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I know this is my second post on the issue - no shocker it is not in the Herald - but this is big news for Brownsville. I hope they make it.

Here is their web page.


But people if you think a school district which has avoided layoffs of teachers is a bad thing because they used reserves to balance the budget - then you are not about the children - you are about ignorance and settling petty scores.

BISD on balance is in much better shape than school districts all over the US. This is a good thing.

The despicable Ronald Reagan convinced the American people that all is well and that government runs on imaginary hopes and dreams. He spent like a drunken sailor without regard for the consequences. A radicalized religious right empowered him after he promised to invade the homes of every one they opposed. No president in the last hundred years has done more to destroy America than Ronald Reagan. I can still hear President Carter telling us to buckle down on the use of foreign oil and Ronald Reagan responding "there he goes again." The American people love their snake oil remedies. When the remedies fail they seek to blame everyone, but their own ignorance.

Here is a newsflash people - the day someone invents a diet pill or a penis enlargement pill which works the internet will crash as every man with low self esteem and every fat person gets on line at  the same time.  How can a nation which spends billions of diet and penis enlargement pills be trusted to act rationally?  We must stop  buying into the snake oil remedies offered by con artists and convicted felons.

Several months ago I indicated I wanted to do an online campaign against the Democrats.  It was going to be call the Basta Party. I am done with the Democrats until they clean house. Other than for Texas Supreme Court I did not vote for one Democrat. In the County Judge race I did not vote for Cascos because he legitimized the local Tea Party by agreeing to their debate. They have accused the Latino community of "Reconquista." They have put out a hate campaign against the Islamic community. No right minded person legitimizes a hate group.

But at the same time I saw what was happening with the local Tea Party and at the national level. It scared me - it scared me big time. So while I could not vote Democrat, I decided I could not push the Basta Party against the Democrats.

The Tea Party has taken a valid issue - deficit spending - and twisted it into false anger and in fact irresponsible anger. This was the bait which brought people in. But then the racists on the right co opted the Tea Party and destroyed it.

Rational minds see it for what it is - irrational and short sided.

Economics and budgets are not so simple as in take minus spending equals deficit.

You cannot explain to people that they rely everyday on government programs. When you ask them where the roads come from they get angry - real angry.

But then when President Obama cuts $500 million from medicare these same people use fear tactics to say - see he is cutting your benefits. How in hell do we get to a balanced budget unless we are willing to cut waste.

Unfortunately Obama gets an "F" when it comes to explaining things. Medicare under its current system mandates that our seniors go into nursing homes rather than exercise the less costly method of home care. President Obama understood this and decided to cut medicare while improving services. Yes this can be done. Starting in January people who would have gone into nursing homes will be able to use medicare to help pay for more home care, which is more cost effective for the government.


I do not know why the PAC does not have an ad. I guess they decided to use Caty's idiotic accounting methods. Any supporter of Caty or the PAC please tell me how cutting $60 million from the BISD budget will get you to better services for the children and pay raises for our teachers?

Budgets are not so simple as what comes in from taxes versus what goes out. Caty knows this and lies - she is angry Joe Rod sued her. She is angry she was born stupid. She has decided to punish Brownsville for her ignorance. She refuses to take responsibility for her own lack of education. She must blame someone so she blames Brownsville.

I do not know if Rick Zaya's or Ruben Cortez's ads were effective. If rational minds were guiding the process, I would say home runs - but rational has nothing to do with the mood in the country.

People if you are rational, you must do everything you can to get out the vote - otherwise our future will be a disaster. With Escobedo gone from the Board, and Longoria sent packing - the board will calm down and get back to business. I am confident Pena will be a good voice and watch dog for the people - but she will not be a puppet for lunatics or a convicted felon. If she plays the part of watchdog, while being rational, I believe the board will do well without Escobedo and Pena as its watchdog.

Pena needs to be methodical in her ways. She proved she can do this when she exposed the problem with the proposed ethics rule. Unfortunately, with a board as divided as this board, no ethics rules will work. We need a system on independent voices on a committee which can file dissents. This would keep the process honest.

To a person, everyone I know finds Presas-Garcia to be ignorant and petty. Her voice will be dead and politically she will be as has been. Her loss in two years will be record breaking.


It is not simply that Escobedo was sanctioned - it is the time when he was sanctioned, and the reasons - when compared to current acts.  It is about a pattern which informs us of his character.

It was the race for county commission just months ago when he lied in an ad as to who paid for it to cover-up the fact he used BISD campaign money for his county commissioner race.

It is about the fact he made light of the La Pampa Affair where he and Pat Lehmann were the key players along with Susan Galvan - and lets not forget Galvan - she was in charge of land issues for Los Fresnos - a developer gives her district free land for a school and then overcharges BISD for similar land.  What did Galvan do - after she got the free land for Los Fresnos she signed the contract with the developer for BISD which has BISD paying way too much.  Galvan effectively got BISD to pay for the Los Fresnos land. 

This is how Escobedo, Lehmann and Galvan did business.

This same pattern is seen in how he voted to reinstate Rendon after Rendon voted his brother a major contract.

One event by a candidate means nothing - but a pattern means everything.  And for the record, I stayed out of the title issue, calling it a non-issue - until he tried to claim the MD title -

Saturday, October 30, 2010


One just need listen to Caty's incoherent ramblings at any BISD meeting to know she is not the brightest bulb in second grade. 

Here is her shtick - cut $68,000,000.00 and change from the budget, while promising the teachers a raise and more services for the students.  The sad part is, I do no think she is intentionally misleading the people - she is really just that stupid,

Ms. Caty - you do the math - how do you cut $68,000,000.00 from the budget and not layoff teachers and reduce services to the students - do tell Caty do tell.

Caty Presas-Garcia may be the most incompetent school board member in the history of Texas.  She voted for BISD to default when sued by former employees - just how much does Caty think a default judgment would cost the taxpayers,.  Again I think she is just that stupid - dare I suggest she is just trying to settle a personal score and not thinking about the ramifications of her actions.

Caty tell the children of BISD the lesson in honor you demonstrated in not cooperating with being served in the lawsuit by Joe Rod.  Like they say - Birds of a Feather flock together - you and Montoya are perfect partners in crime.


I will continue with my travel log on Monday. Today is a catch-up on some issues, and then a reflection on the election not just locally but nationally.  Tomorrow I may comment on the ads and any news related to the election.


Yesterday after Mina Garza failed to release the names of the Board Members who failed to attend the October 25th Brownsville Housing Authority meeting as she promised the day before, and as she told me Antonio Juarez authorized her to do, I returned to the BHA and hand delivered the open records request.

I want to be clear - it is true - Antonio Juarez has 10 days to comply with the request. The initial problem was in stating he did not have time to accept the envelope. We are talking about disclosing three names. BISD has complied with my requests within 24 hours. The City of Brownsville has complied with my requests within 48 hours. The 10 day rule is designed not to give scum like Antonio Juarez an excuse to delay the disclosure, but to insure the public entity has time to gather the information. We are talking 30 seconds to type three names.

Anyway, yesterday Mina Garza, upon accepting my request (the day before I sent it in an email), told me that Antonio Juarez had told her to not release the names to me and that he would now handle me. Handle me? Are you FKM?

Here the is problem - Antonio Juarez, Pat Lehmann and Art Rendon are mad as hell I exposed the sweat heart deal they got for Enrique Escobedo’s brother. Antonio Juarez knows that Pat Lehmann and Art Rendon own the third vote needed for firing him and Mina Garza. Antonio Juarez the day he accept the job turned over his aquacates to Pat Lehmann. Pat Lehmann jollies on a daily basis as he plays with Antonio Juarez’s aquacates in his hands. Pat Lehmann gets off on playing with Antonio Juarez’s aquacates. HUD is going to investigate this and end Antonio Juarez’s career at the BHA. Pat Lehmann knows this - but the goal is to now punish as many innocent people as he can, and Antonio Juarez is right there with him..

