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But first a note for Montoya, if you are going to promote your lies for this convicted felon try not posting his mug shot from the Irving police department.  It only reminds people he is a convicted felon.  Oh, did Ruiz fail to tell you that at least twice Quintanilla blamed you and McHale for the defamatory statements.


There was the issue of Quintanilla refusing to answer the questions related to Zayas/Cortez First Request For Production. The court ordered Quintanilla over his repeated objections to answer all the requests for production. Quintanilla claimed that the requests were too vague to answer. Obviously Quintanilla is challenged in the English language. The court read many of the requests into the record. They were all the same - paraphrase - “produce all documents which support your claims in paragraph xyz of your counterclaim.” According to Quintanilla this request is too vague to answer. The judge begged to differ.

The court viewed about 5 minutes of the deposition video tape. What you see is Quintanilla out right refusing to answer the question related to Zayas/Cortez corruption. He just went into an endless circle claiming Martinez terminated the deposition, with Martinez clearly stating he did not and that Quintanilla needs to answer the questions. Quintanilla refused.

The judge then gave Quintanilla 5 minutes to either present portions of the transcribed deposition which supports his claims he answered questions or that Adrian Martinez threatened to kick his ass. The judge gave him the opportunity and he could not produce any evidence Martinez threatened to kick his ass.

What did come out is that Martinez did threaten to call the police to have Quintanilla removed from the premises if he continued to refuse to leave after the deposition had formally terminated. According to Martinez, Quintanilla refused to leave so he instructed his secretary to call the police. It is criminal trespass to remain on someone’s property after being asked to leave.

As to redoing the deposition, the court ordered it redone. The court initially indicated it would find some great American novel and read it while overseeing the depositions to insure Quintanilla answered the questions. Quintanilla then protested that he is a resident of Dallas and could not afford the endless trips to Brownsville.

At this point Adrian Martinez pointed out that in his deposition Quintanilla claimed to live in Brownsville 50% of the time. How can this lying sack of shit claim he cannot afford to attend a deposition in a town where he lives 50% of the time? At this point Quintanilla hung himself and told the court that was before not now. This is significant because by his own admission he lost standing to sue for the removal of Zayas and Cortez.  A formal court order will be needed on this issue, after Martinez sets the matter for hearing.

Adrian Martinez then told the court that he would agree to Deposition by Written Question if the court would agree to oversee a deposition if Quintanilla continued to refuse to answer the questions or for follow-up. The court agreed. Quintanilla was given 20 days to answer the Questions in the Written Deposition, not 30. Quintanilla being challenged in math kept on demanding the court set a date certain and the court repeatedly told him the answers would be due 20 days after he gets them. Apparently both Quintanilla and Fernando Ruiz are challenged when it comes to math.


If you read Montoya’s post on the issue your impression is Quintanilla won on this issue - he did not. Judge Wittig said in all cases, not just this one, he does not issue monetary sanctions. Then he went on to say that the appellate courts have told him he has no choice, but to issue sanctions. What he did was give Quintanilla extra time because he is a pro se. He then said that if Quintanilla continues to refuse to answer discovery he would sanction him.

In fact Judge Wittig did issue a discovery sanction against Quintanilla. He barred Quintanilla from doing discovery on Zayas/Cortez, namely depositions, until after Quintanilla complies with the court’s discovery orders.


In what is one of the most bizarre performances I have ever seen in the court room Quintanilla actually argued he did not do the things they accuse him of, but then says he cannot prove what he is accusing them of because he does not have any evidence. For the most part while waiving Montoya’s and McHale’s bogus stories at the judge he repeatedly says “these are the people making the accusations, not me.” Somehow I think Montoya and McHale are about to get deposed now that Quintanilla threw them under the bus. I also suspect they both may be added to the lawsuit now that Quintanilla put the blame on them. I am certain Ted Parker will join them as part of his defense. Quintanilla took zero responsibility for any of the allegations of corruption related Zayas and Cortez.

He actually asked the court for time to go on a fishing expedition with BISD to try and prove Zayas and Cortez are corrupt. This is not how things work. When you file a lawsuit and claim elected officials should be removed from office for corruption you do not say to the court “oh, I have no evidence to support my claims, will you give me permission to go on a fishing expedition to prove they are corrupt?”


When I arrived in the courtroom Luci Longoria and Fernando Ruiz were sitting next to each other. The reality is, I had no idea who she was - in fact I had no reason to believe they were there as anything more than observers. But then there was a break - and the truth came out.

