Thursday, September 30, 2010


The VA has announced that effective December 1, 2010, all LRGV’s veterans will no longer be allowed to use the VA in San Antonio unless their doctor makes a special inter-facility request and the request is granted. All specialty clinic appointments LRGV veterans have been waiting for are being cancelled. If the veteran has a specialty clinic in SA which has provided the veteran care for years, they will lose that care effective December 1, 2010.

To compound the problem the Harlingen VA clinic has not been able to hire specialists to cover all of the specialty areas. In fact for months they have not been able to replace the 2 general practitioners who left the clinic. The doctors are over worked due to the shortages of doctors. There are no specialists in many areas. The day surgery/procedure clinic will not open until early 2011.

The decision to just cut off LRGV’s before all the specialists were hired and the new surgery/procedure clinic was opened, is typical of the BS we expect to see from the administrators at the VA. I have said this many times - the primary problem in Harlingen is the administrators.

Veterans who already have appointments in SA with specialty clinics after December 1, 2010, need to call the clinics and do their best to change the appointment to sometime in November. This will buy them time until Harlingen VA can hire the specialists.

Nothing makes me more upset when I hear lying politicians say we need to care for veterans. Willfully denying an entire group of veteran access to their doctors is sick and evidence just how little government officials care about veterans.

Finally, I can assure you Solomon Ortiz does not give a rats ass and will not even consider picking up the phone and getting an extension on this cut off date.

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(can assure you Solomon Ortiz does)

That boy is sitting in some dark cornor praying his China excursions will be soon forgotten.