Friday, October 29, 2010


I am posting an email I sent to key local elected officials and key executives at Freedom Communication. The key issue is, Mary Rey needs to be sued and Freedom needs to print a story on Sunday denouncing her.

Corporations look to school districts when choosing to relocate their businesses or start new businesses. Mary Rey point blank lied about or at least intentionally mislead that Brett Springston is somehow responsible for the failings when Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon were in charge.

Our elected officials have an ethical duty to contact the Herald and demand a retraction. It is their job to protect the community from lies which can and will cost us jobs. Let's see if our elected officials can put the community ahead of politics.

Here is my letter:

To Rachel Sagan, General Counsel Freedom Communications; Carlos Cascos, Cameron County Judge, Pat Ahumada, Mayor City of Brownsville, Brett Springston, Superintendent BISD, and the BISD Board of Trustees:

Ladies and Gentlemen.

No one can accuse me of being a supporter of Mr. Springston - but I am consistent about being honest - this morning’s letter by Mary Rey effectively putting the blame on Mr .Springston for events which were in place when Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon were in charge is defamation per se and defamation false light because it goes to Mr. Springston’s competency as the superintendent.

I am sending this e-mail to County Judge Cascos and Mayor Ahumada - because they also have an ethical obligation in this matter.

Prospective employers read the Herald and will see these lies on line. The quality of a school district is a factor when choosing to relocate a business or start a new business. These lies hurt Brownsville and Cameron county. The fact of the matter is the two people in charge when the problems in special services reached their peak were effectively fired by BISD - this is what prospective employers should be reading in the Herald - not Daniel Cavasos endless lies in support of his corrupt agenda. It speaks volumes about Freedom Communication and Rachel Sagan that she is okay with Daniel Cavasos being in bed with convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla, who was brought to Brownsville by Ted Parker in retaliation for BISD cancelling its contract with Healthsmart. The fact the Herald deemed not newsworthy the $850,000.00 Ted Parker agreed to pay the City of Lubbock in an abuse of process lawsuit for the same con job speaks volumes about Freedom Communication and Rachel Sagan.

People there is a pattern - the Herald altered a video of Mayor Ahumada after his last DWI - this was done to poison the well of prospective jurors - Daniel Cavasos then allowed Arg Miller to submit a letter point blank lying about his support for accepting PUB money to balance the budget.

As elected officials you have an ethical duty to demand the Herald retract all of these lies and in particular the lies about Mr. Springston. As to Mr. Springston it goes to the region’s ability ot recruit new companies for jobs.

I am providing the email of their general counsel - politics aside and policy differences, we must be able say enough is enough when lies have the potential of hurting the image of the community and in fact the ability of the community leaders to bring in outside investors to the area to create jobs.

I hope at a minimum Mr. Springston’s lawyer will demand the Herald do an article retracting the lies of Mary Rey as to his place in this mess - this must be done by Sunday. I would hope Freedom would ban all future ads by DefeatZayasCortezPowersPAC. The lies have to end and end now. I hope Mr. Springston has the courage to sue the Herald for defamation per se and defamation false light.

For the record, as a long time opponent of Mayor Ahumada but as someone who believes in fairness, I hope he too sues the Herald for defamation false light over the altered video tape and lies by Arg Miller as authorized by Daniel Cavasos.

In preparing this, a friend just advised I include the following:

[1] Daniel Cavasos knowingly allowed for an ad claiming Judge Hanan found evidence of contract rigging. It never happened;

Here is the opinion

I defy anyone to find in this opinion the claims Daniel Cavasos approved on the contract rigging. It is not there and Cavasos knew it

[2] Daniel Cavasos has declared not newsworthy the written claims of Pery Ramirez, of Organizacion Choferes Unidos that Judge Ben Neece while in chambers and while she was in court with a cousin tried to pressure her to get her organization to vote against Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortes.

[3] Daniel Cavasos has declared not newsworthy the revelation that Antonio Juarez of the Brownsville Housing Authority who is suing the school district and who was hired by Art Rendon who is also suing the school district, recommended and then voted a contract worth $1,057,156.90 to BISD Board Member Enrique Escobedo brother Jaime. Just 15 days later, Enrique Escobedo voted to reinstate Art Rendon. This is overt corruption and Daniel Cavasos declares it not newsworthy.

[4] Finally Daniel Cavasos declared not newsworthy the claims of a woman who lost her housing after Art Rendon was appointed to the Brownsville Housing Authority. The woman successfully filed two complaints against BISD related to Art Rendon’s incompetence. Art Rendon is let go from BISD and she is let go from public housing. She is disabled and homeless with two daughters and a grand daughter. The claim was she received SSI on behalf of her son and failed to report it. Social Security verified in writing the claim is false. She never received SSI for her son. In fact the court documents show that because of his disabilities he lives with the father. The court documents show that he lived with the father even before his diagnosis which came after a hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital.

According to Daniel Cavasos none of this is newsworthy. Why - it does not help him in his joint enterprise with the convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla.

Michael Stern CEO Freedom Communications:
Doreen Wade, President Freedom Broadcasting:


Anonymous said...

You are going to have a hard time serving Bruce Springston down here in Brownsville. The name of our illustrious Superintendent is not Bruce. He is Mr. Brett Springston! But even our board president and Pat H can not seem to get the Springston correct. They call him Springton and Springsteen! I guess it is a good way to get off the hook!

BobbyWC said...

valid catch I will fic it - and I will say I too have heard the mispronunciations as to his name - and it disturbs me - as to me try all this typing with a temp and a cough

But nice catch

Bobby WC