Luci Longoria ran to Quintanilla the second the court broke for a break. But first the bailiff ran to her to explain to her the court will not tolerate her disrespect for the court by refusing to stand when the judge leaves the room.

As it turns out Luci Longoria has been driving Quintanilla around town since day one, according to deposition testimony. So, is she a plant by Quintanilla and Ted Parker? A plant maybe not, but a recruit for deception and fraud yes. This is why I suspect Montoya took down her ad. I suspect it was decided they did not want her linked to Montoya and Quintanilla - too late.

This is not the first time Ted Parker and Quintanilla have played this came in local politics. They got caught red handed in Lubbock - I will get to that, but first.

In a 7-0 vote the BISD Board voted to sue Healthsmart for financial fraud. This means Caty Presas-Garcia who was calling for criminal investigations into how Healthsmart lost the contract now agrees BISD needs to sue Healthsmart.

So why is Luci Longoria in bed with the two men trying to protect Healthsmart from these claims of fraud which Caty Presas-Garcia believes are real? Is Ted Parker funneling money into her campaign? Or is she just dumb as nails and so obsessed to settle the score for Hector Gonzales that she will seek to use her position as a Board Member to protect Healthsmart? I suspect she is just dumb as nails. Do the teachers understand that in protecting Healthsmart Luci Longoria is seeking to prevent the teachers and school district from recovering from Healthsmart alleged fraudulent billing? Do the taxpayers understand how Lucie Longoria is trying to screw them out of recovering these funds? Dumb as nails is all I can say about Lucie Longoria.

I have spoken out against Zayas since he first ran. No one can say otherwise. But now that I know the truth about Luci Longoria, I will be faced with no choice but to vote for Zayas. When a candidate for public office seeks to get in bed with someone trying to protect a corporation BISD is suing for millions of dollars we have a problem Houston. I do not think Lucie Longoria is overtly corrupt - I think she is dumb as nails and falls for every lie ever told to her because she is just down right stupid.

If there is any doubt that Quintanilla is in bed with Ted Parker ask yourself, why today was he asking the court to allow him to make legal arguments for Ted Parker and Healthsmart? Yea, the judge threw him down on that one. There can be little doubt that Ted Parker put him up to it, and Lucie Longoria is right there conspiring against BISD taxpayers and teachers trying to recover the money Healthsmart is alleged to have over billed BISD. The conspiracy charge against Luci Longoria would probably not stick because personally, I do not think she is smart enough to know the meaning of a conspiracy.

One last thing, I will be contacting the US Attorney’s Office which prosecuted Quintanilla to determine whether or not he has been barred for life from participating in non-profits. I will be sending them the false claims of being incorporated and being a non-profit. It is time we get to the truth. If his relationship with Ted Parker and Luci Longoria raise to the level of criminal conduct it is time we find out, and the three of them be prosecuted.


As I have reported in the past, this would not be the first time Parker and Quintanilla have gotten into bed together to disrupt a community over Parker’s business dealings.

The candidate Parker and Quintanilla helped in Lubbock was sanctioned by the TEC for campaign finance violations.

In fact Quintanilla could not help a Latino get elected in a district which is 49% Latino. Armando Gonzales who was sanctioned in part because of the acts by Parker and Quintanilla lost the election to an African American in a community which is 49% Latino. This Latino community was smart enough to reject the interference of a self servicing convicted felon by the name of Carlos Quintanilla.

Qunitanilla also covered for our own local Enrique Escobedo who was also sanctioned for campaign finance violations.

Are we beginning to see a pattern - a convicted felon covering for candidates who are sanctioned by the Texas Ethics Commission. Some people are incapable of change. Quintanilla may be one of them.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like there were two court hearings in Brownsville today. One would never know you and Montoya were in the same room from reading the two different articles. Glad to know what really happened.

BobbyWC said...

I have always said, you cannot teach ethics or journalism. You either know right from wrong or you do not.

Juan Montoya's sense of journalism is to take sides and then allow that side to call you and tell you what happened.

Juan Montoya was not in the court room.

You might note he does not bother telling you Luci Longoria was in the court room sitting next to Fernando Ruiz. This is consistent with him taking down her ad. Why is he trying to keep the people from knowing she is doing Quintanilla and Parkers dirty work?

I was taught at UTEP wherein during our research courses we were told only primary sources are valid. I do my best to hold to this rule. No competent journalist or blogger goes to one side and says "tell me what to say and I will call that journalism." Well unless you are Juan Montoya.

