Thursday, September 2, 2010


Boca Chica is a nightmare when it comes to traffic and flooding. In the last few years in one shopping center we have seen the loss of Michael’s, and Target. Payless is geared to move, and whether or not Office Depot leaves the shopping center is no longer an if, but when. The employees all seem to know the move is coming. They are simply waiting for corporate to tell them where they will move to.

While Boca Chica is not a city road, it is still part of the City of Brownsville and part of our traffic problems. Like I said yesterday, given where I currently live, I will probably be using Harlingen’s airport for no other reason than to avoid Boca Chica. We know the leadership within the City of Brownsville is as misguided today as they were in the 1970's when it comes to the airport. Boca Chica cannot handle the traffic associated with an expanded airport.

Bill Hudson noted at a recent city commission meeting that he was unable to fully develop his commercial property on 802 because everyone wants to be on 77. It is a traffic issue. The COB refuses to see the issue as an impediment to Brownsville’s growth.

Areas like Boca Chica will continue to lose business. This is how cities end up with dilapidated areas. As new areas develop people slowly abandon the older neighborhoods. This is bad not only for the image of the city, but also for its tax base and crime.

It is sad this city commission is too busy with wasting taxpayer money on a sports park while its infrastructure goes ignored and key issues related to development are ignored. This should be one of many issues raised in the May 2011 elections.


Fred Drew said...

Business in Brownsville is similar though not quite as bad as elsewhere. No entrepreneurs are starting new businesses or investing in others because there is no idea as to what the future economic conditions will be like because of the likelihood of vast new and increased taxes that will reduce personal and commercial spending and if the former Bush Tax Cuts are not extended individuals will see things like the former $1000 deduction per child cut in half and us retirees with 401k retirements getting less because of the increased taxes on gains if there were any. Virtually all the tax cuts passed by the Republican Congress in the early half of the Bush Administration (before the Democrat Congress came in and stalled the plans for the last half) are going up and will not be there to spur business growth. It also appears that the Congress could be taken by the Republicans which could well stop the Obama plans.
The loss of economic stability and predictability does not look good for anyone.

BobbyWC said...

This is actually not accurate - The Repuiblicans and right leaning Dems are threatening to block Obam's efforts to renew teh tax cuts for the lower and middle classes.

Even for people earning over 250k there increase will be less than 600 a year - people at a million are going to see a big increase

given Obama's plan will reduce the deficit by 7 billion over 10 years the Republican response is typical of the lies and fear they spread to get what they want.

No fiscal conservative favors increasing the deficit by 7 billion because someone earning 250k a year will have to pay an additional 600 dollars a year

Fred Drew said...

As was pointed out by John Kennedy, when he lowered taxes the government took in more revenue than was generated by the earlier years with higher taxes. It was also demonstrated again in the Regan Administration. The mess started in the last half of the Bush Administration when Congress was controlled by Democrats.
In actuality the only real action the Administration can take is to talk alot or Veto an action determined by the Congress in power. That is why the Congress is universally distrusted by the public. Mr.Obama may or may not be a great leader but what will be remembered is the effect of what Congress has done. To now only one Libertarian thinking Congressman has held office, Ron Paul.