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(EDITOR'S NOTE:  The above headline wherein it says "although" was originally "as."  "As" just did not seem correct, so I changed it to although.)

I was reviewing my notes from the hearing and something that came out during the exchange between Quintanilla and Martinez is a claim Ben Neece is aiding Quintanilla in the collection of evidence. The presumption is any comment by Quintanilla against Ben Neece is false. Given Quintanilla’s history of lies, this would be the only reasonable presumption. But here is the problem - if there is actual truth in the allegation, then we have a public employee of the COB working to help Quintanilla in effect protect Healthsmart which is being sued by BISD for financial fraud. This is the problem with allowing Ben Neece and every similarly situated judge/privately practicing lawyer to wear two hats. Ben Neece needs to clear his name on this issue. The claim is not some rumor- it was made in open court. Ben Neece needs to deny the claims.


Cortez and Zayas’ mismanagement of BISD causes school districts all over the US to have budget deficits. Upon learning of this reality GOD bowed down to Zayas and declared himself second god to GOD Zayas/Cortez.

This morning even though Marxism provides for no GOD, President Obama declared it is true “I have been in a conspiracy with the CIA and FBI to cover-up I am a Marxist Muslim seeking to destroy the U.S. We paid off the CIA and FBI with a promise of 72 virgins upon their death.”

These headlines sound bizarre because they are. The ignorance which allows people to think this way is why our way of life is dying and the bottom of the barrel keep on getting elected to public office. There is no doubt all BISD Trustees need to go. But because misguided anger guided this election cycle Zayas and Cortez will be reelected. The only open question is, will Powers return to BISD as a trustee? I have sent Saavedra a series of questions to answer. I hope she answers them. I want to post as much accurate information about the other candidates for Place 1, so that people can make an informed decision. If anyone also has an email for the other candidates I will send them the same questions.

School districts all over the US are on their knee in front of the White House begging for money so that they do not have to lay off teaches and supporting staff. BISD was not forced to beg. Compared to school districts all over the U.S. BISD is actually in a pretty good financial state.

Inasmuch as these morons are blaming two Board Members for the budget deficit, I must ask, are they also responsible for the budget deficits in Ireland? Did they cause the budget deficit of the Cameron County, and the COB? Is it really true that are so powerful that California is on the verge of bankruptcy because of Zayas/Cortez’s mismanagement of BISD?

My big focus right now is on the May elections. We need a team of 4 to run as mayor and commissioners against Troiani, Longoria and Atkinson. What we do not need is a repeat of what happened in the BISD election. Why were no legitimate candidates put up against Zayas/Cortez? Answer: the establishment which governs these matters decided that based on evidence, not one ounce of evidence was produced against Zayas and Cortez, they would not field any candidate. On the other hand Escobedo is dealing with the Texas Ethics Commissions findings and sanctions that he misappropriated BISD campaign money for his county commissioner race.

In terms of a quality education, BISD is a complete failure. This issue was never discussed. The discussion was only about false claims orchestrated by Ted Parker to cover-up his alleged financial misrepresentations through his company Healthsmart. You would think Ted Parkers’ puppets in Brownsville would give it up once Caty Presas-Garcia voted to sue Parker to recover millions of dollars for BISD. But no - you see these morons believe that if BISD recovers these millions of dollars from Healthsmart it will mean BISD will go into a further budget deficit.

People if we do not change our approach to how we go after bad elected officials, Troiani, Longoria and Atkinson will all win in land slides. Then if things still do not change Aguilar, Colunga, Pena, and Presas-Garcia will win reelection when their seats come open.

If the goal is truly to make Brownsville better, it is time to get serious about finding candidates for the COB election.


Anonymous said...

garza4bisd@gmail.com. You can email questions to Eric Garza at this address.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, are you for real? Do you really not see through Zayas and Cortez? Do you ever attend board meetings or even view them on Channel 17? Do you ever study the agendas and how every question that Ms Presas-Garcia posses is immediately scrutinized and ridiculed by Zayas? Only he is correct and he even oversteps the so called president of Aguilar and rules on what some other board member is asking. Nobody is asking him and he butts in because he thinks he is a lawyer who knows it all. He is sickening - in behavior, in morals and even in looks. Enough is enough and we need him and Cortez out yesterday!!