Thursday, September 23, 2010


(NOTE: I have no idea whether or not the convicted felon Quintanilla has sued me. If he has I will be countering with a suit against Ted Parker and Healthsmart. I stand on my facts and deny any link between myself and Zayas and Cortez. The first time I ever talked to Zayas other than in the endless e-mails I send the board members was in court on the day of the last hearing. I defy Quintanilla to produce any evidence to the contrary.

According to McHale when I noted Adrian Martinez's mistakes and the fact Zayas and Cortez are now barred from voting as Board Members in the Healthsmart case because they sued Healthsmart for defamation, this is evidence I am in bed with them.

When the only defense you have for not getting your way is to publish pornography and go on an anti-gay tirade, it is fair to say you have nothing. McHale may be the dumbest person in Brownsville. I reserved the right in my dismissal of the defamation case against him to renew it if he continued with his tirades. Texas recognized a continuing tort. So if his lover-boy Zavaletta in the federel RICO which is being filed in DC continues to lie to the federal judge in DC such as he had done in court in Brownsville, McHale and Zavaletta could and will find themselves sitting in a holding cell in the federal court in DC.  Zavaletta is a key party in the RICO.

My issue here is children. I went after Rendon and Jimenez equally. I have gone after Springston. I have gone after all of the Board Members equally. In fact since the day Zayas' first ad appeared in the Herald I have stated he does not care about children, and he is in it to control the money.

As to Cortez just before the last hearing he called me to complain about my post related to whether or not a new board will vote Springston out. He was not a happy camper. This is the only time I have spoken with him on the phone.  The only time I have spoken to him in person was in court on the day of the last hearing.

I did speak to both of them at the hearing. I would have spoken to Quintanilla to get his side but he ran from the courtroom making an interview impossible. Journalist have no duty to run after convicted felons who do not want to be interviewed.

My concern with the lawsuit is non-existed. I will say this - Ted Parker will be paying for my trip to China next year and then some - a lot of then some.

Now as to Quintanilla - the lawsuit will be transferred to Brownsville. The law is pretty clear on this issue. And if I know Ted Parker he will squeal like a pig going to slaughter before he takes the blame for Quintanilla. )


I should already be on the road to Harlingen. I am in day 2 of a diverticulitis attack - this is the second in 2 weeks. I really need to see the doctor. So I cannot do the post today - maybe tomorrow.

My original intent this morning was to post an email I sent to the BISD Board and Springston. Once you read it you would thing someone would respond. But it is clear they do not care about the children - it is a joke - they are a joke.


[1] The Board is too dependent on buying computer programs to fix problems. People fix problems not computer programs. Example: A computer program cannot fix the lack of caring or commonsense. The person in charge of special needs children on each campus should maintain a list by grade so that when the end of the year comes they know which files to collect to be forwarded to the new campus. The same should apply to summer school. This requires nothing more than someone who cares.

[2] I get the Board must be on top of the budget and procurement issues. This is why I dismiss complaints like the Healthsmart problem until I see real evidence. But children are not budget or procurement issues. They have individual needs. You need to do a survey of the parents of special needs children. The question needs to be, are your children getting what they need? A 6th grade female at Stell - she reads at a second grade level. Has she gotten the help she needs? No - I am working with her on her social studies book. Her teacher has a great project for helping the students learn about important people in history. I work with her one on one with her reading. She loves school, school does not love her.

We need a morning program where parents can bring their children early to get help with their homework. There are children whose parents are mentally retarded or illiterate and cannot help their children. This child won a prize for her science project last year. I guided her, but the idea was hers and how to put it together was hers. It took hours because I made her find the answers on her own. A thousand questions on my part you might say. She told me a lot of students did not turn in the project because their parents could not afford the supplies, or could not help them. The children need morning help. If we can do this for chess we can certainly do this for homework assistance.

[3] All administrators need instruction in follow-up and how to create a follow-up system. This is a major problem and the cause for so many issues being lost in e-mails. When anyone sends an e-mail demanding information or an investigation they must log in their computer a deadline for the recipient to respond. My computer every morning dings with a list of reminders about my commitments. When someone fails to get back with me based on our agreed timetable (sometimes I impose a timetable), I immediately call them and demand an explanation. The failure of follow-up and a system for follow-up is a major cause for nothing getting done. This also gives supervisors a measure to determine if their subordinates are acting on their requests or simply passing them on and dismissing them.

[4] BISD needs to create a highschool option wherein students are allowed to opt into classes taught as if they are in college. I am not talking about the college prep program. This should be on every campus. Instruction through handouts is not instruction. This is not preparing them for college or even a good job. TAKs score are not a measure of success. It is a measure of whether or not the student learned how to take the test. This is why BISD students are not ready for work or college.
I will give BISD one week of free instruction. Give me any social studies class on any campus. Give me one weeks notice. Give me the text book and I will prepare 4 days of instruction with a test on day 5. You will see you can teach without handouts. You can have someone video tape the class, and then review it at your leisure.

[5] I went to school when boys had to learn skills such as woodwork, drywall, electrical, plumbing etc. UTB will never do this. BISD needs to look into the possibility of allowing seniors to take a course in robotics manufacturing. I do not believe college is right for everyone. Good job training in highschool can lead to good lifetime good paying jobs. Manufacturing is coming back to the US. It is happening in cities where the workforce is trained in robotics.

[6] I did not want to do 6 items, but this last one is very important.

Valley Baptist has been talking about creating a pediatric ward at its mental health facility. BISD needs to take the lead through Imagine Brownsville to make this happen. Dr. Claudio Cepeda heads up instruction for board certified pediatric psychiatrists at the medical school in San Antonio. I am certain if Valley Baptist, UTB, and BISD came together he would help find a pediatric psychiatrist to come to Brownsville.

UTB needs an adjunct pediatric psychiatrist to teach future special education teachers and teaches in general about the issues and how to handle mental health problems. BISD needs someone who can come in and do in house training. Valley Baptist and the children need a pediatric psychiatrist. There is no reason why the three entities cannot come together and make this happen. With three entities willing to put money on the table a board certified pediatric psychiatrist will come to Brownsville. BISD should have the premier program in this area.

So you know - a family practice psychiatrist is not a board certified pediatric psychiatrist. Just because a family practice psychiatrist took a few course about children and teenagers does not mean they are qualified. This is a highly specialized field. Children metabolize the medication different from adults. This is why you need someone who is board certified as a pediatric psychiatrist.

This last item - If Imagine Brownsville could do this, it would give BISD and Imagine Brownsville something they can point to, to show they are working for children. There is more to BISD than budget and procurement. The Board Members need to learn this and start thinking about it on a regular basis.


Anonymous said...

You hit it on the spot when you write that board members need to realize that there is more to do than budget and procurement. When a BISD board meeting agenda includes 90 items, 80 that are circled for discussion, about the roof and the architect and the person who is suppose to flush or not flush the tiolet, something is wrong. Maybe, just maybe, 2 or 3 items will pretain to programs that will benefit our children. Where is the education section of the agenda - which should be the sole purpose of the board. If they have qustions about agenda items, they should meet with the "powers that be," ask the question and bring in the one who is responsible. Springston needs to hold his administrators accountable and let them defend their actions. Discuss and reprimand whomever behind close doors and lets not have the shouting and pointing fingers show on KBSD. Oh, and let the other administrators, besides Susan Fox, do the explaining of their particular project or duty.

Anonymous said...

Take care of your health, everything can wait. Hope you feel better.