Monday, September 20, 2010


I know how much my readers love these lesson posts - but hey - here we go.

I blame the press for most of what is happening in politics. Yes, the failure of our elected officials to listen to the people is the seed of the problem, but the press watered that seed and made things worse. The press intentionally promotes ignorance - this is coming from both the left and the right. Locally, the Herald takes the cake when it comes to promoting ignorance and a lack of integrity.

Anyone can read the comments which are being posted in the comment section of the Herald and ask - how Brownsville lost its mind? The sad part is, this is happening all over the country. The press simply has not addressed the issue of anony posts which promote racism, ignorance, disinformation, and outright lies. The press is desperate for readers so if need be it will encourage the most ignorant of its readers to control the comments section. This decision by the press has unleashed ignorance as the norm. It has lead to the demise of integrity in journalism and society.

It get it - the people are mad - and rightfully so. We have been ignored for too long. Solomon Ortiz treats veterans like they are the enemy. He has no constituency support for veterans,. His office refuses to even consider the problems facing veterans in the Valley. His base comes from Corpus and Robstown so we do not matter. But it is just not Solomon Ortiz - this is how politicians are treating the American people. The people are mad and rightfully so.


This woman Christine O’Donnell, Tea Party darling for the US Senate has said she believes the government has created mice with human brains, and claims to have dabbled in witchcraft all the while she is claiming self manipulation is a sin. You cannot claim to be an advocate for the Bible while dabbling in witchcraft.

People are so mad, and rightfully so they are prepared to elect this woman to the US Senate. Can you imagine the commercials the Democrats can run against her and in fact all Republicans seeking the US Senate. The caption is simple - “Is this the US Senate you want?”

I believe a lot of what is happening is people for the first time, including a lot of people in the center and left are seeing their first opportunity to throw the bums out. I do not judge these people for voting for outsiders. It makes perfect sense to me and in fact in principle it a good thing for the country.

The problem is, in our anger we seem to be voting for people who either cannot win in November or who are just bizarre at all levels. We are closing our eyes to the reality of who these people are.

Why are better people not challenging the entrenched incumbents? Good people look to the blogs and anony comments in trash newspapers like the Herald and say “why would I put my family through this?” Answer - they will not.

No one can point to any comment wherein I have defended the BISD Board as an entity or endorsed a current Board Member for office on the merits of their performance. Since the day Zayas announce for office two years ago I have opposed him. This Board, bottom line, has no understanding of the problems facing the district - namely the children. One Board Member told me so long as Kathleen Jimenez is not costing the district money with Due Process hearings or litigation she will keep her job. There is zero interest in whether or not she is doing her job.

The issue of Luci Longoria running for the BISD Board should be a front page story in the Herald. I will be shocked if they do the story about how she is tied to Carlos Quintanilla and Ted Parker. In a 7-0 vote the Board which is never united voted to sue Ted Parker and Healthsmart for fraudulent billing. When Caty Presas-Garcia agrees with Rick Zayas it should tell people Healthsmart did something wrong. Had the vote been 4-3, I would say something smells bad. But the vote was 7-0. And where is Luci Longoria? She is in bed with a convicted felon who is defending Ted Parker and doing his dirty work.

This is a huge story. Does this mean Rick Zayas should be reelected? No - but given a choice between voting for someone I consider to be a failure because he does not understand the instructional and special services problems at BISD, and someone in bed with an entity BISD is suing for financial fraud, the decision is simple - Zayas must win the election.

If this were Zayas acting like Luci Longoria people would be demanding his indictment. But it is not. So instead these same people who would be demanding Zaya’s indictment choose to send me endless e-mails claiming I am making this up and insulting me as a bought voice for Rick Zayas.

Whether it is those supporting Christine O’Donnell for the US Senate or those supporting Luci Longoria for BISD Trustee, the problem is the same - legitimate anger is causing people to ignore reality in favor of ignorance.

The reason we do not have better candidates is the blogs and comments section of the Herald has allowed for distractions and outright lies about people. These people who are angry enough to vote for bad people have no interest in integrity or honesty. They are angry.

People have asked me why I do not run for anything? Answer I would never get my message out - the attacks with half-truths, lies and distractions would start from day one. Anger would keep these people from hearing a message they may actually want to hear.

In the end, for now we are screwed in this election at every level. The Republicans will win every statewide election. Zayas, Cortez, and Powers will continue to influence BISD. The only good news is, Casco will probably win the race for County Judge.


Anonymous said...

"The only good news is, Casco will probably win the race for County Judge."

That would certainly be good news for us. Cascos has been a good steward and has conducted the business of the county without being partisan and more like a business, which is what we need.

I wish other local politicians followed his example.

Anonymous said...

I certainly do agree with the comments made about Judge Carlos Cascos. I applaud him for being the only politician in Brownsville who has his heart in the right place and his hands out of his pockets! Congratulations, judge! Judge Dancy would be very proud of you!!!