Friday, September 17, 2010


People are still going to be digesting the posts from yesterday. My personal preference is people think about these things for a day or two. I have been wanting to do a piece on reviews and product endorsements - so here we go.

TWO BUT FIRSTS: I challenge Montoya to have the guts to post the orders from yesterday. But here is the con - there is a shocker - orders will not tell people the reason the judge put on the record as to why he will withhold sanctions depending how Quintanilla answers the questions. The orders will not tell people he was barred from trying to make legal arguments for Ted Parker and Healthsmart. If I understand the argument he was begging the court to not proceed to allow Ted Parker and Healthsmart to appear and object to Judge Wittig. It was a delay tactic. The judge did not bite. He also begged the court to stay the proceedings and him having to answer the discovery until after the election. The judge did not bite. One would think with all of the evidence he has (not) he would want the court to rule right now on his request for removal of Zayas and Cortez so they are removed from office before the election. Also the orders will not have Quintanilla claiming poverty and unable ot afford repeated trips to Brownsville from Dallas. The orders will not have Quintanilla’s admission that he has never opened a bank account for Accion America. Finally the orders will not show how Luci Longoria ran to him during the break like a long lost love first seeing her dead lover at the pearly gates.

SECOND BUT FIRST - NOT REALLY A BUT - Why did I do the piece on Autumn Leaves? I have never understood why in literature Autumn represents a stage in getting old. It does not. It represents a stage in rejuvenation. But then I guess literature in filled with manic depressives and they must imagine the meaning of Autumn to rationalize their psychosis.


First, there will be a movie review. “The Town.”

“Cheddar’s” My experience with this place was they had a complete melt down when I was there. It began with the incompetent girl who takes your name when you arrive. She was incredibly less than friendly. I do not get the policy of hiring young bimbo’s for such an important job. While waiting I had a chance to speak with an older couple who had already been waiting a while. I was then surprised I was called first. The table they use for one is the same as for two. They complained as they should have. The girl was rude. The manager gave them the next table.

Then the overbearing waiter. I do not like smoked meat. Just me - but I hate that taste in turkey or ham. The waiter no less than 3-4 times insisted I order the smoked turkey. Only upon my 3rd or 4th time explaining I do not like smoked meat and with a very irritated voice did he finally take my order as I ordered it and leave me be.

I ordered a grilled chicken breast with avocado, cheese and other toppings. I left more than half of it. The chicken was so bland you could not eat it. Chicken does not necessary need salt but it helps. A good Rosemary and garlic seasoning does wonders for poultry. The french fries were soggy and tasted like they had been sitting for a while.

Finally, I simply gave up on trying to get a refill on my ice tea.

Now compare this to Denny’s in Harlingen. I had to give blood at the VA clinic the other day while fasting. So after my little donation I decided to try the new Denny’s. The maitre d’, an older woman, was awesome. She made you feel like you were in a 5 star restaurant. She made sure you were happy. Beyond that, the food was kinda of bland.

Coyote Canyon - what a waste. I have this thing for coleslaw, pea salad, beets, and corn. I can fill up two plates with this stuff and be a happy camper. This is why I went to Coyote Canyon last night. I was tired and did not want to cook. I got their at 6:45 p.m. and the place was nearly empty. This is not a good sign. Anyway I saw they have roasted chicken and decided I would try a piece to go with my mega-salad. I changed my mind upon closer examination. What they had out was as dry as you can get. The cook noticed my disgust with the options and offered to cut me some fresh chicken. Well it was no better. I tasted it and nearly gagged it was so dry. They cannot last much longer with this level of bad service and food.

Captain Bob’s - I have been there twice now on Tuesday. He has a great special on Tuesday and Thursday. You will not leave hungry. The first time I almost told them no fish just shrimp, but I decided I wanted to try the fish. Unfortunately by the time I got to the fish I was full. Then I was upset because the fish was really good. It had a sweetness to it. I was sad because I really wanted to eat it but was too full. I forced myself, but ended up feeling way too full. But you should know the fish was awesome.  The second time I started with the fish.

Here is the trick - do not eat the french fries until you have had your full of shrimp and fish. They also give you a great fish soup and acceptable salad. Then there is also the rice. As you can see you can get full on everything other than the shrimp and fish - so think about this when you go to Captain Bobs. The only thing I would change is, give people the option of coleslaw instead of a salad. Also, he needs to provide horseradish upon request. One part horseradish to two parts catchup makes for the best cocktail sauce you have ever had.


The Hoover Floormate is awesome. You have seen the commercials. It is for vacuuming hard floors such as tile. I have two dogs who shed big time. No more daily sweeping for me. I take 5 minutes and vacuum the entire area with tile and not a dog hair left on the floor. I have not used the mopping function yet, but maybe on Sunday once the rain stops.

Well guys, have a nice weekend and enjoy my movie review which I will post late tonight or early tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Captain Bob's #1 or #2? The blogs are all about reviews today. Have you tried Barcelona Nights?

BobbyWC said...

I went to both. The one on Price road has well above average service, but limited parking. The one on Boca Chica has adequat service but not well above average. But, the Boca Chica location has lots of good parking. The food is the same at both locations

I have not tried Barcelona nights - I will look into it

bobby WC