PAT LEHMANN AND CONVICTED FELON CARLOS QUINTANILLA - working hard to punish the innocent - Birds of a Feather as they say.

If you did not see it, late yesterday I posted an update on Carlos Quintanilla going off the deep end in search of his aquacates - he still has not made arrangements to have me served.


A nation divided is always going to be on the losing side. During my travels in Peru, I was amazed how many times people from all over the world would say “maybe we should not talk politics with the American in the group.” The world thinks we have lost our mind and blames us for the world recession.

I will say one English couple shocked me one day when they said “well at least George W. is smarter than Tony Blair.” I was like wow - that is real scary. I have spent my entire life traveling abroad. I have never known so many foreigners this angry with the US and asking if we have lost our minds. They are watching this election cycle in fear of what is to come. They cannot understand how stupid and ignorant a nation can be to put Tea Party candidates on the ballot.


Beyond being certain that Casco will win, I have no idea what will happen on Tuesday night. As a people we associate with people of like minds. This makes it hard for me to measure the mood in Brownsville. My group believes the PAC are just bad people without a conscience. They see through the lies. They remember why they voted against Pat Lehmann. They understand that when Mary Rey point blank lies about Springston being responsible for events which happened when Art Rendon and Hector Gonzales were in charge, we are dealing with bad - real bad and evil people. But do other people understand this?

If Longoria, Escobedo, and Saavadra win, I can assure you BISD will be spending millions in attorneys fees. These three will turn the school district upside down thereby creating massive litigation. There is no doubt that they will terminate Saldana’s legal services. His law firm will sue. And take note- Longoria, Escobedo, Saavedra and Presas-Garcia will authorize the new law firm selected by them to pay out millions of dollars in your tax money to defend their onslaught of retaliation. They cannot bring back Hector Gonzales without firing Brett Springston - they cannot bring back Art Rendon without firing Kathleen Jimenez - on that note since her husband no longer employees Enrique Escobedo and in fact gave $1,000 to Ruben Cortez - how do you think that will go?

The other option is for the new Board to just authorize millions of dollars in damages to be paid to Antonio Juarez, Art Rendon, and Hector Gonzales. Where will this come from? - your tax dollars.

Caty Presas-Garcia attacks the superintendent at nearly every meeting. What do you think a new majority will mean for Brett Springston? This school district will be put on its head. These people lie because they have a corrupt and unethical publisher at the Herald by the name of Daniel Cavasos as a team player and member of their little joint enterprise.

It is going to be the most expensive blood bath in Brownsville’s history - the people in charge will be those hand picked by a convicted felon, and a former Board Member thrown out by the people in a landslide.

So while I know everyone I know sees Longoria, Escobedo, and Saavadra as a threat to our school district, I do not know how the people outside my circle feel. The most I can hope for is that the people of Brownsville see just how stupid and ignorant the PAC’s ads read. The decision to place an ad to defend Quintanilla made them look desperate. This ad may have been the one which told people they are bad and cannot be trusted.

I suspect a large portion of the people have already voted. People - and I mean the super majority of my readers - you need to get the word out about these people and tell everyone you know via email and phone they have to vote no to Saavadra, Longoria, and Escobedo. Everyone I know either voted for Peña or Powers.

If we do not defeat these people now, our community will turn to turmoil. Finally I need to say, if you have a subscription to the Herald then you are aiding this joint enterprise. I understand that you may have already paid for the subscription before the clarity of Daniel Cavasos’ part in this mess became known. You need to not renew your subscription.

This mess with a PAC so willing to lie over and over again is only possible because the Herald made itself a partner in this joint enterprise. An ethical publisher never would have accepted most of the ads, or the letters from Mary Rey or Arg Miller with point blank lies. An ethical publish would have exposed the PAC - but we are in Brownsville dealing with Daniel Cavasos who is hell bent on destroying Brownsville. It is up to us people - we either stand and fight or turn our community over to Daniel Cavasos and his partner in crime convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Maybe I missed this story in the Herald. This is a major accomplishment for Brownsville - again my hats off to Larry Brown and the Airport Board.

"The new airline — the fifth attempt to re-establish Pan-Am since it went bankrupt in 1991 — will operate out of Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport, near Texas' Mexican border."

Good news is nice - see it happens


Quintanilla continues to run from having me served with the lawsuit. Yesterday the process server called me to ask me if I would be available today to receive the lawsuit. I realize the concept of integrity and honor eludes Juan Montoya and Carlos Quintanilla, but honorable people do not run from lawsuits.

I am getting from a third party that Quintanilla is accusing the process server of wrongdoing for calling me to see if we could meet so he could have me served. I accept that Quintanilla could never understand people acting honorably. I do not think he acts this way intentionally. I think the part of the brain which informs him of honorable conduct simply is not there. This is my opinion - I am certainly not medically qualified to make such a diagnosis and am not making such a diagnosis.

For Quintanilla and his moronic followers: Every time you post a comment to my blog with your stupid threats that he is going to have the judge put me in a mental institution, that the judges are corrupt in Dallas and he owns them, I will be attaching everyone of these to my motion to transfer venue and motion for sanctions. So just keep on posting your threats.

Google has yet lost another legal battle on this front.  Upon the filing of my motions I will have google served with the subpoenas seeking the IP addresses of the anony posters making these threats.

Further a process server is an officer of the court.  Quintanilla trends on thin ice when he chooses to try and intimidate an officer of the court while doing his job.  The process server has every right to call me and ask if I am available to meet with him so that I can be served.  I asked him if he had the lawsuit, and he said no but that Quintanilla had called him and said he was flying to Brownsville today and would bring it.  An honest conversation - the concept eludes Quintanilla.

I have not spoken with the process server today - I suspect the reason is the complaint by Quintanilla. I am certain as an officer of the court he will cooperate with a written affidavit for the Dallas courts on the issue of Quintanilla's obstruction in getting me served and using the internet to lie about it.


I am posting an email I sent to key local elected officials and key executives at Freedom Communication. The key issue is, Mary Rey needs to be sued and Freedom needs to print a story on Sunday denouncing her.

Corporations look to school districts when choosing to relocate their businesses or start new businesses. Mary Rey point blank lied about or at least intentionally mislead that Brett Springston is somehow responsible for the failings when Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon were in charge.

Our elected officials have an ethical duty to contact the Herald and demand a retraction. It is their job to protect the community from lies which can and will cost us jobs. Let's see if our elected officials can put the community ahead of politics.

Here is my letter:

To Rachel Sagan, General Counsel Freedom Communications; Carlos Cascos, Cameron County Judge, Pat Ahumada, Mayor City of Brownsville, Brett Springston, Superintendent BISD, and the BISD Board of Trustees:

Ladies and Gentlemen.

No one can accuse me of being a supporter of Mr. Springston - but I am consistent about being honest - this morning’s letter by Mary Rey effectively putting the blame on Mr .Springston for events which were in place when Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon were in charge is defamation per se and defamation false light because it goes to Mr. Springston’s competency as the superintendent.

I am sending this e-mail to County Judge Cascos and Mayor Ahumada - because they also have an ethical obligation in this matter.

