Tuesday, September 28, 2010



This is what I have confirmed - Escobedo called Otis Powers and invited him to a dinner at La Pampa at the request of a vendor’s representative - the vendor Vitetta. Had Otis Powers not left, Escobedo through his conduct would have created a walking quorum. In addition to accepting the dinner from Vitetta’s representative, Escobedo accepted $500.00 for his campaign. I have read the minutes from the relevant meeting and in fact Escobedo was part of 3 Trustees who then tried to give a contract to Vitetta - it failed.

Now, if anyone has any evidence that Sylvia Atkinson actually announced against Zayas - not rumor - but a push card - anything - I will publish it and take no prisoners. I have said this before and no one has been able to produce any evidence - nada. All we have is endless rumors and claims. But trust me if anyone produces any such evidence I will take no prisoners.

Further, if anyone on the Board has any evidence that any other Board member has gone to vendors, I will publish it so long as the claim has independent proof or the signature of the Board member making the claim. This means I am giving Caty Presas-Garcia an opportunity to out anyone she wants. I have no problem encouraging this board to self destruct - it will be good for BISD if the board formally self destructs.


While Brownsville deals with some of the worst unemployment in the U.S. Camarillo requested that the commission raise the late fees on PUB bills. People have no money for food, school supplies for their children, or medical care, and at the request of Camarillo the commission raised money on the backs of the unemployed. This will be a campaign issue. The people in Camarillo’s district will never forget how this pig choose to put the screws to the unemployed rather than take a responsible position with the city budget. This will be a campaign ad against Troiani, Longoria, and Atkinson.

Another campaign issue will be Troiani, Longoria, and Atkinson’s decision to vote a 5% increase in PUB rates over the next 5 years. This again was needed to get the PUB to agree to the welfare check to the city commission. Cities all over the country are using furloughs, layoffs, reduction of wages for the top employees to balance the budget. Not the City of Brownsville - they raised late fees and utility rates on some of he poorest people in the U.S. Their actions are beyond shame.

I have always been about facts and critical thinking - this is why I made the following comment.

Roman Perez took them to task on the PUB rate increase and Troiani was forced to amended the agenda item - which then lead to the PUB yelling foul - this is not what we agreed to - my hats off to Roman Perez for a job well done.

Had Roman Perez not caught the con job, the PUB would have been allowed to illegally raise our rates upwards of 5% a year indefinitely. Where was Sossi in catching this con job? The reason the current authorization is not illegal is it is specific authorization of 5%. The contempt this city commission has for some of the poorest people in the U.S. boggles the mind. Who but corrupt and inept leaders raise rates for essential services on some of the poorest people in the U.S.?

Troiani’s pathetic defense was - “oh the poor employees of the city have not received a raise in 4 years so I must vote to take more money from the unemployed whose child are going hungry, without clothes, and without school supplies.” This is sick - he thinks by playing to the sympathies of the city employees he can get their votes if he chooses to run for mayor. The only thing which can be sicker than Troiani is if the city employees fall for such a ploy. They need to face reality - there will be no raise for years - their goal is to keep their jobs - you do that by doing that with Troiani was unwilling to do - get rid of deadwood administrators, and when possible allow the number of public employees to go down as people quit, retire or get fired for cause.


Anonymous said...

Asking BISD for Sylvia Atkinson's campaign documents would end the rumors. If they don't exist, you must acquit.

Anonymous said...

I would go around to those companies that do official campaign signs and cards and see if they have one for Sylvia Atkinson. Try Joe King, Fiesta Graphics, Gateway, Office Depot and STaples. Oh how about Matamoros?

BobbyWC said...

I'm going no where - how about her accusers produce the evidence - I can assure you I see evidence and it will be like a nuclear explosion

Anonymous said...

Please, someone who has one of those Sylvia Atkinson cards, hand it over to Bobby. We need an explosion that will bombard all the under-the-table dealings going on at BISD. All you need to do is email it to Bobby and he will do the rest.

BobbyWC said...

If there is any evidence of this I will go nuclear - but I want to be clear I have asked a lot of people and no one seems to know anything other than the rumors - so for now the claim is without any evidentiary support