Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The link to the article is really for hardcore readers of hard history and politics. This man harbors no hatred towards the Germans, because rather than hate he analysed how Nazi Germany happened.  He chooses to remember the German guard who saved his life.

After the Q & A on Poland during WWII, he answers questions on the current problems in Mexico and the current border war.  As is always the case he is straight forward.  Again this is not for everyone.

I got to thinking about him today because my brother in law informed me today he would not be going to his WWII Navy ship reunion in Portland.  I had been working on his reservations.  There are only 4 members left.  One just died, another decided not to go.  The reunion was cancelled.

I hope at least one history teacher prints this out and uses it in class.  It is not just about Nazi occupation of Poland - it is about a man who moved forward in life without excuses.  He has not lived a life of hating Germans because of Nazi Germany.  He lived a life of hope and inspiration.

These stories will only live through these type print articles.  I would love for UTB or even BISD to begin a project of interviewing the handful of WWII veterans who still live among us.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting reading. I agree with you. There is so much history locally that can be research by BISD or UTB. I would encourage the local educational entities to take on such project.