Friday, September 17, 2010


Eh - It is not that I disliked this film, I just did not like it. In fact had I been watching it on HBO I would have changed the channel.  Ben Affleck's acting was mediocre at best.  The supporting actress, Blake Lively actually delivered a memorable performance.  Supporting actor Jeremy Renner also delivered a memorable performance.  Beyond that it was mostly mediocre performances.

Ben Affleck wanted to do a movie about his home town of Boston.  He wanted to show the Irish criminal element in a town by the name of Charlestown.  There was nothing special, except maybe the ending.  I will not tell you the ending, but it basically saves an otherwise uneventful film.

I say wait for it to come to HBO.  I know this is to be the big block buster - but for me it was not.  Ben Affleck needs to stay away from making films about his home town.

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