Friday, September 10, 2010


Until recently I lived in the Southmost area.  I love Southmost and believe it to be the heart of Brownsville.  But now that I shop the Walmart off Alton Gloor, I learned something about Brownsville.  I was blown away by the number of Asians (of all groups) and blacks live in Brownsville.  This is a good thing. A diverse population always makes a community stronger

Brownsville is not that big.  I never go to the mall unless it is go to the movies.  I never really knew that much of this side of town.   If someone can live an isolated life in  Brownsville and not even know the demographics of Brownsville, we have a formula for ignorance.

I was mostly raised in New York (age 5-18).  Age 1-5, I lived in Kearns, Utah.  Trust me 1959-1963, there was not much diversity in Kearns, Utah.  I was raised in both type communities.

Brownsville is changing - this is good.  I just want to say that if you want to truly see how diverse Brownsville really is try shopping at the Walmart on Alton Gloor.


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Fred Drew said...

Many of the Filipino Community live in that general area. You will find Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and others from the mysterious east.
Industrious folks who immigrated to the U.S. for a better life and more opportunity. Many if not most or even all have improved their opportunities since they arrived or their families arrived before them.
I am married to a wonderful asian lady and have personally improved by sharing an excellent extended family life.
Unless you count native Americans as Asians, they are thought to have arrived in North America on a Spanish Galleon on Oct. 18, 1587, when Pedro Unamuno is reported to have landed on a beach in Morro Bay now Los Angeles where there is a plaque posted at Coleman Park in Morro Bay. There were documented to be other Filipino crew a well Japanese and Chinese passengers.
Enterprising folks of all shades have been seeking a better life and more opportunity in the New World for longer than the United States has been here. As time went on these hardy souls of many races joined to make the best possible.
In 1988 one of the Filipino groups designated October Filipino American Historic Month. This month is also officially recognized by the California Department of Education.The year 2006 was a pivotal year as it marked the centennial celebration of Filipino migration to the United States. i will also note it with a column in early October.