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Before I publish his letter let me say he emailed me and asked he could answer the questions I was posing to the candidates. he still does not answer them - what is his position on the Healthsmart issue, and 3-5 things he brings to the table -

Here is the kicker - he asked me to be given a chance to answer the questions - I sent the questions which he still refuses to answer.

So Mr. Garza, if my history with you is, you ask to answer my questions and then you refuse, why would I bother contacting you a second time? You sir through your refusal to answer simple questions are the sole reason I have no interest in bothering with you. Because you accuse the Herald of not reporting the facts, I believe it is important the people of Brownsville hear the side of the story you claim was not in the Herald. And for the record, it would not shock me to learn the Herald put a negative spin on the story to hurt you.

But to reiterate - you cannot refuse to communicate with people and then accuse those same people of being unprofessional because they did not communicate with you - your accusations reflect a lack of character and in fact game playing - but I do believe it is Saavdara who Escobedo is counting on to be his puppet and not you - on that we can agree.

And for the record I stand on my post that your campaign is empty - you cannot tell my readers  3-5 things you bring to the table because you have not thought about it, which is why it was not in your facebook page when I looked at it.  Had it been there I would have profiled it as a good thing.

Mr. Garza's letter:

October 11, 2010

Mr. Bobby Wightman-Cervantes,

This letter is in response to your two blogs on Brownsville Voice, which mention my campaign facebook page and Sunday’s Brownsville Herald article on the political signs. Let me begin by saying that you do not have all the facts concerning the signs. Unfortunately, the Herald did not report the entire story with all facts and for you to have blogged without the correct and full information shows lack of responsibility. These are the facts:

Mr. Powers, along with two other gentlemen, was seen taking down one of my signs from a property off of 802. He was shortly after confronted at the Valero gas station on 802 and Military Hwy about the incident and said that I did not have permission to place signs at that specific location. The Herald reports that I received permission after the fact but that is not the case; I already had permission prior to Mr. Powers removing it. The call made to that property owner after the signs were removed was simply to reiterate my permission. The witness also recalls that Mr. Powers tried to block his truck so as to prevent the witness from looking in and seeing the incriminating evidence. Mr. Powers had, in addition to the ones he removed, several other of my campaign signs, of which one was vandalized, as well as some signs of another one of his opponents in the bed of his truck, indicating he was illegally taking them from other locations.

I am not placing my signs illegally; I have received permission to place my signs in the locations where they are. The Brownsville PD has made a case and has now passed it on to the District Attorney’s office, something the Herald also failed to mention. This is theft not a misunderstanding as Mr. Powers states. It’s unfortunate that you would write about the story without all the facts.

I do not wish to belabor the issue, I have more important work to do with my campaign, and I just wanted to make you aware of all facts. I have respect for running a clean campaign and have always had respect for children, it’s a reason I am running for school board. Mr. Powers clearly isn’t the right choice for our school board. His lack of integrity during the campaign by using poor tactics is evidence of his true character. If he can do this publically, what will he do behind close doors?

As per your blog, Another Empty Campaign, I believe you are wrongfully portraying my campaign. You state that my facebook page is just “me, me, me, me!!!” Of course I have to use the words “I” and “my” in the information I provide because I am the candidate and people need to know why I am running, what my campaign is doing, and what my intentions and platform are.

I understand and am not delusional as to what my role as a board member will be. My role is budget approval, superintendent oversight, and approval/denial of personnel recommendations. The statements that I make are matters that can be dealt with by holding the superintendent accountable regarding providing more teacher development (not that I will direct teachers how to teach), enhancing curriculum, and ensuring that our district is managed efficiently and effectively. After all, the superintendent is the chief instructor of our district. In addition to this, everything that I mention as information on my page is attainable measures and necessary if our district is to move forward.

In the future if you want facts, show some character by contacting me directly. Your blog has incomplete information. I’d also like to mention that I am not affiliated with any other candidate nor have I been recruited to run by anyone. I am running on my own accord because I want to serve our district, its students, and the community and vote on what is best for our district and not what is best for an individual or to fulfill a special interest or favor. I hope this sets the record straight.


Eric Garza

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