lacking oxygen. Because you would much rather destroy all the good that BISD represents and tarnish everyone in the process in order to spite a few. That's really small of you.

BobbyWC said...

I love people who have no idea what they are talkiing about - I have celebrated the students and teachers many times. I did an entire piece expressing my frustration with the board taking credit for the success of the Chess program - I gave 100% of the success to the children and teachers.

I have written extensively that the idea the board impacts the classroom is stupid - the teachers and hard work of the students is what makes the classroom.

The board spends 95% of its time on budget -

You need to learn my history before you go off and prove you have no idea what you are talking about

Guys - sorry for the late posts but today was a travel day- I am just getting in

Anonymous said...


Don't let the local Riff Raff interfer with your health. The Good Lord has something special for a Man with your talent and dedication to community. Be wary of folks using your sincere good nature to sway opinion.

Many respect you for your non-bias approch to what's really going on.

Should you take sides, will likely render your VOICE a moot issue.

Clairity is what we need. You provide this with your forum. Any distraction from the facts...and so many facts are yet to be revealed, will only muddie the truth.

Stay on the high road and continue with the objective merits of the issues.

People here will use you for the immediate matter at hand and discard you when the ends justify the means.

God Bless and thanks for keeping us informed...

....a loyal reader

Anonymous said...

Facts without conjecture? Since when? Your posts started off with offering facts or evidence and then letting people decide. That's what I respect most about your blog. The challenge to think and question. But has the blog became more popular your ego grew. Its all conjecture now and more personal. You editorialize and demean and lower the standard to outright character assassination. You have lost your ethical high ground. You are turning into El Rocinante without the porn.

BobbyWC said...

All conjecture: the documents from BHA are conjecture? The signed statement by the woman accusing Ben Neece of wrongdoing- conjecture? All the articles in the Herald about the La Pampa and Escobedo's roll in that mess all conjecture?

The TEC sanctions against Escobedo all conjecture?

QUintanilla's sworn testimony that Luci Longoria is part of organization - all conjecture?

Quintanilla's sworn statement that she collects information for his organization - all conjecture?

YOu know what I love about my readers who truly understand the challenge about thinking for themselve -

They know when someone says "all conjecture" without one example - are full of conjecture and recognize a con.

I have the smallest ego in town - Ego would be me posting all over the internet every day all of my community work?

I never talk about my work unless it is needed to demonstrate a story.

When people attack me then I do talk -

But you have no idea how much I do and how much money I give away.

Every who knows me I am planning this to have 1 dollar to my name the day I die.

But nice try

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Why did you delete the part about Joe Rod?

Anonymous said...

Post the Ben Neece complaint letter! Let's take him down for good!