Prospective employers read the Herald and will see these lies on line. The quality of a school district is a factor when choosing to relocate a business or start a new business. These lies hurt Brownsville and Cameron county. The fact of the matter is the two people in charge when the problems in special services reached their peak were effectively fired by BISD - this is what prospective employers should be reading in the Herald - not Daniel Cavasos endless lies in support of his corrupt agenda. It speaks volumes about Freedom Communication and Rachel Sagan that she is okay with Daniel Cavasos being in bed with convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla, who was brought to Brownsville by Ted Parker in retaliation for BISD cancelling its contract with Healthsmart. The fact the Herald deemed not newsworthy the $850,000.00 Ted Parker agreed to pay the City of Lubbock in an abuse of process lawsuit for the same con job speaks volumes about Freedom Communication and Rachel Sagan.

People there is a pattern - the Herald altered a video of Mayor Ahumada after his last DWI - this was done to poison the well of prospective jurors - Daniel Cavasos then allowed Arg Miller to submit a letter point blank lying about his support for accepting PUB money to balance the budget.

As elected officials you have an ethical duty to demand the Herald retract all of these lies and in particular the lies about Mr. Springston. As to Mr. Springston it goes to the region’s ability ot recruit new companies for jobs.

I am providing the email of their general counsel - politics aside and policy differences, we must be able say enough is enough when lies have the potential of hurting the image of the community and in fact the ability of the community leaders to bring in outside investors to the area to create jobs.

I hope at a minimum Mr. Springston’s lawyer will demand the Herald do an article retracting the lies of Mary Rey as to his place in this mess - this must be done by Sunday. I would hope Freedom would ban all future ads by DefeatZayasCortezPowersPAC. The lies have to end and end now. I hope Mr. Springston has the courage to sue the Herald for defamation per se and defamation false light.

For the record, as a long time opponent of Mayor Ahumada but as someone who believes in fairness, I hope he too sues the Herald for defamation false light over the altered video tape and lies by Arg Miller as authorized by Daniel Cavasos.

In preparing this, a friend just advised I include the following:

[1] Daniel Cavasos knowingly allowed for an ad claiming Judge Hanan found evidence of contract rigging. It never happened;

Here is the opinion

I defy anyone to find in this opinion the claims Daniel Cavasos approved on the contract rigging. It is not there and Cavasos knew it

[2] Daniel Cavasos has declared not newsworthy the written claims of Pery Ramirez, of Organizacion Choferes Unidos that Judge Ben Neece while in chambers and while she was in court with a cousin tried to pressure her to get her organization to vote against Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortes.

[3] Daniel Cavasos has declared not newsworthy the revelation that Antonio Juarez of the Brownsville Housing Authority who is suing the school district and who was hired by Art Rendon who is also suing the school district, recommended and then voted a contract worth $1,057,156.90 to BISD Board Member Enrique Escobedo brother Jaime. Just 15 days later, Enrique Escobedo voted to reinstate Art Rendon. This is overt corruption and Daniel Cavasos declares it not newsworthy.

[4] Finally Daniel Cavasos declared not newsworthy the claims of a woman who lost her housing after Art Rendon was appointed to the Brownsville Housing Authority. The woman successfully filed two complaints against BISD related to Art Rendon’s incompetence. Art Rendon is let go from BISD and she is let go from public housing. She is disabled and homeless with two daughters and a grand daughter. The claim was she received SSI on behalf of her son and failed to report it. Social Security verified in writing the claim is false. She never received SSI for her son. In fact the court documents show that because of his disabilities he lives with the father. The court documents show that he lived with the father even before his diagnosis which came after a hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital.

According to Daniel Cavasos none of this is newsworthy. Why - it does not help him in his joint enterprise with the convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla.

Michael Stern CEO Freedom Communications:
Doreen Wade, President Freedom Broadcasting:


[EDITOR'S NOTE:  Late last night I posted an article on the $850,000.00, settlement paid by Ted Parker of Healthsmart in the abuse of process lawsuit filed by the City of Lubbock.  The insurance case against Mr. Parker's companies remain pending.]

The Herald is still covering for Escobedo - this mornings article is only part of the story - the BV of course has the part the Herald refuses to cover. BV will be back by 9 a.m.

Okay sources you failed me - you get an “F” - why did I have to discover the new information on my own?


I just read Mary Rey’s letter to the Editor this morning. Mary Rey lies because a lie fits her mentality of deception. It becomes further evidence of the PAC’s malice.

The letter starts out with problems at BISD related to special needs children. I was the only blogger to go after Gonzales and Rendon for their incompetence over this issue. For my acts, which included filing successful complaints against BISD, Montoya and company to discredit me accused me of being HIV+, a child molester, and performing sexual acts in public gyms. Two insurance companies bought Montoya’s freedom for $60,000.00 dollars. It takes deranged people like Mary Rey to use disabled children as a weapon in an election.

But here is the kicker - she blames Springston for the problems which were in place when the convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla came to town. FACT - Gonzales and Rendon were in charge - not Springston. Why does Mary Rey point blank lie - because she can - she has Daniel Cavasos, publisher of the Herald on her side. In law SprinGston has a slam dunk defamation per se case against the Herald. In my view, Springston has a moral duty to sue - not for himself - but for the children.


But first some updates on the Antonio Juarez mess and why his lawsuit will be thrown out by the court of appeals. The corruption at the BHA continues - On the 25th the BHA failed to meet because of a lack of a quorum. An issue on the agenda was whether or not to reinstate this woman’s housing voucher who I believe to be the object or relation by Rendon and Lehmann. If you remember on behalf of her learning disabled children she successfully filed two complaints against BISD for its mismanagement of Special Services while Rendon was in charge. In fact Rendon called the father and demanded that the initial complaint be dropped.

Mina Garza the Executive Secretary yesterday told me that she did not have permission to tell me which Board Members failed to appear. I then went to the offices of the BHA authority to hand deliver an Open Records Request to either Antonio Juarez or Mina Garza. Ms. Garza was not available and Antonio Juarez told the receptionist downstairs that he was too busy to accept the envelope.

I then called again later in the day and Mina Garza put me on hold to get permission to give me the names of the Board members who failed to show. She came back to the phone and stated that Antonio Juarez agreed to release the names. She agreed to send me an email right away confirming the names. How long does it take to type out three names. Nothing - absolutely nothing. I will make another attempt today to hand deliver the open records request. Exactly how does this conduct by Antonio Juarez help the people? - it does not. Scum is as scum does.


The only thing Judge Hanan found possible evidence of is the use of complaints against employees in an abusive way. Here is the problem with Judge Hanan’s claims - They are false.

Antonio Juarez called Otis Powers who was not even on the BISD Board at the time and asked to meet for advice on how to protect his job. Antonio Juarez initiated the meeting - without this act by Antonio Juarez no meeting would have ever occurred. Antonio Juarez then records the meeting.

This is the scoop - a private citizen advising a BISD employee to file a complaint against the Superintendent is evidence of nothing. The court of appeals will see this and dismiss the lawsuit. Why has the Herald refused to cover the truth on this issue? Antonio Juarez went to Otis Powers for advice on how to save his job - the initiator of this meeting was Antonio Juarez - he was the one looking for a backdoor way to save his job - yes integrity at its best.


The Herald if it speaks just lies - why deal in facts when deception works so much better. If you check out this site you will notice Enrique Escobedo no longer works for Dr. Jose Jimenez.

The October 22, 2010, Herald article which claims Escobedo works for RioMed21 is false. Sometime after Dr. Jimenez gave Escobedo $250.00 for his campaign, Escobedo no longer was employed with RioMed21. This by itself is nothing. But Dr. Jimenez then decided to give Ruben Cortez $1,000.00. The Herald knows this because they are the ones who printed the story. What the Herald is not doing is asking the hard questions as to why Dr. Jimenez switched sides. What does Dr. Jimenez know about Escobedo that we do not know?

What we do know, according to the Herald is that “Meanwhile, BISD records show that Escobedo specified an M.D. degree in medicine in his cap and gown request for May 2010 graduation ceremonies.”

