Saturday, October 2, 2010


I would rather put a bullet in my head than be as miserable as Juan Montoya. Last night I rejected a comment which claimed my home was foreclosed on and I was evicted. Inasmuch as I have never owned a home in Brownsville, I found this to be weird. Then as part of the alleged conspiracy between myself and Juan Montoya, he continues to defame me by posting a comment with these claims. Again you must own a home before it can be foreclosed on. I have never owned any property in Brownsville.

I decided to go out to the old house and see what they are talking about. Well I am glad I did - Wells Fargo will be sued for a 3rd time. I warned Wells Fargo about this law firm and their incompetence. Without the help of Juanito Panito Montoya I never would have discovered they violated my rights - THANKS JUANITO

Why sue - why not? What is the point of law to protect consumers if no one is going to sue the banks and law firms which violate them? I can assure you Wells Fargo will pay, and then do the same thing a thousand more times - why? because on balance they still make money on it.

In my blog I was very open about the fact I lived in a rental home which was foreclosed on. The renter does not pay the mortgage - Juanito - The person who was foreclosed on was Diana Chavez - not me. Under federal law, which I discussed in my posts, the tenant, that would have been me, has 90 days to move out. It has nothing to do with paying the rent. Wells Fargo has every right to sell the house. It is their house. I was merely a tenant.

Wells Fargo gave me an extension in writing. The documents Juanito Panito Montoya is threatening to post to the internet show a letter dated July 12, 2010. In the letter it states “final demand that you vacate the Premises within ninety (90) days of the date of this letter.” I know Juanito has a limited education - but he might ask a second grader when 90 days is from July 12, 2010.

Now if anyone is interested, on the top left hand side of the blog is a search function. Type in moving. You will see several posts related to my moving including my call for help in finding a place. But you will also find the post dated August 12, wherein I state I am finally moving. The U Haul rental agreement along with my lease will verify this.

I immediately notified this law firm via e-mail that they needed to send someone by to inspect the house. I informed them a second time on the 16th of August. This is actually the second attempt by these lawyers to wrongfully evict me. The first was denied by Linda Salazar. I appeared in court with the evidence of my written extension and they failed to appear. They then filed a second eviction after Wells Fargo and the law firm were notified the house was empty - some 60 days ahead of my move out date.

Anyone can read these documents and see I was given 90 days after July 12, 2010.

The law is pretty clear on this one - Wells Fargo will pay - and no I will not be paying Juanito 20% for helping find another person to sue for defamation. Now you will note, I took no action against Wells Fargo after the first time they broke the agreement and forced me into court. I let it go. But you see when you let things go, they come back at you a second time.

I have been living at my new address since August 12, 2010. Juan Montoya was sent a notice of change of address. There was some confusion with the court over the settled defamation case, so I had to file a notice with the court and obtain a document which in fact showed the clerk is a moron. I sent that document along with my change of address to Juan Montoya and Jerry McHale. What is it, Juanito, do you not know how to read?

It is my understanding the process server is being given my new address and phone number. I have asked that he call me so that I can be here when he comes. I see no reason for him to make more than one trip. Trust me, I am looking forward to executing on Quintanilla the judgment for sanctions.


Anonymous said...

I put it under Omen. But please go after Lucy and Juan for lies...

Anonymous said...

Any response to the anti-Zayas video posted on Juan Montoya's blog, involving you?