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In my mind this man is so obsessed with settling scores he is prepared to cover-up the FBI investigation against Healthsmart  (actually its predecessor before Ted Parker changed its name) and use his rag to promote the unethical conduct of Ted Parker, Carlos Quintanilla, Arg Miller, and Luci Longoria.

The other day he allowed for an ad which if Powers, Zayas and Cortez have any balls will lead to them suing the Herald and Freedom Communications. Texas has a cause of action for Defamation/False Light - this fits that case.

Arg Miller was tagged by Quintanilla as a sap who can be played into her own self-destruction. What is really sad is she used community property to pursue her lies with DefeatZayasCortez PowersPAC, thereby exposing her husband to litigation for defamation. I am certain her husband Brian H. Miller is not going to be happy when he gets my letter.

In this ad taken out in the Herald, Arg Miller damaged the financial reputation of BISD by falsely claiming a $38 million dollar operating deficit. Brett Springston has a legal duty to the district to demand the Herald run a story to correct this defamation on the financial status of BISD. The taxpayers are responsible for the bonds taken out by BISD. These type defamatory misleading statements by Arg Miller can lead to a lower bond rating and higher interest rates for BISD. In fact BISD should sue the Herald for damaging its financial status with misleading information.

She lied outright about Otis Powers. Otis Powers has not been on the Board for two years - how the hell can he have anything to do with the budget deficit? He cannot - but Quintanilla played her. Does Arg Miller even think before she acts?

In terms of what is happening in federal court - there is nothing in Judge Hanan’s opinion which could remotely be construed as suggesting anyone at BISD is involved in fixing insurance contracts. In fact not once, but twice Judge Hanan stated Antonio Juarez submitted no evidence to support his claims.

On page 9 of the opinion the Court specifically found “nor does he (Juarez) point this Court to any summary judgment evidence that creates an issue of material fact.”

On Page 14 the court finds no evidence of an FBI report by Juarez nor evidence the Board knew of such a complaint.

Here is the opinion.

The fact of the matter is, in terms of federal courts, it is Ted Parker’s predecessor to Healthsmart which is under scrutiny by the FBI and possibly being forced to appear before a federal grand jury. There is zero evidence anyone at BISD is a target of the FBI for fixing insurance contracts. This is reality.

Daniel Cavasos put himself squarely in the middle of defending Healthsmart and convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla, although BISD is suing Healthsmart for millions of dollars. Daniel Cavasos put himself squarely in the middle of defending Healthsmart and convicted felons Carlos Quintanilla, even though Ted Parkers Healthsmart is the target of the FBI. Daniel Cavasos has put himself in the middle of defending Healthsmart and convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla even though they have a history of using local elections to manipulate votes in favor of Healthsmart after Healthsmart has been sued.

“Lubbock City Council candidate Armando Gonzales filed corrected campaign finance reports with the city on Thursday, a few days after his opponent filed a complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission saying Gonzales was intentionally withholding information.

In the reports, Gonzales listed $1,300 in in-kind contributions for the use of a campaign van owned by Ted Parker for 26 days; $2,550 in-kind from Carlos Quintanilla for campaign-related activities”

Armando Gonzales was Ted Parker’s sap and it cost him the election. The city of Lubbock sued Parker’s insurance group and then Ted Parker seeks out a candidate he believes will vote to protect Ted Parker. His hit man in tow - Carlos Quintanilla -

Does this all sound familiar? BISD sued Ted Parker - Carlos Quintanilla is dispatched to recruit a sap - namely Luci Longoria - Ted Parker needs as many safe votes on the BISD Board as he can get. The sad part is Ted Parker’s company is already an FBI target in Lubbock for its actions - are Luci Longoria and Arg Miller next? Both of these women are saps - I do not believe either of them realize what has happened or knowingly participated in the scam. But now that it is known - they need to denounce it - they will not.

So back to Daniel Cavasos - he has declared this entire scam on the people of Brownsville not newsworthy and in fact is an active participant in the scam as part of his score settling over the discharge of Hector Gonzales. Daniel Cavasos never called anyone and told them he will destroy them such as Carlos Quintanilla did to William Jorn at channel 23, but he has sought to destroy Zayas, Cortez, and Escobedo for not submitting to his will.

I did a previous post on how Daniel Cavasos used a blind oped to trash Zayas and Cortez for suing Carlos Quintanilla. Nowhere in his cowardly blind oped does he state why Zayas Cortez sued Quintanilla - Cavasos intentionally played his readers as fools.

These reasons are ever so important at this time - the FBI has targeted Ted Parker’s insuranc groups Healthsmart, or actually its previous incarnation before the name was changed. A federal judge has found no evidence to support the claims of contract fixing by anyone at BISD.

Why is the publisher of the Herald in bed with a convicted felon (I guess by Quintanilla’s linguistic skills this means a homosexual relationship) , Carlos Quintanilla and Ted Parker? It is not because he supports their conduct - it is because he is petty and needs to settle a personal score even if it means aligning himself with a convicted felon and a man whose company is the target of the FBI

Here is my original commentary on Cavasos blind open.

Again, so you know what Luci Longoria and Arg Miller appear to be opposing - the Healthsmart lawsuit.

Brownsville’s political historians will record Luci Longoria and Arg Miller as two of the biggest saps in Brownsville’s political history to be taken in by a convicted felon. If they could be taken in by a convicted felon, what does it say about Luci Longoria and Arg Miller respective judgments?

Yesterday, I outlined my argument with supporting documents to the general counsel for Freedom Communications.  I let her know if Mr. Cavasos continues to allow Carlos Quintanilla and his saps to print lies, a lawsuit is sure to follow.

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