I am going to work today on the issue of why Escobedo no longer works for Dr. Jimenez. I have a hunch - I have to see how the morning goes - yesterday my doctor told me my cold turned into an infection - I am on antibiotics - because of allergies to codeine I cannot take the prescription cough medicine - which means I am coughing - none of the over the counter stuff is working. If I can get out I will check out my hunch. If I am right, I will have another story later in the day.


I spent the night in Lima, retrieved my large bag and was off on a 737 to Cusco, Upon arrival in Cusco it hit me hard we were at 11,000 feet. To give you a perspective, Denver is at 5280 feet. After deplaning while walking on the tarmac it hit me - I was desperate for oxygen. I stopped walking and tried to acclimate a bit to the lack of oxygen. I was fine for a while. I got into the airport, retrieved my luggage and linked up with my driver from Condor.

I stayed at the Casa Andina Classic in Cusco. As soon as I got there my driver took care of getting me checked in while the bellboy brought me my coca tea. It is made from the same leaf as cocaine. I drank two cups and I was fine. The tea is used for altitude sickness. Several people I knew who tried the pills complained of all sorts of side effects.

For 6 days in the Andes I did not have one moment of fatigue. I drank about 3 cups a day. For me it is the miracle drug, or tea in this case. I later inquired with the Department of State about bringing some back to the states. The official web page they have for Peru states that it is illegal to bring back to the states. But you can buy it on - the same brand I was drinking in Peru. I guess the government just wants to make sure what ever you buy is approved tea and cannot be used to convert to cocaine. Needless to say I bought a 100 tea bags on line the day I got back.

When you get to Cusco you are given a few hours to acclimate yourself to the altitude. In the late afternoon the Condor guide came by to pick up 5 of us for a half day tour of nearby ruins and the cathedral. Take a careful look at the stone work. They had no real tools for carving rock. The question is how were they able to carve such perfect angles.

Pizarro had the Inca destroy their own temples and use the stone blocks to build the cathedrals. You see throughout the city the original Inca temples mixed in with local buildings. I included a picture of same. In the cathedral you see an example of their engineering for earthquakes. They dug holes in the bottom and top stones so that when they fit together a ball would go in the middle to make it easier for the stone to move when the earthquakes hit.

We were off to higher elevations for more ruins. I included a picture of the stone work. It is truly amazing to see the precision they used in carving these stones.

Well tomorrow off down the Sacred Valley in a tour bus to Ollantaytambu.

You should know throughout the Andes every hotel and tour bus has oxygen for the tourists. Every tourist site has oxygen. Many have small clinics. I tell you the Peruvian government is serious about making you happy and safe.

You should also know - whether high in the Andes, or in a valley every hotel has Direct tv, and wireless internet which works just fine. It was always just as fast as Time Warner. It is also free in the hotels.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


For the frivolous lawsuit filed by Ted Paker against several city officials after they cancelled Lubbock's contract with Ted Parker, Ted Parker agreed to pay the City of Lubbock $850,000.00. The city already recouped $500,000.00 from its own insurance company to cover some of the attorneys fees.

Why did Ted Parker pay $850,000.00 if he did nothing wrong?

In the future I would recommend Ted Parker consult with Juan Montoya's insurance expert before settling lawsuits. The lawsuit related to the original contract between Ted Parker's Group and the City of Lubbock remains pending. This settlement is strictly for attorneyes fees incurred by the City of Lubbock while defending against Parker's frivolous lawsuit.


Quintanilla is claiming the surgeon found his testicles and he will fly to Brownsville tomorrow to personally oversee the BISD election. Oh, he will provide the process server with a copy of the lawsuit so that I can be served.  Funny thing - I decide to answer the lawsuit anyway, so Quintanilla grows a pair - sweat peas do not count.  The question is, why did he refuse to serve me until I complained?  Answer Luci Longoria is not happy about her husband being deposed.  Again - sweat peas do not count.  he is still going to be deposed.

Here is the deal, Montoya, who cannot speak without lying, claims I am running from the lawsuit - meanwhile I am having to call the process server on a regular basis to find out what is happening - and true to form for these scum bags they complain that I am seeking out Quintanilla so that I can get the lawsuit.

Compare me to Juan Montoya - this same process server chased him all over Brownsville for weeks as he fled service in the Colunga lawsuit.

I have another story on the BHA - I had to call Austin to inquire about the rules concerning open records request.  This morning I was blocked from hand delivering the request to Antonio Juarez.  He said he was too busy to accept the envelope and the executive secretary was not allowed to answer my question.  I called back after calling Austin and I was told that Mr. Juarez had authorized the Executive Secretary to answer my question.  As soon as I get that answer I will post the story.


I can assure you, VA administrators have no knowledge of this promise made by President Lincoln.

I first caught the cold on the plane to Lima, but the cold medicine basically worked well. I was one or two days without the medicine when on the train from Machu Picchu to Cusco I had to deal with two brothers from NY coughing and sneezing for 4 hours. That next morning I already felt sick again and the cold medicine seems to have been working. About 5 p.m. that last day I knew I was in trouble - the medicine was not working. I was glad to be on the 11:30 p.m. flight back to the states.

I may have some hot breaking story later in the day - I am waiting on confirmation of something, but I also need to get to the doctor.

To understand the level of incompetence of the VA administrators - not the doctors - just call the VA in San Antonio. There is a message for all veterans which says - if you are suicidal or are about to hurt another person please hang up and call this number. Yes, the caller is ready to blow his brains out and these complete and total morons are asking him/her to get a pen - take down a number and redial. The VA will always be the bottom of the barrel because when it comes to the administrators they hire the most incompetent people they can find.

The Herald as always never gets the story correct. They lauded for the world to see the new VA clinic in Harlingen, while ignoring the only story which matters - LRGV come December 1, 2010, are being denied access to their doctors in San Antonio.

The doctors here and in San Antonio want to help, but their hands are tied. Why? Because the administrators put this new system into place without any regard for the health of the veterans. The new specialty clinic in Harlingen is not open yet. They have not been able to hire specialists for all areas. The VA administrators basically decided, screw the LRGV’s. I can tell you Solomon Ortiz does not give a crap. Veterans to a person filing complaints with his office on this issue have been summarily dismissed.

If you are willing to wait an additional three months to get an appointment with your primary care physician in Harlingen, then he or she can request a voucher for you to see a local specialist. This local specialist will have no access to your medical records. You have to start from scratch. For example I am losing my appointment with my endocrinologist in December. Technically I still have the appointment, but under the new rules if I show up I cannot be seen. The administrators are so incompetent they are still allowing for appointments which will be cancelled the moment the veteran appears at the clinic.

I was to have a complex procedure on my spine come December. The pain management clinic is aware of the new rules and they are following them. My doctor wants to see me, but he has been told no unless he can get me in before December 1, 2010. The problem is the good doctors are doing their best to squeeze in as many LRGV’s before December 1, 2010, that many of us will not be seen. I was told unless there is a cancellation I will not be seen in San Antonio. Our clinic does not have a pain management doctor, so I will have to wait three months to get an appointment with my doctor here, to then wait for some paper pusher to approve the consult to a private pain management doctor, to then wait for an appointment - to then wait for a paper pusher to approve what ever the new doctor decides to do - all the while he/she will not be able to access my long medical history with my pain management doctor in SA.

According to Solomon Ortiz this is the best the VA can do for its veterans. This change over was not planned well and rather than concede this point the VA administrators choose to just leave the LRGV veterans without adequate healthcare.