My readers I am sure noted I did discuss Adrian Martinez's mistakes. Just the facts

No to be fair when I was orking on my masters in education at UT Arglington I was shocked to learn what passed as master's level research and even doctoral research. I will never forget the instructor who got all over me when I pointed out her research was replete with bad citation, misquotes and outright mistatement of what the original research found or reported.

I will never forget teh dissertation on Edward Said's "Contrapuntal Analysis." which was 100% fabricated. no one bothered to check his original source so this guy just frabricated and entire disserattion.

There is no ethics today in journalism or academia.

When I listen to Fernando Ruiz I am compelled to believe a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies from UTB is at best a glorified highschool diploma - and maybe even less than that.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, thanks for the information. What a waste of time for BISD and the majority of the Board. Whether it has been Rendon's Quixotic lawsuit, Juarez' paranoia, Gonzales' inabilty to face his reality, Presas-Garcia's erratic behavior, and the list goes on, the common denominator is the failure of the board to continue to use Healthsmart. Those minority board members who blindly supported Healthsmart have now joined the lawsuit. Are they trying to save face, or did they receive some special favors from Healthsmart or the ex board member who orchestrated this whole fiasco. The majority of the board realizes that the district is not perfect and would rather spend their time addressing real issues than dealing with distractions brought on by disgruntled ex employees, an insurer that has a terrible track record with dubius trade practices, a convicted felon and opportunist that speaks from both sides of his mouth, some minority board members who have ulterior motives and change their position daily. Hopefully, all this will come to an end soon and the district can move forward and improve those areas requiring such. Of course, I may be asking too much.

BobbyWC said...

This entire Healthsmart mess has distracted the Board and the community away from the children. Quintanilla and Montoya go on and on about how the special needs children suffered because of the Board when it was the board who forced the removal of the man over special needs who was teh cause of the problems.

they completely absolve Rendon for his actions. their attitude is the man in charge of special services has no blame for the failings of special services and all the blame goes to the lawyers.

get a clue, when a parent files for a due process hearing, the district must defend against it.

Even Rendon in his lawsuit claims that the lawyer for the children Jonas would tell the parents to reject the settlement offer only to then advice them to accept once he made his billing.

Can the moron Montoya explain us why it is BISD's fault that the parents would not accept the settlement offer until Jonas billed enough hours. BISD had zero control over Jonas

Montoya is not stupid - he shows actual malice in his alleged reporting - he has no interest in facts or objectivity - if he is this stupid then humanity as we know might end tomorrow.

Again Montoya tell us, if the children's attorney Jonas was telling the parents not to settle exactly what was BISD to do to stop the billing war? Do tell.

Further, had Rendon been doing his job in the first instance there never would have been a due process complaint to begin with.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

One last thing, Montoya is getting what is due with Quintanilla going on the record and blaming him and McHale for the defamatory statements. You never trust a convicted felon, especially one convicted of fraud.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, Thanks for the additional comments after my posting #3. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I'd like to add a postcript to #3. The ex board member is not running for the board this November.

Anonymous said...


Excellent job! I had just finished reading Montoya’s interpretation of the court's proceeding. The gentleman is as blind as Lucy. Brownsville, Lucy is running for school board member for the wrong reason. It is not about children.

Anonymous said...

All of you that believe the garbage this scum writes are just as crazy as him.

Anonymous said...

If Luci Longoria is running for the wrong reasons, what are zayas and cortez running for? more money in their pockets? Their actions speak for themselves. Having a deficit of 100+ millions is NOT being all about students or education. Can't believe some people are so ignorant, as Zayas has stated.

Don't vote for Zayas or Cortez because you know their mothers or their family. Vote because you have a mind of your own.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, whether you post this or not, you will still read this.

You took a cheap shot saying slanderous, malicious accusations about Luci Longoria. Be ready when you are put on the stand and say who put you up to this. We all know who is behind it.

It's a pitty you all can't be called men.

Anonymous said...

When a person goes into politics, it is a sure thing that someone will find something in your past to bring you down. What you have done in the past will never be forgotten, but what you do now is very important. A politician should behave him/herself so that when someone says something bad about them, no one will believe it. Character and integrity is a must for a politician and mud slinging is only a way out. Stick to the fact and please tell us what you intend to do as a board member in relation to the education of our children. Remember it is called Board of Education not Board of Pocket-lining. Let's get started with the candidate forums and please allow us to ask the questions verbally, not hidden in a piece of paper so that they question can be censored. Like Joe Friday used to say on "Dragnet" ..."the facts, ma'am, only the facts!"