Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I love a good storm. I hope everyone fared as well as I did. I have one roof shingle in my backyard. But for all we know it came from my old house on the other side of town. The fence section I had fixed last week held up great. The fence on the other side is nearly down. It will need to eventually get fixed. But on balance, I had a great time watching the storm.

Buster and Keaton hate rain. I have to force them to go outside and do their business when it rains. So last night I opened the back door to watch the storm and check out a tree which had my concerns. Buster and Keaton decided they were going to attack the storm. They ran outside and started running all over the back yard barking. It was about 10:30 p.m. I could not get them in the house.

Once duly soaked and covered in mud they decided it was bed time. I got out the hose and washed off the mud and then let one at a time in the house so I could dry them off. Buster and Keaton hate the rain, well unless it is a tropical depression - then they want to attack it.

The good news is, the storm was short - unlike Alex. It also went north instead of along the Rio Grande. I love a good storm.

My regular commentary will return tomorrow. Enjoy the beautiful day. Again I hope everyone fared as well as I did.

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