Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The following is posted on their web page in response to a questionnaire some knucklehead received from the Mayo Clinic.

"You might want to warn people to be careful how they answer health questions when the federal government is involved."

Not that reality matters to these idiots, but the Mayo Clinic is a non-profit which has nothing to do with the federal government.  It was started by the Mayo family and eventually established as a non-profit.  One would think the lunatic right would be celebrating the success of this private enterprise, but no - it calls it the federal government because some question in a questionnaire asked about guns.  You will note, the questionnaire is not included for the readers consideration.

Now here is a newsflash for these idiots - the Mayo Clinic does research into how to prevent injuries caused by accidental shootings, suicides and on and on - yes in deed - communist conspiracy that a non-profit medical research and treatment facility would want to inquire about gun ownership when dealing with such issues as suicide and accidental shootings.

But the bottom line - Tea Party idiots - the Mayo Clinic is not the federal government.   You will note, the Trustees are private doctors from all over the U.S.


What the local yokels at the Tip of Texas Tea Party prove time and again, if you do not like reality, just make it up -


Anonymous said...

Nah. You making a big deal out of nothing. I think the writer was trying to say that if it can happen to him it can happen when the feds are involved in someone else's health care. Maybe he wasn't trying to go this route but that's what I took from it. But you'll probably say I can't read or something. Anyway in his case, it seems his health issue had nothing to do with owning a gun, much less having to answer a question about a gun or gun rack. So of course he's going to have questions about the question. Let's say you go to a bank to open up an account, they ask you do you have a gun, a health issue, or live a straight or gay lifestyle. Wouldn't you be like none of your business? I know I would. I'd walk out of the bank and never do business with them. I'd warn my friends. That's all this writer did. Warn his friends. You make it sound like the entire group believes it. You trash them as a whole for no reason. It was one guy who wrote the comment because he thought his experience was wierd.

BobbyWC said...

I made no comment about his response to the question - I refuse questionaires all of the time - I got a Nielson last month or so and trashed it - it was like do you have a couple of weeks to answer endless questions

My issue relates to the claim of the federal government - the goal was to create fear of the government who had nothing to do with the question - why mention the feds unless you want to create an image involving the feds?

But again I said nothing about how he responded - why I do not own a gun, I certainly would never return a questionaire which asked about gun ownership - why no one's business

I am a huge - very huge advocate of the right to own weapons, although I own none