Friday, September 24, 2010


Complete review on Saturday - but for now - the critics are morons and seem to be offended by women being women, albeit in an exaggerated state.  The women in the audience laughed and laughed hard.  This made for a good night.

Without the women in the audience laughing so hard, this film would have been less enjoyable.  The funny scenes are not non-stop but when they hit they are funny.  But they are funny mostly because the women in the audience either see themselves or friends in the scene.

The movie in part is about old high school wounds.  Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays a very hot mom, learns that the aunt of her soon to be daughter in law is her former classmate who pushed her into the pool on prom night.  Jamie Lee Curtis' daughter learns her future sister in law is the bitch who tortured her in high school.  An out right battle ensues. 

Is this an Oscar winning film?  No - it is a film you go see because you need a few good laughs.  I wish Betty White had a few more lines, and there had been more time to play out her bad times in high school - but hey an hour an a half is all the film time they had.  In fact I only went to go see the film to see Betty White.

 I liked the film because the women in the audience had a good time.  I can see boyfriends being bored - buy guys - it never hurts to put your female companion in a good mood - sometimes it is about putting her first.

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