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(Update:  to understand why I say journalism really does not exist anymore, this is a must read story.  They simply have no interest in facts, accuracy, or checking the source.

I chose this above picture because if there is one place where trust is absolutely imperative it is with our doctors. This trust no longer exists. It is nearly impossible to find a competent doctor who will put the patient first. It is almost surreal their lack of interest in science and addiction to myth. It is as if we have returned to the Middle Ages. More on this another day.


I am the first to say I am the worst editor of my own work. I do hate that I see every mistake in everyone else’s work. This is why good editors are needed to protect writers. But I do not make mistakes when I write one sentence.

This is from a reading assignment given to a BISD high school student.

“Write about a time when you placed in a compromising position.”

I suspect the mistake is a consequence of laziness. I say this because it is too scary to think it is a consequence of being illiterate.


The American people have lost confidence in their political system. This morning a poll indicates that the man who would be the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, if the Republicans win in November, has an image problem. The American people are looking for someone anyone to lead. Instead we have Rick Longoria who admits he will never do the right thing if it means being thrown from office.

It is not that the people do not favor a property tax increase. It is a lack of trust that the city commission has done all it can to balance the budget. When they vote to allow for more debt, it is hard to trust them.

President Obama is his own worst enemy. He allowed the right to control the trust issue. They convinced the American people he cannot be trusted. The American people are ready to turn its government over to the very people who were the major players in getting us into this mess. The American people appear to believe going into 7 billion dollars of additional debt is a good thing, so that the wealthiest Americans do not have to pay their fair share. This is what happens when there is no trust.


When it comes to the BV you can always count on it to provide its readers with the original documents when they are available. In the past I have posted the Antonio Juarez opinion. I am posting it again. Facts matter, unless you are Juan Montoya. He is more than adequately educated enough to read a legal opinion and know what it says. So why does he so deliberately mislead his readers? Answer - he thinks they are fools who will believe whatever drivel they are fed.

People, you win wars on facts. I support 100% the removal of all BISD Board Members. I support the firing of the superintendent. I support the firing of Kathleen Jimenez. I support a full criminal investigation into the deal cut between Springston, Escobedo, and Jimenez. On this back door deal for a job the facts are well documented. In the case of Sylvia Atkinson ziltch - no evidence other than anony posts. I am not saying the evidence does not exist. If these so called push cards exist, then let the witnesses produce them and we can then post them to the internet. I will have no problem taking the lead in pushing for a criminal investigation. But here is the reality - Escobedo who committed financial fraud with his BISD campaign money, and who appears to have sold his vote for the hiring of Springston in exchange for the hiring of his partners wife is to be protected. Why?

You either believe in cleaning up the broken system or you do not. If you selectively cover the corruption and have a history in the past of taking money from one candidate while trashing another, reasonable minds can ask - “are you still on someone’s payroll?”

Montoya wants his readers to believe that Ted Parker’s Healthsmart was a victim of corrupt BISD Board Members. He wants his readers to believe that in the federal case filed by Antonio Juarez the court found support for such a claim.

False - 100% false - an outright lie.

Evidentiary submissions according to the opinion will follow. Key to the issue being pushed by Montoya are the findings and conclusions on page 19

Page 19, the court notes Juarez was reassigned before he went to the FBI. This is significant because it proves my point that the court of appeals is never going to allow for a tactic that allows a public employee to file a complaint with the FBI after adverse action is taken against them and then allow them to claim the FBI complaint is why they were fired. The court also found Juarez’s recommendations related to Healhsmart were not protected speech and therefore on this issue he failed to state a basis to sue BISD.

There is no finding in the opinion about the Healthsmart issue which remotely suggests the court found credibility in Juarez’s claims. Montoya’s implication to the contrary exists only in his imagination.

Page 9 has perhaps the most astonishing findings. The court of appeals is going to look at this finding by the court and shake its head in disbelief this case is still alive.

On page 9 of the opinion the Court specifically found “nor does he (Juarez) point this Court to any summary judgment evidence that creates an issue of material fact.”

