Saturday, October 23, 2010


OH A SMILE MOMENT:  An intellectual propery lawyer I met yesterday from California told me it is copyright infringement for the Herald or DefeatZayasPowersPac to use a copyrighted photo of me for profit without my permission.  I cannot wait until Monday to give the case law on the matter to Freedom's lawyers at Haynes and Boone.

I have not reported any settlement in the Lubbock Healthsmart case because there is none. We will know this evening or tomorrow. In fact community activists and local commentators in Lubbock are demanding that all Commissioners who have received donations from Ted Parker abstain from voting.

Not that facts matter, but no one knows for sure what is happening in Lubbock. Some seem to think the settlement is over attorneys fees related to several lawsuits filed by Parker which he later dismissed.

It appears with a previous settlement with Travelers, the city may be in a position to recover all of the fees it spend defending against Parker's lawsuits - which Parker himself dismissed. The pattern should be clear - Parker loses the contract and then sues and disrupts communities to force them back to him. This is why he saw Carlos Quintanilla, the convicted felon, as the perfect front man to do his dirty work. Carlos Quintanilla through his conduct has cost the taxpayers millions - and for what? - to promote corruption

Unlike the morons who continue to believe Montoya, my readers can actually look at a date on an article to see when it was published. The issue is not the original FBI investigation lodged in Lubbock, but that fact BISD is now cooperating in the matter. But then again my readers are not idiots.

But some facts, the DefeatZayasCortezPowersPac claim they are about the children -really? when they denounce the building of Veterans Memorial High School - a premier high school which will bring job training to the children.

They fail to acknowledge that this board has managed to build schools and higher teachers while other school districts close schools and lay off teachers.

How about DefeatZayasCortesPowers demand that Art Rendon and Hector Gonzales reimburse BISD for all of the legal fees incurred by the taxpayers as a result of the endless legal maneuvering which has brought them no results.

How much will the BHA now spend to defend Antonio Juarez and Art Rendon’s conduct in retaliation against this disabled woman for the crime of filing successful complaints with the TEA over Rendon’s incompetence? When will the taxpayers no long have to pay for Art Rendon? The money which is being spent on attorneys, could house potentially hundreds on homeless families, but no it will be used to promote the incompetence of Art Rendon and corruption of DefeatZayasC ortesPowersPAC?

Where are these people defending this disabled Latina who is homeless because of Art Rendon ?- they are right in his bed saying - fuck her for filing complaints to protect her children - this is Arg Miller at her best - defending the inept Rendon while leaving disabled Latinas in the street with no where to live.

How about telling the parents that the principals overwhelmingly stated they had no confidence in Art Rendon - would this not be about the children?

How about denouncing Escobedo for misapplication of BISD campaign money and lying about it in a campaign ad?

How about denouncing Escobedo for voting to reinstate Art Rendon, who the principals found was ineffective, after Art Rendon voted his brother a sweet heart deal?

Answer - DefeatZayasCortesPowersPac is about one thing and one thing only - corruption for their interests.

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Anonymous said...

Bobby, the PAC stands for P- Pat Lehmann, A - Art Rendon, C - Caty Garcia. We cannot let them win.