Monday, October 4, 2010


I spoke with William Jorn, General Manager at KVEO, and he told me the media source who brought the tape is non-other than Juan Montoya. He also told me Carlos Quintanilla called him and threatened to destroy him.

I produced for Mr. Jorn the same documents I produced for the general counsel at google. they included my military discharge papers. My DD214 shows I received an honorable discharge.

Montoya according to Mr. Jorn lied when he said he had no problem with the factual allegations.  Mr. Montoya never produced any  documents to support the claims in the video - why?  they do not exist.  Mr. Montoya in his own blog represented the media person had the documents to show Mr. Jorn.  Remember the media person was Juan Montoya.  This means Juan not only sought to publish the defamatory document to a third person he also lied to that person about the existence of supporting documents. 

Montoya does not have a pot to piss in - he cares not how many times he gets sued.  He aligns himself with people who have money or insurance so that they get caught paying the settlement. 

I have been told the name by BISD of the person who filed the designation of treasurer with BISD for the DefeatZayasCortezPowers PAC.  The name of the filer is a familiar name.  Because I have a policy of not going with what people tell me over the phone, I will wait until I physically have the document in my hand.

I will say this, when a veteran falsely accuses another veteran of having been dishonorably discharged, it is fair to say she has no conscience.  She knows who she is - tomorrow I will be taking no prisoners.  Now if she wants to call me and meet with me and produce for me all financial documents related to the money raised by the PAC, I will agree to not sue her.

I know this person - she will go down all the way to bankruptcy yelling conspiracy.  I will get the information anyway in discovery - so she I helping no one by refusing my offer to not sue her.

Madam - get an attorney - have him call me tomorrow for an appointment.  I promise that if you give me all of the financial information I will release you from suit.  You will also provide the names of everyone in the PAC and everyone who was at meetings. 


Anonymous said...

It is interesting that the blog defeat zayas cortez and powers is already down. They claim to have an army behind them. While it was still up it showed no followers but J Montoya as the owner.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that the blog defeat zayas cortez and powers is already down. They claim to have an army behind them. While it was still up it showed no followers but J Montoya as the owner.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for the information about the PAC.

BobbyWC said...

Someone claiming to be Arg Miller sent a nasty post which I will not approve - she claims she has the proof - only in her dreams - does not exist - she needs to learn how to read and write in the English language

Ms. Miller the record will go down as I gave you a chance - I get the asme information in discovery -

and please I hate shit people like you who claim God protects you - you would not know god if he stood before you -

nothing angers me more than ignorant cowardly people who run to god as their defense

so now get ready to claim a conspiracy between myself and the DOA

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! Why did they go down that road? Just be positive and explain you platform. Lucy and Juan M., made a big mistake. Bobby, Joe Rod, and Rick Zayas will have their day. Bad advise by their advertising firm or PAC.

BobbyWC said...

this is the thing with people like Arge Miller - Carlos Quintanilla came to brownsville with all of these claims about Healthsmart being a victim - Caty Presas-Garcia and Escobedo voted to keep the contract with Healthsmart - they said f evidence - now there is an independent audit which shows Healthsmart cheated BISD employees, BISD and the taxpayers by some 7 million dollars 9as alleged) and where are people asking Caty and Escobedo why they supported Healthsmart

Not even caty could deny black and white evidence so she along with Escobedo voted to sue Healthsmart

On a budget issue - who initially voted to keep BISD being cheated? caty and Escobedo

Who has voted to for BISD to default on the lawsuits filed by Rendon which would have meant taxpayers paying the judgment - Caty and Escobedo

On real evidence only Caty and Escobedo can be cited as voting to cost BISD money and break the budget -

Where is Arg Miller - defending them.

Wht would my readers say if it were learned a BISD trustee is trading votes for financial benefit for a family member- its is a crime

I have half of the story proven - I am waiting on an open records request to prove the votes. I will then ask the justice department to open a criminal investigation.

Now before I disclose names - what do the Quintanilla people want me to do if I can show a BISD board member voted in a vote trade to benefit a family member - is this ethical

due tell us Quintanilla

Bobby WC