Before getting to Paracas, I want to discuss the food I had in Nazca and Ica. In Nazca I had a cream chicken. They make a cream with a yellow aji chili pepper. It was very good. In Ica I ate a lima bean rice. They liquify the lima bean so they can cook the rice in it. It was very good. The other thing I really liked was the stuffed potatoes. They make a mashed potato using the yellow Andean potato. They then take a very finely chopped beef which is seasoned and use it as a stuffing. If you can imagine about a 4 inch football formed from mashed potatoes. They split it down the middle long ways and then put in the meat. They replace the top part while reforming the football shape. They then roll it real quick in a hot oil. This is an awesome dish.

Okay Paracas - As you can see it is a city by the bay. The bay looks like glass - it is that calm. I sat at a restaurant for a few hours having an avocado stuffed with chicken salad and several lemonades. The lemonade was good, but may have been a mistake- They recommend you never drink anything made from tap water. I did not get sick. The restaurant overlooked the bay. I will get back to the restaurant.

We arrived in Paracas from Ica - about an hour drive north - going back to Lima. We got on a boat which held maybe 36 people. It was a half hour ride to the Ballestas islands. I had never seen penguins in the wild before. The islands were covered in all types of wild life. It was absolutely beautiful. I took two Dramamine before the ride and was fine. It was beyond beautiful. On the ride out you see a chandelier in the mountain. I got different stories about how it got there. They range from the Nazca people to pirates - but it was nice. The boat guide did the guide in English, Spanish and French. About half the boat was French tourists. A couple told me the guide’s French was impeccable.

After we returned the Canadian couple I was traveling with went to a reserve. It was not part of my package so I decided to just stay at the restaurant and enjoy the view. This is when I ate my stuffed avocado. There is also a ton of shopping surrounding the bay. Some of the best deals I got I got in Paracas. When I tired of shopping I sat at one of many restaurants facing the bay and just enjoyed the food. When the Canadian couple got back we ate a late lunch. I had a Chinese refried rice with conch and squid. It was very good. I was glad to finally eat a great meal without breaking the bank. For the stuffed avocado, 2 lemonades, the rice with conch and squid and a cup of coffee I spent about $15.00.

Here is the scoop - I later learned from an English couple they took a longer flight from Paracas to the Nazca lines. This makes sense to me. The planes sit 16. The round trip flight with a half hour looking at the lines, was an hour and half total. If you really want to do the Nazca lines I recommend you tell your agent you want to spend 2 nights 3 days in Paracas and take the flight from there. This saves you a lot of wasted time driving. When you get to Paracas on day one you can just enjoy the bay, shopping, pool at the hotel and the food. On day two you can do Nazca lines while still having a good portion of the day to enjoy the bay and pacific ocean. On the morning of day three you can take the boat ride out to the Ballestas islands while still getting back to Lima in the early evening.

I think if this is how I did it I would have enjoyed the Nazca lines a lot more. It just makes no sense to base yourself in Ica. There is nothing to do and it is a long drive. Like I said La Dunas, while good for families on vacation, it is not for tourists without children. I say stay in Paracas and enjoy the bay and pacific ocean. There or 4 and 5 star hotels in Paracas.

Tomorrow, I am back in Lima for the night before my early flight to Cusco.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


[BUT FIRST: QUINTANILLA LAWSUIT - Carlos Quintanilla’s doctor informed him his aquacates are missing and he should seek immediate medical care for exploratory surgery. I spoke with the process server this morning and he informs me Quintanilla is refusing his phone calls and has failed to provide him a copy of the lawsuit with citation so that I can be served.

I am free to answer the lawsuit without service. I will answer probably this week at the same time I notice up Luci Longoria and her husband for deposition next week. It is time the truth is exposed. If Luci’s husband is unwilling to defend his wife against this convicted felon, then he will be deposed so the truth is told.]

The PAC already took out one ad admitting its accounting principles were flawed and they got the number wrong as to the budget. Now they want to claim the Herald is in a conspiracy with BISD to fudge the numbers. Actually this alleged conspiracy is bigger - it is with the State of Texas.

This is from the article.

""Were audited by the Texas Education Agency, we’re audited by external auditors and we’re audited by our own internal auditors," Fuller said, noting that for eight years running BISD has received TEA’s Superior Achievement award for financial accounting, the highest possible under the agency’s Financial Accountability Rating System of Texas or FIRST."

The article was dry and almost impossible to read. But in the end, a state agency, the TEA gave BISD the Superior Achievement award for its financial accounting. The TEA is not a party in this election and has no dog in this election. In simple terms, a state agency looked at the accounting methods and found them to be superior.

But look, the PAC is about destroying anyone who challenges them. They are a political terrorist organization which refuses to deal in facts or reality. They use threats to destroy people’s reputation and careers if people do not give in to their demands. William Jorn of channel 23 has already verified this. The only question is, will the people fall for it? (I am not alleging violence.)

If they were about corruption, they would be denouncing Escobedo for his TEC sanctions related to his misapplication of BISD campaign money for his county commissioner race. (This week I will post the check [account number redacted] and the ad which got him in trouble.)

If they were about corruption, they would be denouncing Escobedo for voting to reinstate Art Rendon after Art Rendon voted his brother a sweat heart deal with the BHA.

Making matters worse is Daniel Cavasos of the Brownsville Herald. He has knowingly made the Herald and Freedom a member of this "joint enterprise." Shoemaker v. Whistler, 513 S.W.2d 10, 16-17 (Tex.1974). [key word - "implied"] As who is perhaps one of the most unethical publishers in the U.S., Cavasos uses the Herald as a political weapon to manipulate the political process.

In the case of Enrique Escobedo, I refused for months to cover the story of his title - doctor or not." I saw it as a none issue. I could find no evidence he ever held himself out as a medical doctor. There was no deception. In fact I have not made it an issue now.

But the Herald for months refused to cover this issue of Escobedo’s TEC sanctions. Why? Escobedo was on their team in terms of keeping Gonzales and Rendon on the payroll regardless of how it was impacting BISD. When the TEC sanctions issued Escobedo was Daniel Cavasos marinero (more on this in the weeks to come) and therefore protected.

But then came the county commissioners race - the battle over Gonzales and Rendon were lost - also Cavasos decided Escobedo needed to be punished for failing, or he was intentionally pushing Pena or Hernandez. Cavasos used these old stories to destroy Escobedo. It was political and not journalism. Little did Cavasos know he was going to have to choose between Escobedo and Cortez in the BISD race. I can assure you, if Escobedo were still running in place 1 and Powers were not on the ballot, the Herald would have made the sweat heart deal voted on by Rendon, and Lehmann for Jaime Escobdeo front page headlines. They would have made the revelation Judge Ben Neece is calling people into his office to campaign against Zayas and Cortez - front page headlines.

Daniel Cavasos ordered a black out on all negative news related to Art Rendon and Hector Gonzales. Gary Long refused all stories related to findings against BISD when Art Rendon was in charge of Special Services. Why? The findings did not help his political manipulation of the process.

No man is more responsible for the political hell hole Brownsville has become than Daniel Cavasos. Brownsville is desperate for an honest newspaper which will carry the news without bias or political agenda.
Daniel Cavasos to settle a political score with Pat Ahumada allowed Arg Miller to point blank lie about his support for the use of PUB money to balance the COB budget. There are no limits to how far this man will go to destroy Brownsville. I am going to tie up the Herald and Freedom in some very expensive and protracted litigation. I figure at about the $500,000.00 mark their general counsel will be fired and the case will settle. It is sad, had they simply accepted my ad, an ad I was willing to pay for, I would have released them. But you see, Danial Cavasos is a petty man without honor - so now Freedom will spend a minimum of $500,000.00 before it caves and settles with a public apology and a sum of money.


My first full day allowed me to go to the artisan market in Mira Flores, which was directly across the street from my hotel. It is several small blocks of small vendors selling things made by the Andean people. You will find a lot of clothing made with Alpaca fiber. I found the prices here to be reasonable, and in fact on the last day I did some final shopping.

