Saturday, October 30, 2010


I will continue with my travel log on Monday. Today is a catch-up on some issues, and then a reflection on the election not just locally but nationally.  Tomorrow I may comment on the ads and any news related to the election.


Yesterday after Mina Garza failed to release the names of the Board Members who failed to attend the October 25th Brownsville Housing Authority meeting as she promised the day before, and as she told me Antonio Juarez authorized her to do, I returned to the BHA and hand delivered the open records request.

I want to be clear - it is true - Antonio Juarez has 10 days to comply with the request. The initial problem was in stating he did not have time to accept the envelope. We are talking about disclosing three names. BISD has complied with my requests within 24 hours. The City of Brownsville has complied with my requests within 48 hours. The 10 day rule is designed not to give scum like Antonio Juarez an excuse to delay the disclosure, but to insure the public entity has time to gather the information. We are talking 30 seconds to type three names.

Anyway, yesterday Mina Garza, upon accepting my request (the day before I sent it in an email), told me that Antonio Juarez had told her to not release the names to me and that he would now handle me. Handle me? Are you FKM?

Here the is problem - Antonio Juarez, Pat Lehmann and Art Rendon are mad as hell I exposed the sweat heart deal they got for Enrique Escobedo’s brother. Antonio Juarez knows that Pat Lehmann and Art Rendon own the third vote needed for firing him and Mina Garza. Antonio Juarez the day he accept the job turned over his aquacates to Pat Lehmann. Pat Lehmann jollies on a daily basis as he plays with Antonio Juarez’s aquacates in his hands. Pat Lehmann gets off on playing with Antonio Juarez’s aquacates. HUD is going to investigate this and end Antonio Juarez’s career at the BHA. Pat Lehmann knows this - but the goal is to now punish as many innocent people as he can, and Antonio Juarez is right there with him..

PAT LEHMANN AND CONVICTED FELON CARLOS QUINTANILLA - working hard to punish the innocent - Birds of a Feather as they say.

If you did not see it, late yesterday I posted an update on Carlos Quintanilla going off the deep end in search of his aquacates - he still has not made arrangements to have me served.


A nation divided is always going to be on the losing side. During my travels in Peru, I was amazed how many times people from all over the world would say “maybe we should not talk politics with the American in the group.” The world thinks we have lost our mind and blames us for the world recession.

I will say one English couple shocked me one day when they said “well at least George W. is smarter than Tony Blair.” I was like wow - that is real scary. I have spent my entire life traveling abroad. I have never known so many foreigners this angry with the US and asking if we have lost our minds. They are watching this election cycle in fear of what is to come. They cannot understand how stupid and ignorant a nation can be to put Tea Party candidates on the ballot.


Beyond being certain that Casco will win, I have no idea what will happen on Tuesday night. As a people we associate with people of like minds. This makes it hard for me to measure the mood in Brownsville. My group believes the PAC are just bad people without a conscience. They see through the lies. They remember why they voted against Pat Lehmann. They understand that when Mary Rey point blank lies about Springston being responsible for events which happened when Art Rendon and Hector Gonzales were in charge, we are dealing with bad - real bad and evil people. But do other people understand this?

If Longoria, Escobedo, and Saavadra win, I can assure you BISD will be spending millions in attorneys fees. These three will turn the school district upside down thereby creating massive litigation. There is no doubt that they will terminate Saldana’s legal services. His law firm will sue. And take note- Longoria, Escobedo, Saavedra and Presas-Garcia will authorize the new law firm selected by them to pay out millions of dollars in your tax money to defend their onslaught of retaliation. They cannot bring back Hector Gonzales without firing Brett Springston - they cannot bring back Art Rendon without firing Kathleen Jimenez - on that note since her husband no longer employees Enrique Escobedo and in fact gave $1,000 to Ruben Cortez - how do you think that will go?

The other option is for the new Board to just authorize millions of dollars in damages to be paid to Antonio Juarez, Art Rendon, and Hector Gonzales. Where will this come from? - your tax dollars.

Caty Presas-Garcia attacks the superintendent at nearly every meeting. What do you think a new majority will mean for Brett Springston? This school district will be put on its head. These people lie because they have a corrupt and unethical publisher at the Herald by the name of Daniel Cavasos as a team player and member of their little joint enterprise.

It is going to be the most expensive blood bath in Brownsville’s history - the people in charge will be those hand picked by a convicted felon, and a former Board Member thrown out by the people in a landslide.

So while I know everyone I know sees Longoria, Escobedo, and Saavadra as a threat to our school district, I do not know how the people outside my circle feel. The most I can hope for is that the people of Brownsville see just how stupid and ignorant the PAC’s ads read. The decision to place an ad to defend Quintanilla made them look desperate. This ad may have been the one which told people they are bad and cannot be trusted.

I suspect a large portion of the people have already voted. People - and I mean the super majority of my readers - you need to get the word out about these people and tell everyone you know via email and phone they have to vote no to Saavadra, Longoria, and Escobedo. Everyone I know either voted for Peña or Powers.

If we do not defeat these people now, our community will turn to turmoil. Finally I need to say, if you have a subscription to the Herald then you are aiding this joint enterprise. I understand that you may have already paid for the subscription before the clarity of Daniel Cavasos’ part in this mess became known. You need to not renew your subscription.

This mess with a PAC so willing to lie over and over again is only possible because the Herald made itself a partner in this joint enterprise. An ethical publisher never would have accepted most of the ads, or the letters from Mary Rey or Arg Miller with point blank lies. An ethical publish would have exposed the PAC - but we are in Brownsville dealing with Daniel Cavasos who is hell bent on destroying Brownsville. It is up to us people - we either stand and fight or turn our community over to Daniel Cavasos and his partner in crime convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla.

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Anonymous said...

In all my years of living in Brownsville, I have never seen the ugly evil of those of the PAC and those that they support for office.
These individuals must be defeated at the polls on Tuesday.