Thursday, October 28, 2010


For the frivolous lawsuit filed by Ted Paker against several city officials after they cancelled Lubbock's contract with Ted Parker, Ted Parker agreed to pay the City of Lubbock $850,000.00. The city already recouped $500,000.00 from its own insurance company to cover some of the attorneys fees.

Why did Ted Parker pay $850,000.00 if he did nothing wrong?

In the future I would recommend Ted Parker consult with Juan Montoya's insurance expert before settling lawsuits. The lawsuit related to the original contract between Ted Parker's Group and the City of Lubbock remains pending. This settlement is strictly for attorneyes fees incurred by the City of Lubbock while defending against Parker's frivolous lawsuit.


Anonymous said...

I thought you said 12 million dollars, the lawyers won on this one it was not for any abuse,it was for legal fees. What victory is that for Lubbock the lawyers got paid, that is what is going to ahppen here, the lawyers who are friends of Zayas and Cortez and saldana will make the money. Are you proud of that, where is your integrity.

BobbyWC said...

You can spin anyway you want - but reality still prevails - I never ever said 12 million on this issue - I have been careful to separate out the insurance issue from the abuse of process issue.

Obviously you believe that when someone pays out $850,000 after being sued for abuse of process is not evidence of abuse - "abuse of process" not abuse - okay - you fail English.

Second until this money was paid the taxpayers were caught with the bill - the taxpayers already paid the bill - so the taxpayers being reimbursed $850,000.00 dollars in attorneys fees that already had been paid to their lawyers is not good for the people.

In your mind it would have been better had the City of Lubbock just paid Ted Parker for damages - never mind Ted Parker himself dropped the lawsuit rather than face the judge.

You're an idiot or just a convicted felon unhappy with reality.

And yes I am proud that BISD is suing to recover taxpayers money - and yes lawyers do get paid for their services -

you would rather BISD not sue Healthsmart and recover the money stolen from the taxpayers - why - you are a hired gun to disrupt society - somethings never change

And yes the lawyers got paid to defend against Gonzales' frivolous lawsuit - you would have prefered that the taxpayers just pay him damages - he lost - why should taxpayers pay damages just because someone claims wrongdoing - this you prefer?

Bobby WC