Friday, September 24, 2010


The post below is a response by an ignorant person who hopefully is not registered to vote.  This is why we never elect good people.  Ignorant people unfortunately are given a voice.

My original post was in response to those blaming Zayas and Cortez for the budget deficit.  I merely pointed out if this is happening all over the US, how can Zayas and Cortez be to blame?

This ignorant voice reads from a homophobic racist pornographer that I support Zayas and Cortez and he/she decides it must be true.  This is why homophobic racist pornographers lie.  They can count on the ignorant to believe them.

I have never said a kind word about Zayas or Cortez.  I have pointed out the lies and deception being used by their opponents.  I in fact have called for the replacement of all the Board Members.  I have never made an exception.

On the "are you serious side."  there is one and only one Board Member who has been found guilty by the Texas Ethics Commission of misappropriation of BISD campaign funds - his name - Enrique Escobedo.  If he cannot be trusted with BISD campaign funds why should we trust him as a trustee.

The Zayas Cortez opponents decry them as handing out positions to family and friends.  I have gone after Springston since day one for agreeing to be party to this conduct.  Which Board Member was the first to get his business partner's wife a plush position within BISD in exchange for supporting Sprinston for superintendent?- Enrique Escobedo.

I have covered both sides.  I get it - ignorance hates reality and  facts.  Ignorance such as this poster will believe what ever a racist homophobic pornographer prints.  My question is, why would someone who believes in education and integrity lend credibility to someone who listens to a racist homophobic pornographer?

BISD is suing Healthsmart for what could result in millions of dollars to help BISD balance its budget.  Where is ignorance - let's vote for Luci Longoria who is with Carlos Quintanilla.  Quintanilla's support and dirty work for Healthsmart is well  documented.  You cannot complain about a budget deficit while supporting the woman who is in bed with the very people BISD is suing for financial fraud.

But ignorance is ignorance.  In a perfect world, had all these ignorant people remained silent and rational voices carried the day about how this entire Board has failed the children, and how a BISD education is worthless, we might have three very highly qualified people running this time around.  But we do not - we have no one as far as I can see.

I have asked Garza and Saavedra to answer simple questions as to their position on the Healthsmart suit, and to provide 3-5 ideas on how they can make things better at BISD.  I have asked for ideas - not distractions - and they cannot respond.    Because I have been sick I was late in getting the request out to Garza - I sent it yesterday - nothing - and I sent it because he emailed me and asked that he be allowed to answer the questions.  I asked for ideas - not distractions - response none.  Do the voters not have a right to know how each candidate feels about the Healthsmart litigation?  This is potentially millions of dollars for BISD and the taxpayers.

I am trying to hand this to Garza and Saavedra on a silver platter and nothing - absolutely nothing. 

And again because I know how strong ignorance is - a racist homophobic pornographer says I support Powers and it must be true.  I opposed Powers two years ago.  I have raised the question of how does he get around the allegations in the Antonio Juarez case and nothing from his opponents - nothing - again I try and hand it to them on a silver platter and nothing.

We have no one running for BISD because ignorance decided the issues, not me.  So ignorance blame ignorance for this mess, not me.  But I will be damned before I vote for someone who put his  business partner's wife ahead of the needs of special needs children, or someone who has been found to have misappropriated BISD campaign funds - namely Enrique Escobedo.

I will be damned before I vote for someone who is in bed with Carlos Quintanilla who is in bed with Healthsmart.  BISD is suing Healthsmart for potentially millions of dollars.  BISD needs the money - is Luci Longoria that stupid?  Now it is possible that since the audit she could have changed her mind - but not the evidence in an audit or a 7-0 vote by a normally very divided BISD could get Luci Longoria out of bed with Carlos Quintanilla, a convicted felon.  And you think Cortez is easily manipulated.

So given the known facts and not endless accusations it boggles my mind anyone could possibly vote for Longoria or Escobedo.  Does this mean Zayas and Cortez are good  for BISD, no - it sadly means the lessor of two very bad evils.  Cortez is clueless about how easily manipulated he is, and Zayas plays the game of politics without regards for the results. 

I have no problem with the firing of Gonzales or Rendon.  I have a problem with this entire Board's continued policy of ignoring incompetence until the incompetent no longer serve their respective agendas.  The entire Board is quilty of this sin which is why the entire board must go. Hopefully ignorance will not guide what happens in 2012.  Hopefully in 2012 rational minds will prevail and competent people will be put up to challenge the Board Members up for reelection.

As to Garza and Saavedra, if they cannot provide 3-5 ideas of what they can offer BISD and a position as to the Healthsmart suit, why should we vote for them.  Does this mean I will vote for Powers?  No, for now I intend to not vote in the Place 1 election.

Oh, here is ignorance's  comment:

"Bobby, are you for real? Do you really not see through Zayas and Cortez? Do you ever attend board meetings or even view them on Channel 17? Do you ever study the agendas and how every question that Ms Presas-Garcia posses is immediately scrutinized and ridiculed by Zayas? Only he is correct and he even oversteps the so called president of Aguilar and rules on what some other board member is asking. Nobody is asking him and he butts in because he thinks he is a lawyer who knows it all. He is sickening - in behavior, in morals and even in looks. Enough is enough and we need him and Cortez out yesterday!!"


BobbyWC said...

It amazes me all of the nasty posts I get which I reject. Not one will even acknowledge the facts - the only defense is distractions and to name call to me.

