Friday, October 29, 2010


[EDITOR'S NOTE:  Late last night I posted an article on the $850,000.00, settlement paid by Ted Parker of Healthsmart in the abuse of process lawsuit filed by the City of Lubbock.  The insurance case against Mr. Parker's companies remain pending.]

The Herald is still covering for Escobedo - this mornings article is only part of the story - the BV of course has the part the Herald refuses to cover. BV will be back by 9 a.m.

Okay sources you failed me - you get an “F” - why did I have to discover the new information on my own?


I just read Mary Rey’s letter to the Editor this morning. Mary Rey lies because a lie fits her mentality of deception. It becomes further evidence of the PAC’s malice.

The letter starts out with problems at BISD related to special needs children. I was the only blogger to go after Gonzales and Rendon for their incompetence over this issue. For my acts, which included filing successful complaints against BISD, Montoya and company to discredit me accused me of being HIV+, a child molester, and performing sexual acts in public gyms. Two insurance companies bought Montoya’s freedom for $60,000.00 dollars. It takes deranged people like Mary Rey to use disabled children as a weapon in an election.

But here is the kicker - she blames Springston for the problems which were in place when the convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla came to town. FACT - Gonzales and Rendon were in charge - not Springston. Why does Mary Rey point blank lie - because she can - she has Daniel Cavasos, publisher of the Herald on her side. In law SprinGston has a slam dunk defamation per se case against the Herald. In my view, Springston has a moral duty to sue - not for himself - but for the children.


But first some updates on the Antonio Juarez mess and why his lawsuit will be thrown out by the court of appeals. The corruption at the BHA continues - On the 25th the BHA failed to meet because of a lack of a quorum. An issue on the agenda was whether or not to reinstate this woman’s housing voucher who I believe to be the object or relation by Rendon and Lehmann. If you remember on behalf of her learning disabled children she successfully filed two complaints against BISD for its mismanagement of Special Services while Rendon was in charge. In fact Rendon called the father and demanded that the initial complaint be dropped.

Mina Garza the Executive Secretary yesterday told me that she did not have permission to tell me which Board Members failed to appear. I then went to the offices of the BHA authority to hand deliver an Open Records Request to either Antonio Juarez or Mina Garza. Ms. Garza was not available and Antonio Juarez told the receptionist downstairs that he was too busy to accept the envelope.

I then called again later in the day and Mina Garza put me on hold to get permission to give me the names of the Board members who failed to show. She came back to the phone and stated that Antonio Juarez agreed to release the names. She agreed to send me an email right away confirming the names. How long does it take to type out three names. Nothing - absolutely nothing. I will make another attempt today to hand deliver the open records request. Exactly how does this conduct by Antonio Juarez help the people? - it does not. Scum is as scum does.


The only thing Judge Hanan found possible evidence of is the use of complaints against employees in an abusive way. Here is the problem with Judge Hanan’s claims - They are false.

Antonio Juarez called Otis Powers who was not even on the BISD Board at the time and asked to meet for advice on how to protect his job. Antonio Juarez initiated the meeting - without this act by Antonio Juarez no meeting would have ever occurred. Antonio Juarez then records the meeting.

This is the scoop - a private citizen advising a BISD employee to file a complaint against the Superintendent is evidence of nothing. The court of appeals will see this and dismiss the lawsuit. Why has the Herald refused to cover the truth on this issue? Antonio Juarez went to Otis Powers for advice on how to save his job - the initiator of this meeting was Antonio Juarez - he was the one looking for a backdoor way to save his job - yes integrity at its best.


The Herald if it speaks just lies - why deal in facts when deception works so much better. If you check out this site you will notice Enrique Escobedo no longer works for Dr. Jose Jimenez.

The October 22, 2010, Herald article which claims Escobedo works for RioMed21 is false. Sometime after Dr. Jimenez gave Escobedo $250.00 for his campaign, Escobedo no longer was employed with RioMed21. This by itself is nothing. But Dr. Jimenez then decided to give Ruben Cortez $1,000.00. The Herald knows this because they are the ones who printed the story. What the Herald is not doing is asking the hard questions as to why Dr. Jimenez switched sides. What does Dr. Jimenez know about Escobedo that we do not know?

What we do know, according to the Herald is that “Meanwhile, BISD records show that Escobedo specified an M.D. degree in medicine in his cap and gown request for May 2010 graduation ceremonies.”

I am going to work today on the issue of why Escobedo no longer works for Dr. Jimenez. I have a hunch - I have to see how the morning goes - yesterday my doctor told me my cold turned into an infection - I am on antibiotics - because of allergies to codeine I cannot take the prescription cough medicine - which means I am coughing - none of the over the counter stuff is working. If I can get out I will check out my hunch. If I am right, I will have another story later in the day.


Anonymous said...

Arguably the most egregious thing done yet!! The PAC has never done a thing for Special Needs children. Now, at the 11th hour , they decide to exploit the most needy for political gain. Lowest of the low.

BobbyWC said...

The evidence of real malice by the Herald is in the fact Daniel Cavasos rejected every single press release I did with findings against BISD when Art Rendon was in charge - he still refuses to allow for my ad which is supported by documentation, while allowing these people to lie about special needs when since day one they have run cover for Art Rendon.

No one in their organization has ever done anything for special needs - if things are so bad - where are all of the complaints - these people lie and complain but never act to protect the children.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

His diploma has Dr. Enrique Escobedo imprinted in the area where the name goes. He may not be a medical doctor, but he is a doctor with enough education to grant him that title. Just like a person who has a doctoral degree in education. Why is everyone making such a big fuss about this. Way back when LX Magnifico was supt her in BISD they found that he had an invalid certificate just like Dr. Zolkosky and the famous father and son Cantu duet and Jr. got appointed principal at Canales even after he lied about his doctorate on his resume.

BobbyWC said...

I have consistently said as to Dr. I have no problem - what my post today noted is the attempt to use M.D. that is a completely and different story.

But no one can say I have tried to make use of the Dr. controversy - I have always said it is a non-issue - but MD is a major issue

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Dr. Michael Zolkoski had two degrees one was questionable but the other was a PHD from the University of Texas. I never understood why he even listed the other one. The father son pair didn't have any degrees past their masters that were not a farce.