Tuesday, September 14, 2010


(Note:  I just learned the vote to sue Healthsmart was 7-0 - Caty Garcia went from demanding investigations against the board  for denying Healthsmart the contract to voting to sue Healthsmart.  If there is a face of complete incompetence on the BISD Board it is Caty Garcia.  She has no interest in reality,  facts, or the children - she is angry and is using her position to settle a personal score.  She helped to lead the battle cry in favor of Springston, and when she did not get what she wanted from him she went on the attack.)

Well, yesterday’s post got me an earful in phone calls and messages. I want to be clear about something - just because a politician wants to control the budget does not means he/she wants to control it in a bad way. There is a perspective to the decision making process. People bring to the table their experience with local companies. This cannot be helped.

The greatest problem any politico faces is when a family member or friend of the family is hired by their political entity. The immediate response is - cronyism. I have been hard hitting on Kathleen Jimenez,. My opposition about her began based on personal one on one experience with her, and not on any knowledge that she was the wife of Escobedo’s business partner. Being someone’s wife should not be a basis for disqualification. The goal should be to hire the best of the best.

The attacks on Ruben Cortez’s wife have been 100% based on her relationship to Ruben Cortez. I have not read or heard a word about her qualifications or lack of qualifications. This is in stark contrast to my stories against Kathleen Jimenez. They have been 100% about her competency.

A poster made a comment about, what about Jimenez’s management qualifications and budget issues. This got me thinking, so I made inquiries. Jimenez does have support on the BISD Board beyond Escobedo. My question is why?

Here is the answer my source gave me - after she took over for Rendon the number of Due Process complaints dropped and the BISD saved a fortune in attorney’s fees. Rendon himself has sort of confirmed this through his lawsuit. He claims that the Due Process hearings went away after he called for an investigation against the attorney Jonas. If this is true then Kathleen Jimenez had nothing to do with the drop in the Due Process Hearings.

Due Process hearings are not common. Only the lawyers make money. This is why I always recommend the parents do straight up and down TEA complaints. There are no lawyers involved.

Lawyers tend to get one client and then it will balloon from there. This is how it works - someone in Brownsville found this guy Jonas on line. The family filed for a Due Process hearing. Word got out by and through this family about Jonas and more families went to him for advice. He took their cases knowing he could make money. In these type scenarios the referrals eventually dry up. The lawyer realizes he has reached the end of the feed trail. As Rendon himself noted, the Due Process hearing stopped or slowed down significantly before Jimenez took over.

I have been talking about this for some time. School boards are not about education they are about money. I would venture to say this is true for over 90% of all school boards. Brownsville is no different than 90% of all other school boards. This is why I do not fault the board on the money issues, in general.

It seems logical to me that the board members who are currently standing with Jimenez are doing so because the legal fees have dropped big time. It is a budget issue, such as the anony poster noted. The problem is, the number of Due Process hearings dropped big time before Jimenez came on board.

The measure the board should be looking at is how is Special Services functioning under Jimenez? This past summer I warned the board that Special Services had nothing in place to insure the files of special needs children follow them to summer school, and then to middle or high school. I warned Springston at the same time. Well the school year starts and behold, special needs children arrived in their new schools without their files. This is Springston at his best. He did nothing to address the problem and this board will do nothing about him doing nothing.

Today the father of a mentally ill child was told by an assistant principal that the child would be transferred to another high school if he does not behave. In a real world this assistant principal would be fire. I can tell you exactly what will happen. Springston will forward my e-mail to the Area Superintendent. The Area Superintendent will forward it to the principal. The principal will forward it to the assistant principal. No one will do a follow-up to insure the matter is addressed, and nothing will come of the complaint. At each level no one knows the importance of follow-up.

I will do more on follow up but first back to this disabled child. The father finally had the ARD with the child’s teachers. He was lead to believe the child is doing well, except World Geography. More on that later. They did not know that the father knew the child wanders the halls during class. They insisted everything is fine.

It is not - it was a lie - BISD at its best. The assistant principal had no interest in this child so she blew him off. The staff lied because that is what BISD employees do best. Last night I had the family over for dinner. I made a fresh Italian sauce with homemade meatballs and sweat Italian sausage. The daughter who goes to the same school is upset because her teachers are getting on her because the brother is wandering the halls and disturbing her class. This child is crying because she cannot enjoy school with her brother wandering the halls and bothering her. Remember she is a dropout we got to go back to BISD. I just hope we do not loose her again. I am convinced that Springston will do nothing. He has refused to help at every turn. He is worthless. I have informed the father it is time to sue. Without a federal court order BISD will never provide this disabled child an education.

On the issue of World Geography, the father is on campus every day. Would it have killed the teacher to tell the father his son was failing World Geography because he was not doing his assignments. This child cannot focus in a regular classroom. He needs a lot of one on one help. Kathleen Jimenez and Brett Springston have made it clear this child will not get the help he needs until a federal judge orders them to give this child the help he needs

Back to follow up - yesterday I agreed to do something for someone. I am to come up with 5 concerns. I committed to be done in two days. I want time to think about it. Tomorrow I will get a ding from my computer reminding me it is due on Wednesday. . This is not complex. It is called follow-up. It is called caring.