Dispute the facts one by one. if Longorai wants to comment on the Healthsmart lawsuit I will post it - this lawsuit is worth potentially millions of dollars - how is it not an issue which every candidate must address?

Ignorance is all they have to offer.

For the record I have had 2 people check the dallas county courts - they cannot find a lawsuit - it does not mean it is not their - maybe the clerk just mispelled everyone's name - I asked for the search because I want the lawsuit so I can move for immediate sanctions and transfer to Brwonsville

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So you plan not to vote for place one? That is also what is wrong with us - we don't vote. If it is for the lesser of two evils, so be it but we must hold each one accountable. Maybe the candidates do not answer your questions about Healthsmart because they, like most of us, do not really understand what is going on since most of the lay people are ignorant, like you say, about insurance jargon. I enjoy your explanations of every case against or for BISD, so would it be too much to ask you to please "esplain" the Healthsmart issue to me? I wish you would but please do not call me ignorant for asking questions like you did the other blogger?

BobbyWC said...

In place one I have no idea what the candidates believe - now think about this - they are running for BISD and they cannot come up with 3-5 things they bring to the table - just how pathetic is that -

If I haze 0 information about the candidates who do I decide the lessor of evils. It would be nice if there were no evils at all- based on verifiable information I cannot even decide if there are no evils.


I have no read the lawsuit but I know to very important facts. A normally very divided Board by a 7-0 vote after reviewing an audit decided they had a duty to sue Healthsmart to recover potentially millions of dollars in unauthorized billing/fees.

Voters do not need to understand every detail - but when a very divided board can find an issue which has then voting 7-0 then I have to believe they see something.

According to the press the lawsuit is about billing and fees outside that which was agreed to in the contract.

Every voter should take the same position about candidates who will not answer their questions - "you will not get my vote." If they treat us with contempt even before they are elected what does that tell us about how they will represent the people?

And for the record there was nothing wrong with your question. It did what questions are suppose to do - extend the discussion or provide for further elaboration

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Do you know who recommended Healthsmart to begin with? Why did it take so long for them to discover that we were being cheated? Who were the ones who voted for or against Healthsmart? Is Healthsmart the one where Johnny Cavazos is the middleman?

BobbyWC said...

This is the scoop Healthsmart - apparently some people since before the new contract decided that Healthsmart was bad for BISD - we had an election - a war was declared to protect Healthsmart - Gonzales and Antonio Juarez.

Until the audit and the 7-0 vote by the BISD Board it was unclear who was telling the truth..

But when you have a board which is almost always 4-3 in voting that now votes 7-0 on an issue which has been the primary source of this board's division you have to believe there is something there.

The entire reason the ignorant have been willing to defend Healthsmart, gonzales and Juarez has been Cavasos made money (allegedly) on the other company.

This is not a basis to support one side or the other - the decision has to be based on numbers and reality - not foul language tirades, pornography, and out right lies.

Anonymous said...

Healthsmart was brought in by Lehman and company. I guarantee the money trail should be looked into, if they really want to clean house. Also Bobby, thanks for all the work you do, I really learn alot from your labors. However, quit blaming the board and super nintendo for what happens to the children. Since the passing of Site Base Mgmt. your principals are to blame for the needs of the children. Principals have more power than the Superintendent. If children are being screwed, it is by the head honcho of that campus. They have the power to make any department jump to their needs. If they neglect special needs children, it is because they historically don't give a shit about gods little angels. It has been like that for many years.

On the political front, I will vote for Cortez and Zayas. They have been consistent and cleaning house is not easy. I trust you, give me three reasons why I shouldn't trust an attorney?

BobbyWC said...

I think people like to blame Lehman for two many things - I did have a conversation with the guy at the BPD who handles the press releases - he raised the issue of Lehman an told me they have never found any evidence of a money trail but that he was a concern.

I get the principals have a lot of power - I also get Springston is not directly responsible for the actions of the principals - but the buck stops with him - he does have the power to force the removal of the bad principals. The strong principals who are doing their jobs seem to be attacked by the teachers and then the principal is punished.

I can give you a billion reaons for not trusting a lawyer or myself -

But I always say - follow the facts an you rarely will go wrong - rumors - pornographic diatribes, or conclusory statements will always send you in the wrong direction

Anonymous said...

It is very hard to fire anybody at BISD because they are going to be countered with "They're doing also, why haven't you fired them?" And that is very true. Have a great day, and careful with the red chili peppers. They're tough on the upper and lower GI!

BobbyWC said...

I think every reacts differently to chili - my brother in law pops chili's in handfuls - it blows my mind - he is 89 - he had lost his sigmoid colon to cancer 34 years ago - 34 years post cancer - in his case chili's seem to be the miracle food - but I know others who say it burns

I do not eat a lot of chili - I love them in certain combos - sweat pickled jalapanos are awesome with cream cheese - I love Pablano roasted and stuffed with cheese

I do not do a lot - but I never seem to have a problem - but again I know other people who says it burns

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You keep saying Longoria is in bed with Healthsmart, hope you have FACTS to back this up.

The one stupid and ignorant is YOU. How can you judge her when you don't know her.

I will vote for Longoria and support her 1000%.

Anonymous said...

How would you like someone accusing your mother, sister or wife of being in bed with someone?

Hope you tongue dries up for saying cruel things about someone you don't know. Stop listening to Zayas & Cortez, they are the ones supposely in bed with Johnny Cavazos. Are you in bed with them also?