Wednesday, September 29, 2010


There is no question that this is the biggest racially motivated con job by UT on a community since UT created separate universities for blacks. But here is the problem - we have no voice - whining incessantly will accomplish nothing. UT has to be humiliated.

I will tell you I have tried to get the Austin American Statesman to cover the story - no go - they have no interest in doing this type injury to UT. People might try writing a letter to the editor at the Austin American Statesman.

You need to be specific about how the partnership is hurting our children and community. You need to raise the racial issue of a community which is 95% Latino is the only community forced to pay property taxes to support a UT campus.

People might try and file a complaint with the Civil Rights Enforcement Section within the Department of Education - you must allege racial discrimination.

Letters which are diatribes filled with unsubstantiated claims will be ignored. You need to be specific. You need to ask why TSC was destroyed and Brownsville a 95% Latino community in desperate need of a real community college has had its community college made into a University while leaving the students without the benefits of a community college in terms of low tuition, and instructors who understand the difference in how you teach at a university versus a community college. You need to raise the question, why we are the only community which must pay property taxes to support a state university?

I grow bored with the election of TSC Trustees - Rendon was 100% honest that he intended to use his engineering background to help the board oversee the construction - construction of a state university with bond money being paid for by one of the poorest communities in the US, all the while UT drowns in oil money. People who expected a different result with the election of Rendon were so blinded by their hate for Juliet Garcia they refused to hear what Rendon was saying.


You cannot have different tuition rates for students attending UT Brownsville from those attending TSC. You cannot have the traditional community college rates for freshman and sophomores for all students and then raise tuition to university levels during the junior year. So long as there is any partnership agreement tuition at TSC will be the highest of any community college in Texas.

In a perfect world MALDEF would come in and represent the people of Brownsville against UT. They will not cross the first Latina university president - bottom line. But here you go - you can file a complaint directly with MALDEF.

On each of these contact issues, I would recommend that someone organize a group - now - a person is designated to write the letter. Then I would have at least 100 people send the letter to the Austin American Statesman, Department of Education and MALDEF.

It would be nice if the group could raise the money to place the letter in the Herald as a full page ad.

This is the bottom line - until people organize to find a way to humiliate UT, nothing will change. Endless mindless whining is the fastest path to nowhere.

Fred Drew I think had the best idea - force UT to buy TSC and pay off its debt. Then use the money to build a new community college. ITEC is a good start for a new campus. When I taught at Houston Community College, they had a lot of their courses taught at night on highschool campuses. Rather then build new buildings, they simply rented classrooms from the various school districts. It was nice for the students. Imagine you live near Lopez and you get to take most of your courses at Lopez. Imagine you live near Veteran’s Memorial and you get to take your courses at Veteran’s Memorial.

It is time to stop the incessant whining and act. Until people are willing to organize and put money on the table - all of this whining is for naught.


Joachin deStreatz said...

BWC: Very astute view of things. What about the fact that TSC property will be contributed to UTB/TSC, and yet TSC will continue taxing district residents? In exchange UT will donate its property. What property? The buildings are on TSC property, aren't they? What happens on the liabilities? If TSC contributes its asset (account receivable of rent owed) and UT contributes its liablity (past due rent owed)what does the new entity have? Does this money disappear? Sounds like a Dannenbaum special to me.

BobbyWC said...

There is no deal yet - so I am not commenting on the content of a non-existent deal

the only real issue is- any partnership agreement -old or new will not lower tuition - it will not bring the type classrooms we need for a true community college - it will not bring quality job training such as robotics -

it is time to humiliate UT into submission - let them pay for TSC cash and let a new TSC entity create a real community college

But in the end all of this discussion of old versus knew is just stupid - which is why I do not give a rats ass as to what is in the alleged new agreement - or the old agreement -

time to not have an agreement = period

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Another question: Can the "community college" that was TSC even be resurected? We have interested parties in the wings, such the tech schools now operating all over the place.

BobbyWC said...

Unless there is something in the contract which says otherwise a new community college can be created - but the current contract is meaningless on this issue - UT needs to be humiliated into buying all of the assets and liabilities of TSC so that TSC can start anew at ITEC - until we do this tuition will always be high - plain and simple