The second morning Condor Travel sent a driver to take me to the bus station. I was off to southern Peru with the main destination, Nazca. I did nothing when I got to the bus station. The driver took my voucher and got me my tickets and checked my bag. A note on your bags. I recommend you bring a large one if you are going for 11 days and a small carry on which can fit enough clothes for three days. Condor recommended that I leave my large bag in Lima at the Casa Andina hotel, where I would be returning for a night before my flight to Cusco. The Casa Andina does this all of the time and in fact has a secure room for the luggage.

Anyway I was off down the coast of Peru. My agent booked me first class.  It was nice.  The seats were lounge type seats with leg rests.  They served a small meal.  They also had a movie going.  Once you get out of the city, the coast is mostly brown dirt and brown mountains where nothing grows - not even a cactus or weed. The Andes pulls the rain down on the east side, leaving nothing for the west side.

Some 25 years ago the Israelis came and taught them how to harness the ground water for farming. Every so often you will see several acres of grapes or asparagus. I came to learn that American farmers from as far away as Idaho are investing in the area. This particular farmer/investor was in my hotel in Ica. I heard her complaining that she was upset that the planting was disrupted because of the labor problems. I guess living in falling down shacks was not poor enough for her.

My agent had me booked me at Dunas. It is a family resort which mainly works for wealthy people with children, but not for tourists without children. It is nice, but the pool has a million kids in it.

The lunch buffet was some of the best food I ate while in Peru. You are a captured audience because the resort is not in town. Two meals cost me some $70.00. I will get to it later, but I recommend that if you decide to do the Nazca lines you base yourself an hour further north in Paracas.

Anyway, the Nazca lines are about 2 hours further southwest from Ica. Again the drive is brown dirt. Some parts of the drive are real nice because of the mountains, but they are all brown dirt.

During the NASCAR season my brother calls me on Sunday and asks if I have am watching the race. He knows I am not. It is a running joke. I hate the sound of the cars. He knows that when he would try and drag us to the drag races while growing up I would never go.

Anyway, on this day while driving to Nazca it was Peru's equivalent of NASCAR. The race was on the Pan America highway starting in Southern Peru. They had the Pan American highway shut down near Nazca. There I was having avoided car races my entire life, and now I was captured in a van with a Canadian couple being forced to watch a race. Well our driver and tour guide were great. The tour guide got out of the van and guided our driver as he cut in and out in front of 18 wheelers. It saved us at least an hour of delay.

On the tour guides - all speak at least two languages. Mine spoke 3 and was working on his fourth. English is spoken throughout the country. Also Direct TV owns the hotels in terms of tv service. Every hotel had at least 4-5 stations with American or British TV stations in English.

When you get to Nazca it is all brown dirt. I almost cancelled Nazca because just weeks before they had their second plane crash in 7 months. My agent assured me the Peruvian government went in to inspect all of the planes.

My plane sat 6 - two pilots and 4 passengers. I was lucky to be with a Japanese family of three. The lines are interesting. They are big. They are very clear from the air. They are impressive. I think part of my view of the lines was influenced by the fact that about 15 minutes into the 45 minute flight I was green. The good news was so too was the father of the Japanese family. For each picture, the pilot first dips the wing to the left so that you can see out the window on the left. He then comes around on the right and does the same thing. All the while the plane is rocking all over the place like a roller coaster. Two dramamine did nothing to help.

We saw I thing maybe 10 examples when the pilot noticed that myself and the Japanese man were going to be sick, real sick. They had already been holding open the windows with their arms. The planes are like ovens.

Anyway at about 30 minutes he asked if we were ready to land. The Japanese man said yes. I was in total agreement.  It was funny because the entire  flight the wife was yelling at him to take a picture of everything, and you could see every time he tried to take a picture he got worse with being sick.  I learned real fast - no pictures - just slowly move your head to look out the window.

At the point we landed, the good news was the Canadian couple were just getting in their plane.  There are 6 small airlines operating in Nazca.  This gave me time for recovery.  Every tourist spot has a small clinic which is paid for through your insurance.  My package included some $5,000.00 in medical coverage.  I did not use the clinic.  I just found a place with a breeze and downed some water.  By the time the Canadians were done I felt a lot better.  Do not shop at the Nazca airport - it was the most expensive I saw in Peru.  Although at the tower outside the city the small shop has good prices.  I bought some nice gifts at really good prices.

After the flight we went to go see the aqua ducts made by the Nazca people.  (The people in Peru hate the word Indian.)  It is ice cold water running down from the Andes in underground springs.  At this point we were all dusty.  The tour guide allowed us to take buckets of water and poor them over our heads.  It was real cold, but felt great and made me feel a lot better. 

We were then off to a nice meal in Nazca.  I had a creamed chicken.  They make a cream sauce with the yellow aji chili.  It was so good.

On balance, I would say if you only have 8-11 days, do not do Nazca.  I am glad I did it, but once you are in the Andes and realize how much there is to do, using all of my time in the Andes would have been better -  for example lake Titicaca, or a three to four day excursion into the Amazon.

Once you are at Nazca, there is no great secret how the Nazca people made the lines.  The area is surrounded by low lying hills from the Andes mountains.  The lines could easily have been directed from these low lying hills.   To the credit of the guide, no speculation was made about how the lines were made, other than they believe the lines reflect the formations the Nazca people saw in the stars.  In fact I find the claims of westerners that only aliens could have done this to be racist.  The Nazca people were an advanced people with great knowledge.  Again the lines are impressive, and I am glad I did it, but there are other things I would have enjoyed more.

If there is an excuse for going to Nazca it is Paracas.  That will be for tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I was going to get back to BISD, but I will wait until tomorrow so that I can possibly include a document I have on Escobedo.

It has been a busy morning - I am back and my phone is ringing off the hook with all of the problems in the world -

The picture is of Dallas’ West End. It is an amazing family and adult (PG 13 rated) entertainment district in downtown Dallas.

In addition to a ton of things for the children, it has a multi-screen movie theater, restaurants, bars, shopping, outdoor bands in the plaza, and ( key) a parking garage. I believe the parking garage is privately owned.

Brownsville needs to make a decision to either build a multilevel parking garage near the area it wants as the entertainment district, or provide long-term property and business tax breaks to any private entity willing to build a multilevel parking garage. Without the parking garage in the West End, there would be no West End. I spent many a weekend eating in the restaurants, and going to the movies. It was my movie theater of choice.

I would love to work with a group which recruits highly qualified visionaries to run for mayor and city commissioners. We have the opportunity to put 4 new voices on the Brownsville City Commission come May 2011. But I will say, I will not get involved in this election if the candidates are going to have to put up with Arg Miller and her entourage of morons and former criminals. People have no idea how much damage this group has done to the willingness of highly qualified people to seek elective office.

I am working on a story related to HHSC - part of the story I have verified - it is bizarre. I am at a point that surreal no longer has meaning.

(Editor's Note: After my coffee and breakfast I will work on my political and news report)

The Continental non-stop arrives in Lima about 10:30 p.m. The Peruvian government makes it known from the moment you land, they want you to enjoy your time in their country. From the time I got off the plane, got my luggage, went through customs and immigration it was only 35 minutes. I counted about six flights from all over the world landing at about the same time. In my mind 35 minutes was quite impressive, especially when you compare this to Houston wherein the line for US citizens and residents took nearly an hour - for 2 flights.

The first morning in Lima I had a wonderful breakfast at my hotel - Casa Andino Classic, in Miraflores. Every hotel where I stayed had a big breakfast buffet as part of the price. It is basic American - eggs, bacon, various breads, platters of sliced meats and cheeses, banana leaf tamales, coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice, pineapple juice and a local fruit (sorry do not remember its name, but it was good), and various sliced fruits - normally watermelon, cantalope, and papaya.