Page 10 - the issue is do the Board Members encourage employees to file grievances against one another. This is important because this is the reason the lawsuit is going forward. The court found that there is evidence the Board Members encouraged employees to file grievances against one another. This is the only reason the case is proceeding. The court of appeals will reverse on this issue.

On Page 14 the court finds no evidence of an FBI report by Juarez nor evidence the Board knew of such a complaint. Remarkably the court then decides to my amazement and I am sure to the amazement of the court of appeals, the court will assume the evidence exists anyway. If a judge acted this way against Juarez his supporters would be calling for impeachment.

Here is the opinion.

Now to be fair, journalism in the U.S. is exactly what Montoya calls journalism. This is why there is no trust of journalist.


Ignorance breads fear and war. The ignorant in this country believed everything they were told and with glee witnessed the hanging of black men I remember as if it were yesterday parents in Boston beating the busses with baseball bats to protest integration of their schools. Their reaction was based in fear and ignorance.

Germans desperate to blame someone, anyone for their hardships believed what they were told about Jews - 6 million Jews went to the gas chambers as a consequence of ignorance and a people willing to believe anything which supported their anger.

We cannot solve the immigration problem or the border security problem because ignorance drives the process. I support troops on our border to send a message to the cartels. But I also understand that you cannot deport 12 million people and expect no impact on your economy. There is also the fairness issues.

What the people who run the Tea Party Freedom Express, Juan Montoya, Nazi’s, the KKK, and every other organization which has ever played on emotions (left or right) have in common is, they rely on the ignorance and laziness of the people to make their message credible.

The problem is, in time it results in millions of innocent people being punished.

There are a ton of issues related to the educational process at BISD to justify the removal of Zayas, Cortes, and Escobedo as Board Members. The decision to hire Springton, and Jimenez should be the number one issues. If someone can give me any real evidence on Sylvia Atkinson, I will include her also.

I started this post with an assignment by a BISD English high school teacher. The BV has also been about the children and the quality of education. I was taken to task for going after special services and defending the most needy of our children. Montoya of course defended the incompetence of Art Rendon.

When all you have is endless claims of corruption and never actually deal with what is happening in the classroom, you cannot say you are about the education of our children. What you are about is taking sides in an immoral battle to control the budget. Montoya is no more about the education of our children than any of the BISD Board Members.

I cannot control what people believe, but I can do my best to make people think about the issues. As I said from day one, this is the goal of the BV.

Because of people like Montoya, Cortez and Zayas will win reelection. They have all the proof they need to show all the claims were fabricated. Sadly enough it is now too late to focus on real reform in education and the need for a competent superintendent.

We need a former CEO who will come in and run BISD like a business. He/she will hire competent assistant superintendents. They are the experts. If they fail to perform then it will be the job of the superintendent to fire them. We need a CEO running the show who will not be a castrated Rick Longoria or Springston too afraid to tell the people the truth. When board members try and use their position to influence the hiring process, we need a CEO superintendent who will call the Herald and tell the people the truth.


BobbyWC said...

The piece got long - so I am adding this here

Montoya appears to be implying that maybe someone needs to investigate this company which did the independent audit of Healthsmart.

Yes Juan, Zayas paid them enough money under the to cause them to chance a lawsuit from Healthsmart and having their entire business ruined.

BobbyWC said...

Dude, I had to reject your comment - I agree with you on the part that Juan Montoya is not a journalist, at least in the context of accuracy - but the other part would create a distraction

But to be 100% fair so called journalists today are not about accuracy or facts - they are about pushing agendas and headlines - this is in part is a consequence of the demise of journalism - they need headlines to appear relevant so they just make up stories.

Anonymous said...

You were right. Carlos Quintanilla used people in Brownsville. The most vocal board member was Mrs. Garcia. What happen to Caty?

BobbyWC said...

Caty's problem is she gets nasty and goes after everything and in the process appears as disruptive for no apparent reason.

