Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I was going to get back to BISD, but I will wait until tomorrow so that I can possibly include a document I have on Escobedo.

It has been a busy morning - I am back and my phone is ringing off the hook with all of the problems in the world -

The picture is of Dallas’ West End. It is an amazing family and adult (PG 13 rated) entertainment district in downtown Dallas.

In addition to a ton of things for the children, it has a multi-screen movie theater, restaurants, bars, shopping, outdoor bands in the plaza, and ( key) a parking garage. I believe the parking garage is privately owned.

Brownsville needs to make a decision to either build a multilevel parking garage near the area it wants as the entertainment district, or provide long-term property and business tax breaks to any private entity willing to build a multilevel parking garage. Without the parking garage in the West End, there would be no West End. I spent many a weekend eating in the restaurants, and going to the movies. It was my movie theater of choice.

I would love to work with a group which recruits highly qualified visionaries to run for mayor and city commissioners. We have the opportunity to put 4 new voices on the Brownsville City Commission come May 2011. But I will say, I will not get involved in this election if the candidates are going to have to put up with Arg Miller and her entourage of morons and former criminals. People have no idea how much damage this group has done to the willingness of highly qualified people to seek elective office.

I am working on a story related to HHSC - part of the story I have verified - it is bizarre. I am at a point that surreal no longer has meaning.


Anonymous said...

Seems Arge is now targeting Mayor Pat Ahumada and he is responding through Montoya's blog.

Will the refrain "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" apply here, Bobby?

As police brutality victim Rodney King once said "why can't we all get along?"


Anonymous said...

Your medication is making you dillusional, Bobby. While we have our local politician, Brownsville will never grow as you have described. An entertainment area in Brownsville in the middle of the Cantina Downtown Corridor? Are they planning on closing down all those cantinas and running all those "baby fake-dolls" strolling the area? Are we bring Movies 10 prices to down town theaters? Are they removing the meters? Are they taking all the ropa usada places and moving them to Matamoros? How long have we been waiting for the Rio Paseo or whatever it was going to be called?
With the bus terminal in the area and all sorts of people congregating at all times of the night, who would want to go have some enjoyable hours there? Will there be a police walking-beat so that the cars will still be there when you decide to go home? Then, who is going to keep the area clean at all times? Look at the mess after one Saturday night. Dillusional to the mags!