One last issue - cowards without an ounce of integrity attack innocent women - especially when it is done with innuendo. This is exactly what Montoya has done to Ruben Cortez’s wife. Look, Ruben had to have know that the day he got elected to the BISD Board of Trustees his wife would be attacked by cowards. No one can deny he made the decision to expose his wife to the attacks of cowards. He has very little to complain about.

But, this does not change the fact his wife is an innocent victim of dirty cowardly politics. Montoya’s argument as I understand is, if you are the wife of a BISD Trustee you can never be promoted at BISD even if you are the most qualified. This is the mentality which has lead to the promotion of so many incompetent people.

No one has pointed to any variable which suggests Cortez’s did not earn her promotion on the merits. I have gone after Kathleen Jimenez on specific facts related to her incompetence. This goes to the impact her incompetence is having on innocent children.

When you attack the wife of Ruben Cortez for nothing more than the crime of having married Ruben Cortez you are a coward. Until people who are attacking this innocent woman has something which goes to her professional character or competence, they are to be dismissed as nothing more than paid hacks to insure the BISD budget money goes to their buddies. They are to be dismissed as people who do not give a rats ass about the children. They are to be dismissed as cowards.


Anonymous said...

As I understand, when the board members went into executive session with the names of 3 or 4individuals, they had already made up their mind that Mrs. Cortez was the best qualified. When the other candidates have put in more time and effort and proven themselves on many occasions, how can they claim they are not as qualified as the one that was appointed? It did not happen for the first time with Mrs. Cortez or Mrs. Trevino (related board members) for this happens all the time at BISD!!! Right, Susan Fox? It is who you know, not what you know. They hire people who are "working on their certification" for the position while 3 or 4 that already have the certifcation are not even considered. This is what gets most of us angry, so when the job goes to someone who has not put in their time, our blood boils, Bobby. Thanks for listening for BISD obviously does not.

BobbyWC said...

What you are saying is, before teh board met they unofficially met and made the decision. I do not buy it.

Look I agree chronyism plays a big roll at BISD - but in this case saying she is not qualified merely because who her husband is is wrong.

I do not know what happened at the interviews, but are you saying that even if the teachers who participated in the interviews opposed her she still would have gotten the job.

I have a source telling me she applied for the job several times and other candidates got the job, all the while Ruben was on the Board.

It is not unusual that for this type position someone has to apply numerous times before they get the job - the reason - more qualified people are ahead of them.

Until someone has something which goes to her professionalism and competency the entire thing is nothing more than to attack his wife as a way to get to him. This is wrong - it is the type poitics which keeps good people from running for office.

BUT, I agree there is a lot of chronyism at BISD

Anonymous said...

As I have said before there is a process in BISD and has been there for many years to transfer the records of students from school to school. If the student was not enrolled in the time period of April-June he/she would not of been included. You can not have an ARD on a student not enrolled. When they return if the school is doing what they should they have a transfer ARD before they can enroll. This problem is no the incompetence of the supt but at the building level.

Anonymous said...

what a tapeworm! So, you have carpal tunnel, eh?

BobbyWC said...

two issues - 1st to Eduaardo - he has raised this stupid issue about my previous problem with Carpal tunnel - you see Eduaardo has a problem with science and medicine - or is pathetic.

here you go Eduaardo - medicine has created a surgey - they cut into your hand - they open the carpal tunnel - they use chemicals ot reduce the inflamation - they place tubes in the tunnel to keep it expanded so that in the future the nerves do not get crushed again - and then magically - you no longer have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Now as to the post related to not blaming Springston for the failure of the campus administrators in forwarding the files of special needs children -

Springston has been told about this problem repeatedly - he is the BOSS - when the Boss fails to take corrective action - you fire him.

The buck stops with Springston - bottom line - no excuses

Anonymous said...

I have some questions based on the commentary posted by anonymous on Sept. 14. Who is this sidekick (J. Rodriguez) of C. Jonas, attorney, who was being paid by BISD without a contract (O. Powers)? What is the connection between Rodriguez/Jonas and Gonzalez/Rendon? What services was she providing to the district and what are her qualifications?

BobbyWC said...

So the record is clear, I invite such questions - they add to the discussion.

I am not sure what the comment is about Otis Powers - but so that there is no confusion Otis Powers is neither an attorney nor plays one in politcs

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...


The comment is not about O. Powers but about what he revealed in the Juarez’s Opinion (Doc . 51-6 at 2-4). “Powers to Juarez, There was no contract (J.R.)… I know everything; I was on the board at the time. So they tried to develop a contract dated back to July 1 of ’08 and to June 30 of ’09 because they were already paying Juanita prior to that time.”

There are procedures to follow in hiring a consultant. Did the district follow the procedures or were they trying to back track and correct another hidden item committed by the Special Services Administrator? Remember this person is mentioned in Rendon’s lawsuit as a sidekick of C. Jonas.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Trevino was a principal BEFORE her "relative" became a board member. AND had 20+ years in BISD as well. So now because her relative is a board member all of the sudden she must stay at the same campus forever? Leave her out of your dirty politics. Get your facts straight.