I will say she sent a strong critical e-mail last week over Hanna's principal sending the drop out away - Springston knows that if a new majority forms (will not happen) he is out of a job. Caty woiuld vote to fire him in a second. Unfortunately, Cortez and Zayas will win reelection - the only issue is who will win the other race - Powers was for firing Gonzales so I assume he will vote to keep Springton so long as Springston plays ball with Power's baseball bat

The power of the people said...

Where are we to find that CEO which will call the Herald and tell people the truth? In Brownsville? yeah.. right.
We have been telling you to run for office ANY office, but you refuse! why?

Anonymous said...

ear Bobby,
I congratulated you on some of your recent articles on BISD. I do not always agree with you on all of your issues but I was impressed with your analysis and opinion on recent articles on Art Rendon and Tony Juarez.

It would be interesting to see how you would follow-up on something that was revealed on Tony Juarez’s opinion {Lehman Aff. (Doc. No.51-6 at 2-4) (Otis Powers to Juarez: There was no contract [with Juanita Rodriguez]. . . I know everything; I was on the [B]oard at the time. So they tried to develop a contract that dates [back] to July 1 of ‘08 to June 30 of ’09 because they were already paying Juanita prior to that ….}.

Juanita Rodriguez was allegedly hired by Dr. Judith Higgins, Ex-BISD Special Services Administrator, as a Parent Liaison in order to keep her under control and avoid her involvement as a Special Education Advocate against BISD in 2002. Juanita supposedly had strong ties with Hector Gonzalez who protected her and kept her employed by BISD in order to keep her out of his office. In the spring of 2006, Juanita was terminated after an incident with Susan Fox, Area Administrator/Ex-Special Services Administrator at a local Special Olympics Event. Under the administration of Art Rendon, Juanita was supposedly re-hired again this time as a Special Education Consultant for BISD. However, she was allegedly not only acting as a consultant for the district but also representing parents as a Special Education Advocate against BISD. Some of the cases might have been the same cases that were referred to Mr. Christopher Jonas or others for legal representation or Due Process.

In the Arturo Rendon vs. BISD lawsuit (Civil Action No. 10-198, 18) it states that “during the 2006-2007 academic school year, seven Due Process Hearing Complaints were filed by Corpus Christi attorney, Christopher Jonas. Mr. Jonas is an attorney who represents BISD parents and their children with special needs, alongside a former BISD employee, Juanita Rodriguez.” After reading this, several questions need clarification. Why did Hector Gonzalez and Art Rendon hired Juanita Rodriguez as a Special Education Consultant? Did BISD follow the appropriate procedures in hiring Mrs. Rodriguez as a special education consultant (not according to O. Powers)? Was Mrs. Rodriguez being paid prior to a consultant contract for services to the BISD Special Services Department (Art Rendon was the funding administrator.)? What qualifications were required for the position of Special Education Consultant? Did Mrs. Rodriguez meet those qualifications?

In another article you stated that Art Rendon “has zero qualifications when it comes to psychiatry but yet he is an expert on the needs of these children.” How correct you are, Rendon was supposedly hired as a political favor to a board member having no expertise or experience in the area of children with disabilities. He surrounded himself with individuals like Anna Lerma, Special Education Supervisor, who probably advised him to consult Cheryl Fielding and Terry Overton. Anna Lerma supposedly had a vendetta against Dr. Roger Burns, School Psychologist, which led to the Overton Report, the hiring of Roman Garcia De Anda, and the sanctions by the Texas State Board of Examiners. Yet, Rendon blames the high number of the district’s due processes on poorly produced evaluations that according to him failed to meet the state and federal standards. Dr. Burns was a highly qualified and experience school psychologist who had the respect of his colleagues locally and throughout the state of Texas. As you know he was cleared of any wrongdoing by the same state board that sanctioned “Art Rendon’s boy-toy, Roman Garcia De Anda and Overton.” The blame should be on the mismanagement of the office of Special Services and the lack of support and assistance given to the schools in order to serve the children of the district. When you have an incompetent leader like Rendon, failure cannot be avoided.