Sunday, September 26, 2010


I have never understood people who feel like the public should keep them alive forever.  Medicare will pay some $93,000.00 so that an 80 year old prostate cancer patient can live an additional 4 months.  I say no.  There comes a point we must say no.

While I have full coverage at the VA, I do not use all of the services to which I am entitled.  I also buy some of my medications at Walmart rather than have the taxpayers pay for everything.  It is outrageous veterans have the taxpayer foot the bill for aspirin and fish oil for example.  The cost of processing these medications along with shipping well exceed the value of the aspirin and fish oil for example.  There have been occasions wherein my doctor has prescribed medicines which cost $4.00 at Walmart.  I know it is cheaper for me to go to Walmart than for the VA to provide me the medicine - I go to Walmart.

I have always said to my family, if I ever get diagnosed with a terminal disease, I will not fight it.  I  will ask to be kept comfortable and that is it.  While some people say death in inevitable, (I do not believe in death), I say then, so be it.  Why put the burden on the taxpayers so that someone who refuses to face the inevitability of death can live a few extra months.  My attitude on the subject is different when it comes to children.  I am a lot more open minded when it comes to spending money on children.

Oh, on the death issue - I do not believe we have a soul in a religious sense.  I do believe we have an essence which is eternal.  The human body for me is nothing more than a vessel in the eternal journy of our essence.  Like all good vessels they die, but who we are does not die.  My attitude has always been, I am ready for the next adventure.

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