Wednesday, October 27, 2010


[BUT FIRST: QUINTANILLA LAWSUIT - Carlos Quintanilla’s doctor informed him his aquacates are missing and he should seek immediate medical care for exploratory surgery. I spoke with the process server this morning and he informs me Quintanilla is refusing his phone calls and has failed to provide him a copy of the lawsuit with citation so that I can be served.

I am free to answer the lawsuit without service. I will answer probably this week at the same time I notice up Luci Longoria and her husband for deposition next week. It is time the truth is exposed. If Luci’s husband is unwilling to defend his wife against this convicted felon, then he will be deposed so the truth is told.]

The PAC already took out one ad admitting its accounting principles were flawed and they got the number wrong as to the budget. Now they want to claim the Herald is in a conspiracy with BISD to fudge the numbers. Actually this alleged conspiracy is bigger - it is with the State of Texas.

This is from the article.

""Were audited by the Texas Education Agency, we’re audited by external auditors and we’re audited by our own internal auditors," Fuller said, noting that for eight years running BISD has received TEA’s Superior Achievement award for financial accounting, the highest possible under the agency’s Financial Accountability Rating System of Texas or FIRST."

The article was dry and almost impossible to read. But in the end, a state agency, the TEA gave BISD the Superior Achievement award for its financial accounting. The TEA is not a party in this election and has no dog in this election. In simple terms, a state agency looked at the accounting methods and found them to be superior.

But look, the PAC is about destroying anyone who challenges them. They are a political terrorist organization which refuses to deal in facts or reality. They use threats to destroy people’s reputation and careers if people do not give in to their demands. William Jorn of channel 23 has already verified this. The only question is, will the people fall for it? (I am not alleging violence.)

If they were about corruption, they would be denouncing Escobedo for his TEC sanctions related to his misapplication of BISD campaign money for his county commissioner race. (This week I will post the check [account number redacted] and the ad which got him in trouble.)

If they were about corruption, they would be denouncing Escobedo for voting to reinstate Art Rendon after Art Rendon voted his brother a sweat heart deal with the BHA.

Making matters worse is Daniel Cavasos of the Brownsville Herald. He has knowingly made the Herald and Freedom a member of this "joint enterprise." Shoemaker v. Whistler, 513 S.W.2d 10, 16-17 (Tex.1974). [key word - "implied"] As who is perhaps one of the most unethical publishers in the U.S., Cavasos uses the Herald as a political weapon to manipulate the political process.

In the case of Enrique Escobedo, I refused for months to cover the story of his title - doctor or not." I saw it as a none issue. I could find no evidence he ever held himself out as a medical doctor. There was no deception. In fact I have not made it an issue now.

But the Herald for months refused to cover this issue of Escobedo’s TEC sanctions. Why? Escobedo was on their team in terms of keeping Gonzales and Rendon on the payroll regardless of how it was impacting BISD. When the TEC sanctions issued Escobedo was Daniel Cavasos marinero (more on this in the weeks to come) and therefore protected.

But then came the county commissioners race - the battle over Gonzales and Rendon were lost - also Cavasos decided Escobedo needed to be punished for failing, or he was intentionally pushing Pena or Hernandez. Cavasos used these old stories to destroy Escobedo. It was political and not journalism. Little did Cavasos know he was going to have to choose between Escobedo and Cortez in the BISD race. I can assure you, if Escobedo were still running in place 1 and Powers were not on the ballot, the Herald would have made the sweat heart deal voted on by Rendon, and Lehmann for Jaime Escobdeo front page headlines. They would have made the revelation Judge Ben Neece is calling people into his office to campaign against Zayas and Cortez - front page headlines.

Daniel Cavasos ordered a black out on all negative news related to Art Rendon and Hector Gonzales. Gary Long refused all stories related to findings against BISD when Art Rendon was in charge of Special Services. Why? The findings did not help his political manipulation of the process.

No man is more responsible for the political hell hole Brownsville has become than Daniel Cavasos. Brownsville is desperate for an honest newspaper which will carry the news without bias or political agenda.
Daniel Cavasos to settle a political score with Pat Ahumada allowed Arg Miller to point blank lie about his support for the use of PUB money to balance the COB budget. There are no limits to how far this man will go to destroy Brownsville. I am going to tie up the Herald and Freedom in some very expensive and protracted litigation. I figure at about the $500,000.00 mark their general counsel will be fired and the case will settle. It is sad, had they simply accepted my ad, an ad I was willing to pay for, I would have released them. But you see, Danial Cavasos is a petty man without honor - so now Freedom will spend a minimum of $500,000.00 before it caves and settles with a public apology and a sum of money.


Anonymous said...

Have always appreciated your perspective on things but I have to respectfully disagree with you on Escobedo's use of the Dr. title. It's not about whether he carried himself as a medical doctor. He deliberately mislead the public about his academic credentials. And that reflects his lack of integrity. An extremely hypocritical form of behavior given he is an elected official on a public educational entity's board. Not to mention a horrible example to the over 45,000 students of the District. Anyone who feels compelled to misrepresent his educational accomplishments is unfit to lead,period. Escobedo's premeditated decision to carry himself with false pretenses clearly shows he is a not a man of honor, unworthy of an ounce of respect, and undeserving of a single vote.

BobbyWC said...

I think the average person sees exactly as you see it - my issue is - technically because I have a doctorate I am entitled to the title of Dr. - but I know that it would confuse people - also it is not in my character to use titles -
So you understand - I appreciate your perspective - but technically in the US anyone with a doctorate from any university can use the title - regardless of how confusing it is to the people - and it is confusing.

And it is always good to disagree with me - it makes the BV better -

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Let's us see! How many in BISD have used "faked" documents? It goes all the way back to the 60's when the superintendent LX Magnifico was found with worthless certificates. What about the Cuatitos Cantu and the band leader, Dr. Zolkosky? I know two wrongs do not make a right, but it does give us something to talk about. Who is checking credentials? I wonder how many more of BISD employees, board members, teachers, ect, have degrees from a "Dollar Store?" If a college gives me my diploma and it endorses it with my name as Dr. Titi Caca, than I am Dr. Titi Caca, just like Bobby says!