At about 9:30 a.m. my travel agent came by to give me a packet of things I needed for the first few days- travel vouchers to the south, and airline tickets to Cusco.

My agency contracted with Condor travel. From the moment I cleared customs and immigration Condor was there treating me like a king. They held my hand the entire trip.

The first day was a bus tour of Lima, including colonial Lima. It was nice. We did not stop at the pyramids, but there are pre-Inca pyramids all over Lima. I did these on my own the last day, along with the archaeological museum.

The first day ended at Larco Mar shopping center - see pictures above. It is a beautiful place. I do not recommend doing any shopping - just take things in. I ate at Dama Juana - I had a nice flounder in a chili cream sauce, along with fried yuca and some steamed vegetables. The view is amazing. At the bottom of the cliff is a restaurant which is suppose to be very good.

I ended my last day at Larco Mar - this is when I checked out the shops. I did not know on my first day that at about 5:30 Lima goes from shorts and t-shirts to very cold - I did not have a jacket so after dinner I got a taxi back to the hotel. I did not make that mistake again.

My last meal was one of my bests. I had a type Chinese beef on a stick, along with fried plantains, a yellow andean potato, grilled corn on the cob, and some sweat tropical fruit drink. The corn kernels are the size of a dime - amazing. It was funny because I spent about $5.50 for this meal. Earlier in the day I spent nearly $25.00 for a small lasagna, and four small pieces of toast. The night before I spent about the same for a Chinese chicken and rice along with spring rolls.

I am going to end this on the food. In the south I ate a lot of seafood and local food. The lima bean rice, and stuffed potatoes are awesome. They make a chili cream sauce they use in everything, including as a dip - it is amazing. Their creamed chicken is amazing.

Anyway, Lima has Chinese and Italian restaurants everywhere. I will tell you both were as good as anything I have had in New York or San Francisco. It is sad I have yet to have eatable Chinese, or Italian food in Brownsville.

The only time I did not like the food, other than breakfast which I always liked, was in Cusco. I do not lie - every restaurant was Italian. there are small cars racing all over the city delivering pizza. I did not travel that far to eat Italian. It was only on the last day I decided to give in and try it in Lima. I am glad I did, but it blew my mind 11,000 feet above sea level in Cusco my choice was pasta or pizza. In fairness, there was no tomato sauce in Italy until it was brought from South America, by the Spaniards.  Now I did learn on my return from Machu Picchu wherein I spent a second night in Cusco, if you ask around you will be sent down some side street and get some local dishes.  But they are hard to find.

Today's post was about my first day, along with some general information.

Both times I was at Larco Mar, I imagined a similar shopping center along the Rio Grande in downtown Brownsville. It is sad that so long as we have every politician looking at the Weir dam as a political weapon, no such project will ever come to Brownsville.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Last night I took the red eye from Lima, Peru.  I travelled for 12 days, with 11 full days in Peru.  It had been my intent to chronicle my daily adventures, but given the fact I am dealing with a convicted felon,  namely Carlos Quintanilla, Juan Montoya who several months ago called me drunk cursing me out in Spanish, and a nut job by the name of Arg Miller who believes Jesus gives her permission to lie and deceive, I was not going to disclose the fact I was out of the country.

My trip was beyond amazing - starting tomorrow I will post extra posts with my adventures and pictures. 

For the record, I planned this trip months ago.  I decided I wanted to be away during part of the election process.  It had been my intent to abstain from voting.  But the felon, Carlos Quintanilla brought me into the election.  For his acts Ben Neece will be spending a pretty penny defending himself before the State Commission on Judicial Conduct, and the Escobedo brothers along with Art Rendon, Pat Lehmann, and Antonio Juarez will be defending themselves before a HUD inspector general.

Had I not been brought into the BISD race against my will, I never would have conducted these investigations and revealed the corruption.  They all have the convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla to blame.

For now I am very tired - I am off to bed.

CYA tomorrow

Sunday, October 24, 2010


After the City of Lubbock discovered Ted Parker was charging more than they contracted for, he sued them in Dallas. If you remember when BISD discovered the same thing he threatened to sue BISD.

Lubbock got caught having to defend the city officials who were sued. The city filed counterclaims. Ted Parker dropped his lawsuit. The city continued to pursue the matter because it wanted the taxpayers' money back that it spent on defending the city officials. Travelers appears to have paid some of those fees.

The city is in a pickle - the FBI has already opened an investigation of Ted Parker in terms of his business dealings with Lubbock, which includes donations to city officials. Commentary in Lubbuck has demands that council members who received money from Parker abstain from the vote.


Parker is seeking to settle the lawsuit the city has to recover all of its attorneys fees, not the lawsuit against his insurance groups.  That lawsuit remains pending.  Parker somehow lost control of his company.  Another company by the name of Silver now controls Healthsmart.  Silver will be calling the shots on the other lawsuit, including the lawsuit by BISD.

If Parker did nothing wrong, why is he offering to pay the City of Lubbock money? 

For the record, there are no insurance industry analysts questioning the merits of the BISD or Lubbock lawsuits.  There are thousands of lawsuits against insurance providers in the US, why would some industry analysis target the BISD lawsuit?  Answer - it is bogus.  Anyone can set up a web page and claim to be god.  Until they are willing to say who runs the so called company and who funds them, they are not legitimate.  This is why you use primary sources when possible.  But you never use a source simply because you like what they are saying.  For all we know Ted Parker paid for the articles.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


OH A SMILE MOMENT:  An intellectual propery lawyer I met yesterday from California told me it is copyright infringement for the Herald or DefeatZayasPowersPac to use a copyrighted photo of me for profit without my permission.  I cannot wait until Monday to give the case law on the matter to Freedom's lawyers at Haynes and Boone.

I have not reported any settlement in the Lubbock Healthsmart case because there is none. We will know this evening or tomorrow. In fact community activists and local commentators in Lubbock are demanding that all Commissioners who have received donations from Ted Parker abstain from voting.

Not that facts matter, but no one knows for sure what is happening in Lubbock. Some seem to think the settlement is over attorneys fees related to several lawsuits filed by Parker which he later dismissed.

It appears with a previous settlement with Travelers, the city may be in a position to recover all of the fees it spend defending against Parker's lawsuits - which Parker himself dismissed. The pattern should be clear - Parker loses the contract and then sues and disrupts communities to force them back to him. This is why he saw Carlos Quintanilla, the convicted felon, as the perfect front man to do his dirty work. Carlos Quintanilla through his conduct has cost the taxpayers millions - and for what? - to promote corruption

Unlike the morons who continue to believe Montoya, my readers can actually look at a date on an article to see when it was published. The issue is not the original FBI investigation lodged in Lubbock, but that fact BISD is now cooperating in the matter. But then again my readers are not idiots.

But some facts, the DefeatZayasCortezPowersPac claim they are about the children -really? when they denounce the building of Veterans Memorial High School - a premier high school which will bring job training to the children.

They fail to acknowledge that this board has managed to build schools and higher teachers while other school districts close schools and lay off teachers.

How about DefeatZayasCortesPowers demand that Art Rendon and Hector Gonzales reimburse BISD for all of the legal fees incurred by the taxpayers as a result of the endless legal maneuvering which has brought them no results.

How much will the BHA now spend to defend Antonio Juarez and Art Rendon’s conduct in retaliation against this disabled woman for the crime of filing successful complaints with the TEA over Rendon’s incompetence? When will the taxpayers no long have to pay for Art Rendon? The money which is being spent on attorneys, could house potentially hundreds on homeless families, but no it will be used to promote the incompetence of Art Rendon and corruption of DefeatZayasC ortesPowersPAC?

