Monday, October 4, 2010


UPDATE:  Pat Lehmann - Carlos Quintanilla gave you up - see you in court

Today I am busy working with an attorney in DC. We are looking at the prospect of getting an injunction against google and youtube, which are basically the same company. Google is being served in California with the documents at 8 a.m., needed to prove the entire youtube ad is defamation per se.

Juan Montoya is his own worst enemy - his post about channel 23 refusing to air the ad now has their lawyers deciding if they are going to give up the names of the people who visited their station or will they simply sit for deposition. Montoya cannot shut up long enough to protect himself.

He is broke - so he claimed - when you are broke you do not care if you have judgments against you.  this makes for a very dangerous person.


Anonymous said...

The truth hurts, go to you tube and or google, the AD IS FACTUAL.

BobbyWC said...

So my discharge papers which show I received and honorable discharge which have now been given to all of the people who need it including google are fabricated?

Do you understand that had a court found I submitted fraudulent documents to the court I would have been criminally prosecuted for a felony.

You do understand - but facts do not matter - I get that - you will accuse the Dept of Army of conspiracy to change my discharge papers -

you will accuse the Dallas counts for conspiracy to destroy the documents you claim support the fraud claims

you will accuse the federal judge of conspiracy to cover-up the claims against me

we get it -

facts will have no place in reality

Do you understand that anyone can run the name Zayas in teh upper left hand corner of my blog and find all of my negative comments against him and the board -

I know a conspiracy

Anonymous said...

What a shame that Juan Montoya's journalistic credibility rest on the fact that he is penniless, broke, and a fact-free zone. He will probably go back to writing for El Rocinante.