Saturday, October 9, 2010


This was an amazing event. BISD out did itself. JROTC, the band, the choir, and dancers did a great job. This was a heartfelt thank you from BISD, the students, and staff to the veterans.


Anonymous said...

it was AMAZING! I was touched...I must admit...from the music, recognitions was emotional. I have never seen so many standing ovations in one event. I was also proud to see all the young kids who are in ROTC.

Anonymous said...

Brownsville schools have had very strong ROTC programs for many years. It is a good place for students who are not athletic to have good mentors and be part of a group.

Anonymous said...

And all this inspite of the school board. This verifies that no matter what is going on at the main office, the individual schools, administrators, staff and most of all, the students, are the ones who bring the accolades and pride to BISD. A salute to Acacia Ameel, a very classy lady, and her administrative staff for a presentation due our Veterans.

Anonymous said...

What a shame that the Herald reporter who bylined today's article in the paper does not catch his own mistake. The picture correctly identifies Mrs. Acacia Ameel as the principal, yet within the article he states that Pat Masso is the principal. He owes Mrs. Ameel and apology. Masso may be an assistant principal.

BobbyWC said...

The Herald does not get it and never will - the editor has no use for accuracy and the publisher has no use for truth.

The principal was like a father of a new born - she was all smiles and so clearly proud of what her students and staff accomplished.

Josh Lerma, the student council president was amazing as a public speaker -

was he perfect? No - but he surpassed virtually every elected official in Brownsville - he made Caty Presas-Garcia look like a 2 year old.

Bobby WC