Where are these people defending this disabled Latina who is homeless because of Art Rendon ?- they are right in his bed saying - fuck her for filing complaints to protect her children - this is Arg Miller at her best - defending the inept Rendon while leaving disabled Latinas in the street with no where to live.

How about telling the parents that the principals overwhelmingly stated they had no confidence in Art Rendon - would this not be about the children?

How about denouncing Escobedo for misapplication of BISD campaign money and lying about it in a campaign ad?

How about denouncing Escobedo for voting to reinstate Art Rendon, who the principals found was ineffective, after Art Rendon voted his brother a sweet heart deal?

Answer - DefeatZayasCortesPowersPac is about one thing and one thing only - corruption for their interests.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


The FBI raided the City of Lubbock for documents related to Ted Parker (Healthsmart's predecessor.)

There are related stories showing the State of Texas and the City of Lubbock documented Quintanilla's part in the Lubbock investigation. So what is Escobedo not telling Quintanilla, Arg Miller, and Luci Longoria? He agreed to have BISD ask for FBI help in investigating Healthsmart. BISD is squarely in the middle of the investigation by the FBI. Escobedo has full knowledge of this and supports same. He is laughing his ass off as the FBI is provided Quintanilla's sworn testimony as to who is part of his organization- namely Luci Longoria and Pat Lehmann. Scum is as scum does.

There is more - there is a part of this I cannot disclose until about noon Monday - I should have everything in place by then. I will say this, part of my disclosure on Monday will be asking that the FBI add to the investigation the con job Escobedo played with Antonio Juarez and Art Rendon in regards to the contract involving Escobedo's brother at the Brownsville Housing Authority. I am certain that General Counsel for HUD has already told his investigators to start the collection of documents. I am still working on linking up HUD with the FBI agents already working on the Ted Parker investigation.

I can tell you Arg Miller's response - "Jesus told me in my prayers this is a communist conspiracy with the FBI leading the conspiracy."

For the record - for now I find it easier to blog at night. I have a higher energy level. I have discovered a cure for my fatigue - more on that next week.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Brownsville is desperate for a real community college. Anyone who believes any of the current TSC board members believe in this is a fool. None of the so called anti-Garcia faction have proposed anything to fix the problems.

The first step begins with ending her contract. This will send a strong message to UT. The second is to sue for the $10 million owed to the people of Brownsville.

The next step is to force UT's hand by filing a racial discrimination lawsuit. UT will panic and cave. They will also force the removal of Juliet Garcia as the fall person.

Until we have a TSC board willing to do the above, we have nothing. The anti-Garcia faction is nothing more than a group of con artists trying to sell the current arraingement as in the best interest of the people. It is not.

Until UT properl funds UTB, TSC cannot and will not lower tuition.  This is the real con of the anti-Garcia faction.  They know they have no intentions of taking action on the tuition problem, because they cannot without suing UT to compel full funding.  Why is Brownsville so adept at voting for con artists and liars?

The TSC board should file a discrimation lawsuit against UT or resign. They will do neither, and the poor will continue to suffer as these con artists continue to convince the people of Brownsville that being the object of racial discrimination is a good thing.

I have been wanting to do this post since Sunday, but I have been fighting a cold.

I have made clear that I support the lawsuit on the bond issue. The bigger issue in the case is not the bond issue, but defense of Home Rule. This is a significant separation of powers issue.  What we have is the legislature trying to subvert the constitutional guarantees offered to the people by and through the Texas Constitution.

Sorola's call for money is not only bogus, but a first class con job.  In the Brownsville case this case will turn on a ruling of law - nothing more.  Now I agree the decision of the COB to seek relief in Austin is bogus, and in fact a con job.  I think it is highly unlikely the AG is going to get in the middle of this fight.  We are dealing with the law - the purpose of the Austin lawsuit was nothing more than forum shopping and an attempt to force the AG to file a friend of the court brief (Amici brief).

But here is the Sorola con - the same legal brief his crew will be filing in Brownsville, is the same brief his crew will be filing in Austin.  Exactly how much money do they need for printing the brief and mailing it?  Certainly less than what he paid for the ad.

This is more about raising money for his lawyer.  When I  filed the free speach lawsuit against the city, I incurred the costs.  That suit is about to go forward again.  I will not be asking for money.  When I seek to do work for the community, I do it.  When the Sorola's seek to do work for the community, they turn it into a profit making venture for the family. 

Friday, October 15, 2010


I will tell you I am tired. This hormone deficiency which they cannot fix has me exhausted. This mess with convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla and his organizational partner Luci Longoria, as testified to by Carlos Quintanilla, is not helping matters.

My friends in Chicago are helping collect the information I need to have the DOJ open another criminal investigation. I am convinced based on all of his lies related to Accion American Carlos Quintanilla has restrictions on him. I have no proof of this at this time. I am simply conducting the investigation.  If I am right, I will then move forward.  For now all I am saying is I have an investigation.

This man was convicted of racketeering as a so called community activist. He lied when he told people Accion America is a non-profit. He lied when he told people Accion America is a corporation which pays taxes. He testified under oath he never opened a checking account for Accion America. This money he is collecting is going somewhere. There is an accounting problem, and during the course of the litigation I will force a full accounting of all funds raised by and spent by Accion America.

As of yesterday, the process server told me he could not serve me with Carlos Quintanilla's lawsuit because Mr. Quintanilla has not sent him a copy with citation for service. Why? They know the second I get it Luci Longoria's husband is sitting for deposition.

Why in GOD's name would anyone vote for someone who is part of an organization run by a convicted felon - who was convicted under the racketeering statute? Luci Longeria in her judgment finds this not to be problematic.


Not so much as a clarification as much as an explanation in politics. It is very well possible Jaime Escobedo bid on this contract like he would any other contract. But it is not very well possible that he did not know that the recommendation would come from Antonio Juarez with a vote by Art Rendon and Pat Lehmann. It is not very well possible that he did not know his brother Enrique would be voting on whether or not Antonio Juarez or Art Rendon would be getting their jobs back at BISD.

Regardless whether there was an outright meeting of the minds, Jaime Escobedo showed poor judgment in bidding on this contract. Once the contract was approved, good judgment would have had Enrique Escobedo abstaining thereafter from all votes related to Antonio Juarez and Art Rendon. He did not, why?

I will tell you I am working on another story which will expose the underbelly of this enterprise between convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla, Pat Lehmann, Arg Miller, Luci Longoria and many others. I need about another 2 weeks. As my readers know, I use documents - authenticated documents. I cannot go with the story until I have the documents.


Our esteemed mayor, Pat Almighty is right in the middle of this mess. Who appointed Jaime Escobedo to the Texas Workforce Commission? Pat Almighty - who appointed Art Rendon and Pat Lehmann to the BHA? - Pat Almighty

The BHA is already in trouble with HUD. This Inspector General investigation will only serve to further tell HUD Brownsville cannot be trusted with taxpayer funds.


Pat Almighty is doing all of these favors for the Escobedo brothers, Art Rendon, and Pat Lehmann, and what do they do? - they associate with a convicted felon and his accomplice Arg Miller to falsely accuse Pat Almighty of supporting the PUB bailout of the COB. Poetic Justice has its way.

Sorry Charlie Atkinson runs with the Escobedo brothers and how do they reward him? they taint Sylvia Atkinson with false charges she got the job at BISD even though she was not the most qualified candidate. I have never said she is not qualified and did not get the job fair and square. All I have done is point out the dishonest of the claims being made by the convicted felon and his enterprise of moronic follows.

Poetic Justice has its way - and it will have its way by the time this election is over.