Saturday, October 9, 2010


I was checking the Herald to see if Sunday's stories had posted and I see his ad.  I decide to click on it and see if he has anything to say which remotely suggests he has an understanding of the office or any ideas on how he can fix the problems facing BISD.  I was hoping he is taking a position on the Healthsmart suit.

Nothing, I defy anyone to look and see if his Facebook entries are anything more than me, me, me, me!!!  Now of course after he reads my post he is free to ad ideas, but in my mind too late.  I have printed the page.

This is why nothing ever changes.  A trustee is oversight - they have very little control over policy.  A good trustee understands he/she will meet with the parents and take their complaints to the superintendent.  This gives the trustee a connection to the community.  This allows the trustee to know if the superintendent is responding to the parents.

If this turkey thinks he is going to go to a board meeting and direct the teachers on how to teach he is delusional.  The most he can do is find a meaningful way to measure the success or failure of the superintendent, and then vote accordingly when it comes time to extend his contract.

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Anonymous said...

It is not only Eric that feels this way. It may be that he "thinks" that is what he will be doing, because that is exactly what he sees the present board doing - intimidating people and manipulating the superintendent. I think the word should not be micro-managment. It should be Macro-management!